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Just got my free Maxell "Blown Away" poster in the mail!!


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Someone posted on here a couple weeks ago that there was a possibility that Maxell was giving away posters to revive their old "Blown Away" poster of the photograph that Steve Steigman had taken. So, I sent an email to techsupp@maxell.com stating:

"I read on several internet forums that Maxell is giving away copies of the Steve Steigman 'Blown Away' poster from several years ago. If this is true, I would love a copy for my home theater!

Mark xxxxxxx

xxxx xxx xx

xxxxx xxxx xxxxx

(My address)

Thanks very much!!"

Posted Image

Well, the poster arrived in the mail today in a very nice shipping tube! I haven't completely opened yet, but the poster is very big! I'd say it's about 2 feet tall, not sure of the width but probably 3-4 feet. They even shipped it free and it cost them $3.03 to ship it too!

I've wanted this poster for my home theater for a long time now, and I finally have one! Now I just need to pick a nice frame and I'd be set. How do you think a frame that is cerametallic copper in color would look? [Y]
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Mine came in too. The first time they shipped, someone had opened the tube and taken the poster out! The Post Office placed two plastic bags inside with the standard apology notice as the end caps were removed as well as the poster. I guess someone decided to keep them. The date shown on the posters is 2004 so I assume they could figure that it was not an original.

I must say though that the folks at Maxell were fantastic. They sent another batch that included THREE posters. The wonderful person I had spoken with (name escapes me at the moment), stated that if I didn't get them this tme, just let her know and she would ship more! Can't ask for anything better than that.

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I just got a response from my recent inquiry and they said one will be mailed as soon as available. Maybe they're printing more for us.

Thanks for the info. I have a really ratty one tacked up on my garage. It'll be nice to have one for the HT room.


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Dear Jay,

Thank you for contacting Maxell.

We appreciate your interest in Maxell and our products. Your request has been submitted to our

corporate office and the poster will be sent to the address you included in your reply as soon as

they are available.

Again, thank you for contacting Maxell Technical Support.

Susan S.


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Mine came yesterday. it is 20" x 40". Mine says 2004 on it as well.

Great company, I thought they tapped out when all 200 regulars at AK emailed em'.

I got the same canned email and it showed up 3 days later.


Then surely the 4 or 5 requests from this forum will be fulfilled. Great advertising for Maxell.

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The "Blown Away" ad campaign of 1980 was the most wildly successful ad campaign for Maxell EVER. Their market awareness for their brands was at about 80% nationwide following that campaign, a giganormous advantage in selling their products.

It is an icon in the marketing world, as is the Mercedes gullwing sportster, Lincogn logs, Eggos, and Klipschorns. You see the ad or the product, and you immediately make the correct desired association with value and the company that produces the product. That's money in the bank compared to the cost for the campaign.

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