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Gomer Pyle thread locked before my punch line


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I don't see why that thread was shut down, it did not seem to contain anything but humorous and sarcastic banter.

By the time it hit page three though...mushroom clouds!6.gif9.gif11.gif

So fini, what's the punch line?

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Aunt Bea had to change her name. To Bea Sting.

Probably the worst punch line in the history of punch lines. The moderators probably saw it coming, and shut the thread down. They should have banned me instead. Heh. Lordy.

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That thread was audio related, Maron had just nominated me for president of Klipsch, I didn't have a chance to 2nd my nomination before the thread got shut down!

How am I going to come out with the Jubilee, and re-introduce the Cornwall, if I am not the president?

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that is the second thread in the last few days or so that I was following that got the axe.

i am missing what finally causes the mods to pull the plug on these threads...can anyone tell me?

i used to not even think about posting, but now i wonder what is "over the line" so that i am not the reason for the "axe effect" 14.gif

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