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I have six "BRICKS". What Are They? Where Do You Use Them?


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These bricks are black, weigh about 10 pounds each. 4 3/4" X 4" X 2 3/8". Outer surface is wood veneer. When I had Audio Research M 300 monoblocks 20 years ago I had them on top of what I guess were the transformers. Two on each M 300 mono block. Don't recall where I put the other two. Cost was $35 each. Who made or makes them? Whats inside? What do they do?

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I probably will be selling one or two of them. The bigger the transformers the bigger the improvement, These are not your best improvement for the buck. But they did improve the sound of my system when I had the 300 watt/ channel tube ARC monoblockks. They are Vpi magic blocks I discovered with forum help. I talked to VPI about them. Thanks guys.

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