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Nostalgia from TV Land

Jeff Matthews

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In the late 50-s and early 60s, if my siblings were babysitting me because our parents had gone out, they'd let me sit up and watch The Untouchables and Peter Gunn, which were normally deemed off limits. In high school, when like most young people my sleep schedule went kablooey (technical term) I'd watch Perry Mason and The Untouchables reruns until I got sleepy.

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Anyone remember SUPERCAR?

Oh yes, that and Fireball XL-5, another Gerry Anderson SuperMarionation opus. Watching these on moderrn TVs we now see the wires, but on a fuzzy monochrome TV, it was pretty amazing.

I always thought (even as a kid) that the back story of "Supa cah" was that Dr. Beaker (the Brit) and Professor Popkus (the German) had found themselves out of work after WW II and decided to collaborate to build this vehicle. I also recall that Mike Mercury was forever forgetting to open the roof doors and busting through them as he lifted off.

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It's funny that nobody I know seems to remember Ultraman. That was big-time stuff when I was about 4 or 5 years old.

I used to play Ultrman with my older brother all the time. I would build a city out of my wooden blocks and he would come from behind a chair (as the monster de'jure) and try to knock down the city.

If you want to see something VERY close looking to Ultraman see if you can rent Inframan somewhere. It GREAT!! Rubber monsters and all!!

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