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Name that Tune - No Cheating Using Computer Word Searches

Jeff Matthews

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Didn;t cheat--listened to samples--

Slippery People--

If you like Stop Making Sense--The Name of this Band is Talking Heads is better--old and new stuff on it--incredibly clear recording--

How about this:

Holy moses I have been removed

I have seen the spectre he has been here too

Distant cousin from down the line

Brand of people who aint my kind

Holy moses I have been removed

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Jeeez-- its not that hard--

This was a lesser and much earlier hit of this performer who was one of the biggest acts in the 70's, and has had hits in every decade since then-even has done music for Disney--

Some more:

Holy Moses

Let us live in peace

Let us strive to find a way

To make all hatred cease

There's a man over there

Whats's his color

I don't care

Holy Moses

Let us live in peace--

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Rock Lobster - B52s

I keep saying I am not going to look at this thread any more...but I keep coming back.

Here is a softball for you all:

Well my father was a gambler down in georgia,

He wound up on the wrong end of a gun.

And I was born in the back seat of a greyhound bus

Rollin down highway 41.

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I got a gibson

Without a case

But I cant get that even tanned look on my face.

Anyone...anyone? Need a hint or more lyrics How about both? First more lyrics

Where do you get

Those blue blue jeans?

Faded patched secret so tight.

Where do you get

That walk oh so lean?

Your shoes and your shirts

All just right.

But <song title here>

Hint. If you saw the band's concert DVD from the Royal Albert Hall they had "Special Guests" come out from time to time and play/sing with them. Eddie Vetter sang this tune.

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