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Nostalgia from TV Land

Jeff Matthews

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"Barney Miller" was a great show, as was "WKRP"... but they're of a different era, no?

Not like anyone cares but I get this question alot. There has never been (in Cincinnati anyway) a station with those call letters. Ther are two that are close (WKRC-AM and WKRQ-FM) but the show was supposed to be patterned after WKRC; although I fail to see the similarity.

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Watched a lot of cartoons as a kid, this one is fairly obscure:

OMG!! Gigantor. One of my all-time favorites!

How about Sinbad The Sailor with Salty the Parrot by his side?

Beeny & Cecil?

Hercules, hero of song and story......with the strength of ten ordinary men.

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Gary, post pics. You can Google images of these oldies.

Also, I just have to do this since I have an unrestrained urge! Your handle just shouts out to me every time: Garymd-ana, Garymd-ana, Gary-Garymd-ana, My home....... sweet...... home.......!!!!! [:D]

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you very much! Thank you! And you!!! Thank you! [;)]

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