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God forbid if we hurt their feelings...too bad.

I didn't know that the chopper was from the 1st Cav. Instead of letting it sit there on Iraqi soil for the Iraqi soldiers to inspect, we need to either recapture it (and those missing), or destroy it!

I haven't heard the news yet today...too much to do.

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tbrennan said, "Your thinking is as pathetic as the mediocre gear you so proudly list"

tbrennen also said, "All you can do is hurl insults"


I rest my case.

The webmaster has spoken and I intend to listen.

Tbrennan, if we accept your narrow defintion of "true liberalism", you may have a point. It's something I would need to think about. There hasn't been a lot of support for organized labor from either party for many years and that might have something to do with the lack of interest and support from the media. The media seems more concerned with the "poor of thought" than the working poor. However, If we look past the issue of organized labor it seems obivous that the media has a liberal slant. I refer back to a poll that was taken several years ago indicating that a significant majority of journalist were infact, liberal.

FYI - I support the best of labor and entrepreneurial spirit. I detest the scum associated with both. A proper balance makes it work. Kind of like the balance I'm looking for in my HT set-up.

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Couldn't have said it better myself JT.

How about this butt wipe using the Oscars for self-promotion last night? If he wanted to spot off he has ample time before last night. Question, if he so rightous to his cause why not use his nickel and not ABC's? Why, he gets national attention for FREE!

The networks kept doing this clown a favor by airing his comments again and again. It's like showing the nut case that storms across a ball field to get to touch the end zone grass... oh my bad the networks no longer show that behavior!

I do question this "conflict" and its present as well as future loss but the coalition is trying to protect the Islamic people from this butcher as well as stablize an area that has harbored and supported terrorism for years. If we did this 12 years ago the world would have a different view. So now most of the world decides to crap on us for that effort. I say they are just jealous because they don't have the commitment, technology, money or the balls to do it themselves!

God bless our troops and all those who currently and in the past have served this great nation in the military.

BTW, EARS glad to see that Canada has at least one guy on our side.



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The oscar's dude,Mike Moore, I think is his name, is one of the BIGGEST (and I mean big)PR!K's ever to have his stupid a$$ on tv.Who pay's this piece o craps electric bill.It truly seems a shame it takes brave,the very bravest lives, so a pile of poop can be free to puke in our face. THESE GUY'S/GAL'S ARE FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM,even a Pr!k's freedom.MMoore owes his freedom to the brave(I think we know who they are)past,present, and in the future.THANKS TO ALL that have and will lay it all on the line for us.

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Michael Moore's head is even fatter than his a$$. 9.gif Love how he was mostly booed & heckled. & that was from a Hollywood crowd.

At this time of war, that was truely pathetic. Epitimizes how sad liberals have become here in the USA.

And I saw the Academy Awards got the lowest ratings in a long time. Think some of those boos were because the Hollywood leftists are starting to fear a backlash on their boxoffice. Just like Democrats. They start to get it after the fact. 2.gif

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I agree with you. Moore's speech was poorly timed and inappropriate. But c'mon, just because people are fighting (our have fought ) for our rights IN NO WAY lessens our ability or responsibility to exercise them.


Damn. I live in a large urban area and that editorial just offended most of it. Jews, Indians, Pakistanis, Pols, Russians...and that the five blocks around me! How many of them speak english? Probably not most of them. Believe in god? Probably not all in your god. Is this exactly the reason why I value my neighborhood? You bet. There is an education in this diversity.

I like to think that our country was founded not just by god fearing white men, but by god fearing white men who were trying to create a place that was safe for those that did not want to accept the views or beliefs of the ruling majority.

Just my two cents, kevin

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Kev---Yeah, Fish doesn't get it. He sounds like an Onion article headline-- "Vet Who Fought for Freedom Angry That people Are Using Their Freedom"

I love it when people sound like The Onion and don't know it. God Bless The Onion and Madison Wisconsin too.

Oops, I said I'd lay off politics. But Fish was so easy I couldn't help it, like, dare I say, Fish in a barrel?

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