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Heritage HT

Jeff Matthews

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Yamaha RX V3300. It does a great job for a receiver. If I had my druther's I'd rather have a set of Mac separates or a mixed Mac/Halo rig. But for less than 1/10 the price it does quite nicely. I just bought Dylanl's Scott 299B to set up to use my LS mains and TT in a two channel rig as well.

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jeff, well I have a somewhat Heritage HT: front Cornwalls, center KLF-C7, surround KLF-30, rear surround KLF-C7 (one for now but I hope to find another black one for 7.1).

will use B&K Reference 31(upgraded) & my "old" B&K Ref amp 7x200.

I say will because I moved recently & have yet to get it all set-up. [:|]

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btw, if I had even more room & $$$, this is the dream:

Front: Klipschorns

Center: Belle (or LaScala)

Surround: Cornwalls

Rear Surround: Heresy x2, mounted high on back wall (30 degrees off center axis each).

we can all dream. LOL

I'd keep the B&K. high current, smooth mosfet for Klipsch, & excellent, flexible bass mgmt.

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My first home theater in the mid 80s I ran my corns as mains and herseys on the rear. I use to Carver C4000 pre pro it was a 5 channel stereo pre plus Carver M500t amps. The pre is a stereo amp with a center and rears that were delays. This was pre Dolby Prologic days plus I didn't use a center till I bought a Academy. This was a very good sounding system in it's day but it still sounds better than my Denon AVR 2803.

I then replaced the Carver C4000 with a Denon AVP8000 pre amp and ran the Carver amps. This was a very good sounding system. But the DTS stop working and that was fine for some time till the up grade bug hit and I wanted to 6.1 or 7.1. So I made the big mistake of selling the Denon pre pro. I bought a Denon AVR 2803 to use as a pre till I up graded to a new pre pro. I needed to save up for that. The 2803 with the Carver amps sounds ok but not like the AVP 8000. I should have waited to sell it but I wanted the other channels. With this set up I sold my Academy and bought a pair of vert. Corns. One for center front and center rear. Now this was a good upgrade.

Now a few mouths ago I bought a Sunfire Signature 400 x 7 power amps plus I'm still running the Denon AVR2803 as a pre. This amp did make the system sound better. I did try B & K and this also sounded better than the Carver amps, but the price was right on the Sunfire. Don't think the Carver is a bad sounding amp since I test drove over 15 amps and it was the best sounding amp with Corns at the time. Those Carver amps sound better than most receivers today and some of the new power amps out today at least with Cornwall's. My son now have my Carver amps for his RF 7's.

I will replace the Denon 2803 with Sunfire Theater Grand when they update it with Dolby Digital Plus and hopefully HDMI. I don't want to spend that amount of coin and upgrade a year latter. It's hard to wait though because the Theater Grand IV makes the system just magical. Sorry to be long winded but this was a 22 year ride with my heritage HT. Just watch out because some amps just sound bad with heritage line.

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Denon AVR 3801 handels all the digital functions and powers the center and surrounds while an Onkyo M504 165w dual mono block amp drives the mains...sweet

I love the onkyo it has been a true workhorse, is clean, quite, and tons of headroom for those dynamics and transients I love.


How do you do that? You drive the center and surrounds with one receiver and the mains with an amp. So, when you put in a DVD, how does it process the sound in the right format? In other words, I don't get the connections.

Anyone feel free to answer because I know this is common.

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You just run all your sources into the avr,hook any preouts you want to

an ext amp/s(the avr amps run any speakers hooked to its binding

post).The processing is done in the avr(excluding dvda/sacd which is

done in the player and sent to volume knob on avr)then sent to all

speaker outputs/preouts.Look closely at the back of a newer avr,its the

same principle as any pre amp.Any preout marked l/r/c/rr/lr will send

that signal to your 1/2/3/5/6/7 channel amp/s,viola surround.

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Most all good avrs have pre outs/ins.You just run a pre out to your amp and it gets the same signal as if you hooked it to the avr speaker terminal.You hook the speakers to the amp,calibrate and rock on.

Interesting, but how does it know which signal to send to the amp - fronts, sub, surround?

The pre-outs are user defined in the OSD menu. It's easy to do. I have a Denon AVR4800 which I've run with tube amps driving the front Cornwalls and rear surrounds.

Presently, my home Heritage theater is in storage. When we moved to SC from the Boston area this summer, there wasn't enough room in this family room for all the gear. The Klipschorns are resting in the "Carolina room" (i.e., your normal sunroom) and the Cornwalls are up in the "Man Cave" pulling duty on the 2A3 SET/Ah Njoe Tjoeb 2-channel setup.

I bought a Sunfire 200x7 amp over Christmas. It was factory-fresh B stock and I got it for a very good price, I think. I was interested in the comments above about the Denon/Sunfire combination so I'm hopeful that it's a good combo. After we redo the family room (and adjoining kitchen) this spring, we'll have the room for Klipschorns up front, the Belle in the center, Cornwalls for the surrounds, and maybe KPT-1201's for rear surrounds. I'm still debating the sub arrangement, but I like the RT-12D for its size and flexibility.

In my previous HT setup in Boston, I had the vertical Cornwalls up front with the Belle in the center, and Heresies for rears (5.1 setup). I was very pleased with the setup but this next room up should be a major step up.

In my humble opinion, there is nothing more special to me than listening to 40 year old classic speakers reproducing beautifully recorded music -- and in the case of HT -- today's movies that the family seems to be watching all the time.


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Well, we set up 5:1 and it was very cool, but need to ramp up the quality of the surrounds. Will likely hook up the kg4s for the football game tomorrow. I'm looking for more speakers to go with the khorns. We have a Rogers BBC (little tiny thing) we used as a center. I don't really understand the center thing and how people are able to listen to music with 3 speakers. :)

You would use your cornwalls and what else? What for a center?

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