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What do you guy's think of these ?

Dale W

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Sheltie, after seeing Liam's photo in the group shot, I'm just about on the floor imaginging the little guy scaling that preposterous pile of rubble and proceeding to demolish it entirely ! yer killing me!

As for the 'sculpture'- rubbish, looks like overgrown tinkertoys, talk about form over function!

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Well I think you are all being a bit hard on this. It is different - and at least it is a change from the standard pile we all have in our living rooms.

If you have the space, why not I say - could look great in the right environment - although I would probably have put the Beethoven (?) bust on one of the stands and SWMBO would have filled the rest with pot plants (er...that's plants in pots - not pot plants).

In other words - what a dumb idea!!

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