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Best Death in a Movie

Jabez Scratch

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Open call out to forum members on your thoughts re: the best death in a movie. By "best," I mean most memorable, theatrical, unique, and/or impactful. Here is my short list to get things rolling:

1) Wicked Witch of the West - The Wizard of Oz

2) Quint - Jaws

3) Colonel Kurtz - Apocalypse Now

4) Infested crew member - Alien

5) Obi Wan Kenobi - Star Wars

6) Jack Torrance - The Shining

7) Alex Forrest - Fatal Attraction

8) Darth Maul - Star Wars Episode I

9) Thelma and Louise - Thelma and Louise

10) Auric Goldfinger - Goldfinger

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Phantasm has a couple of good ones. The scene in the mortuary when the silver ball flies in and drills into the victim's skull, gushing a gallon or so of blood. At the end of the movie (not a true death scene) when the Tall Man reaches through the mirror and grabs the boy - that will stick in your memory!

Another standout is Fargo: the wood chipper scene.

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King Kong falling off the Empire State Building.

Edit: This accounts for Fay Ray appearing in the -ray post as keeper of the Gorilla cages. She was the cute thing who KK dragged up there. I think.

I don't mind this stuff so long as it is fantacy. I was annoyed the Titanic capitalized on the realistic and tragic passing of so many just to make a buck.


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Kevin Spacey has a couple of good death scenes...

1. In American Beauty, you don't actually see him die, but you get a good look at him afterward, and his narration at the end about everything he sees is tremendous.

2. ...but my favorite (of his) is from L.A. Confidential:

"Rollo Tomasi..."

3. I think Sean Bean's Boromir has a decent death scene (LOTR: FOTR)... he even goes pale during the course of his exchange with Aragorn. In stark contrast is Sean Connery's King Arthur in "First Knight"; he looks like he just spent the summer in Bermuda, all the way to his last gasp...

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Anything with Kevin Kostner.


(not a big fan of his acting)

Oh, yeah, The Sixth Sense

edit: I hate explaining myself, but realized some may read the above statement and think I wish Mr. Kostner harm. That is not the case. I am refering to death as in acting, i.e. "You really died out there."

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Just thought of a few more decent ones:

Dennis Hopper's death scene in True Romance. The word play between him and Christopher Walken was absolutely hilarious.

Al Pacino's death scene in Scarface. Talk about lead poisoning!

The scene from the first Friday the 13th where the kid in a bunk gets stabbed from underneath straight through the mattress.

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In Vampires, where the guy comes to the Motel where all the vampire killers are celebrating the day's events and splits the guy in two - Wow!

In the Mummy 2 when the guy gets ripped in four pieces by the Rock (Scorpion King) towards the end.

Not sure if this one counts but the scene in The Thing when the guys head plops off the operating table the body is on, sprouts legs and crawls away - Woah!

When Jesse "The Body" Ventura gets shot by the Alien's laser weapon in Predator and it leaves a hole where his chest cavity used to be.

Man I could go on and on with this so I will stop while I am ahead.

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