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What Behringer DEQ2496 Says About My Room - (pic)


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It looks like you are getting closer. You like the bass, you like the mids, you like the crossover. You have a problem with the highs (piercing shrill etc) and the measurements also show the tweeter is relatively hot. Most of the problem has a direct solution(s).

Follow Shawn's advice about adjusting the output of the tweeter using the Behringer. Once you get close, then (after much listening) you can do some manipulation on location & type of filter implemented. This should get you very close.

Incidentally, I got a bit concerned when you mentioned that you toed in the the bass bins. This is a controversial topic. I am in the camp that says you should avoid doing this. It may compromise the frequencies around approximately 400-500 Hz (an octave or so above "middle C").

Additionally, the dimensions you mentioned for your room are not bad. You may want to scoot your chair a bit closer so the distance from the wall (with the speakers) is 1/2 the distance between the speakers. This puts each speaker at a 45 deg angle. But consider this fine tuning. Tackle Shawn's suggestion first. Then: listen, listen, listen (no changes - just listening).

Good luck,


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" Then: listen, listen, listen (no changes - just listening)."

That is an important aspect that is worth repeating.

If one doesn't do this, esp. when working with EQ for the first time, one will keep making a bunch of changes to the sound. Then when days/weeks/months later they finally stop screwing around and start spending time listening if they don't like what they are hearing they don't neccessarily have any idea which tweaks were beneficial and which were not. So what often happens is they get frustrated... tear everything out and get bitter about the whole ordeal.

Baby steps.

Make one change.... then spend time just listening to it. Don't make any other changes. After xyz amount of time listening (a week or two would be good) decide if you like the change or not. If you like it then perhaps move on to trying one other adjustment and then spending the week or two evaluating that change. If the initial change you decide you didn't like revist it and start over.

If one doesn't follow a logical progression they will likely never arrive at their destination.

Of course one critical aspect of being able to get to that destination is knowing where you want to go. IOW, being able to decide if they like what they are hearing or not. Being wishy washy is like driving endlessly in a rotary.... Look kids... Big Ben...Parliment.... Big Ben....Parliment...Big Ben....Parliment....


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Thanks guys....

I also have radio shack gold series interconnects and should probably upgrade. Smilin' lent me 2 interconnects the diameter of my big toe and insists I'll hear a difference. I would bet money I won't, but am going to try them today somewhere.

Also forgot to mention I have audible hiss when no music is playing from all these tubes I guess. I suppose that's affecting something. IDK.

And maybe I could use better speakerwire. I have 12g ? 20 year old monster.

Oh heck! When we tested those Cornwalls we had this weird wire on them (also on loan from Smilin'). It's this single ridged metal red wire. Very odd. I wonder if that made a difference!

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meagain...I am not a big believer in the difference of interconnects or wires as long as they are good to begin with...I use 14ga lamp cord from HD...I am just now trying some 14ga Carol brand "extension cord" (one jacket with left and right inside) and I had tried 12ga HD wire (copper and aluminum) didn't like it but it was difficult to connect to my gear...I got 14ga Signet wire that came with my kg2s in 1989...I hear no difference in any of these...My K'Horns are currently using 14ga Monster something or other my brother gave me...all the same...I will say the Monster is the nicest LOOKING and has a VERY pliable clear jacket...no green anywhere...as for ICs...I have RCA brand from Fryes (sell it at HD too) and I believe this is the same stuff Paul @ BizzyBee was selling that he said was very good (French made RCA brand?)...VERY similar (if not the same with a clear jacket) as the Radio Shack ICs...my brother has better stuff and I tried Nordost Black Knight (flat wire ICs) and I could swear I "heard" a little more highs but a slight loss in bass...I NEVER would have believed it (and still am not sure)...he has lent me some Acoustic Research to try and some Tributaries to try...who knows but again it might be in the ears of the beholder...Bill

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please don't start playing with IC and/or speaker cables during this process. as shwan said, baby steps and onoly change one thing at a time. I think you pretty much need to focus on the tweeter and leave everything else alone.

Can you descrbie the listening room a bit more? live/dead? lots of furniture/sparse? you may be able be able to do something by dampening the first reflection from the tweeters, do you have foam around? or tack up a comforter on the side walls temporarily and see if you get some better results in your listening position.

The jensen caps will definately soften up the treble and roll it off a bit, that would help in your case it seems.

please remember this is a taste thing not a science thing. if the highs sound shrill, they are shrill not matter what curves or pundits says.

Stick with it, the klipschorn is a great speaker, it does require patience when tweaking though. last you might consdier some 2404H to replace the k77...me likey...


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