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Goin Down to the Delta


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Famed author David Cohn once said "The Mississippi Delta begins in the lobby of The Peabody Hotel and ends on Catfish Row in Vicksburg."

He was stretching it a might as NO part of Memphis or Vicksburg is in the Delta, both are in the hills. NO hills in the Delta, only Indian Mounds & Levees. The rise to the Delta is very prominent going via Highway 61, either way; that is South (always caps for South) to Vicksburg, just as you cross the Yazoo river bridge, and north (never caps for north) to Memphis.


Was born & raised in Greenville. Listening to Charley Pride. The Delta is a good place to be FROM.

A drive through in the Winter will still give you the Blues.

Where's it begin, and where's it end? Never heard an exact description.

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Oh the heat's still risin, a tropical storm front just passed through leaving behind sweat and geeters and with the dusk settling in, evenings first fireflies. 


The bus is pullin in right now for a pickup.  Now who is that holding Sippie Wallace's bags?  Dang if it ain't Charlie Patton  and Fred McDowell. Woulda never figured those two for gentlemen. 


so who else wants to jump on board.

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