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Troubles with the sound of my new La Scalas


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Overtones of a fundamental tone work wonders to the ear and to the brain. My LS3/5a go down to 75Hz and I don't miss anything when I listen to jazz or classical music. The son of Peter Walker (Quad ESL) Ross Walker said in an interview thirty years ago, "if you miss bass, step with your foot in a big cardboard box to the rhythm of the music".

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30 minutes ago, Ceptorman said:

Most bass signals in modern music tracks lie around the 90-200 Hz area. The frequencies around 250 Hz can add a feeling of warmth to the bass without loss of definition. Too much boost in the bass region tends to make the music sound boomy.

This is what the BBC realized 50 years ago with their speakers.

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17 hours ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

Low E on a 4 string electric bass is 41 hz

With a 50 hz cutoff on LS Where does that lead ??


17 hours ago, Shakeydeal said:


You come across as someone who’s never even heard this speaker.

Corner placement and room size can help with the low end response but if you are used to listening to a speaker that actually goes lower then you will notice a difference.


My living room speakers are reasonably flat to around 35Hz and they sound much more full on the low end compared to the stock original style LS.


that being said, what others have stated with regards to giving the new LS some time to break in is also a good idea.

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31 minutes ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

We are going to disagree here Bruce Jr

6 minutes is enough time for suspensions to loosen up

Point me to a JBL or Altec bulletin on " break in*.

Break in is real. As long as you take the time to use your ears and that thing between them.

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33 minutes ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

You are acclimating to the presentation

Explain this one. New speakers don’t sound good. Leave them in a room playing 24/7 for weeks. During this time they aren’t listened to. Come back after several hundred hours and they sound very different. How did you acclimate to the speakers if you weren’t even in the same room all this time?


This isn’t a hypothetical, it happened to me with  Von Schweikert speakers in the mid 90s.

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1 hour ago, OO1 said:

 that's correct for rock concerts , crews break-in woofers in 5-6 minutes...... at full power  

How cute. You think anyone setting up sound reinforcement for a rock concert cares about or knows about speaker break in? Ridiculous premise that is not remotely relevant.

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