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Things You Do For Your Son! GWAR!!!!!!!!

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I just reviewed the Levon Helm thread and thougt "what a refreshing and wonderful show this must have been" Alas my first day of vacation was not so soothing................ My son is 19 and I am 52, even at that we do a lot of concerts together that run a very wide spectrum, last night was an experience for the books.

My first full day off and we drive to Memphis for the Shadows Fall and GWAR show....and made the mistake of getting front row spots. Shadows Fall is very good Metal band with excellant guitar work, even thoug my hearing will take about a week to get back to normal I did enjoy their music.

GWAR on the other hand is a band that should be seen from the distance, or better yet unless you have a somewhat liberal bend toward freedom of expression.....stay as far away as possible! Technically they were better than I thought they would be musically, however they put on an extreme performance art type show which has gallons(at least 300 to 500 gallons) of fake blood and gore being sprayed on the audience!!!!!!!

Due to our stage proximity....I was hit with at least five gallons on my head and I'm still trying to Q-tip fake blood and gore out of my ear canals....I am also sure it will be at minimum one week before my hair and skin tone reach their normal shade.........However I am stiil lucky to have a son who is overall a great kid that doesn't mind being seen with his DAD, even at GWAR...and belive me I was the oldest person there by at least 25 years.

One good thing, I did get a GWAR guitar pick at the show.....YEAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Later Dudes.............

Steve "ROCK ON" Hollowell

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Hey S-B-W........I was aware of their history but it was a little more intense up close and personal......and actually the only members at the venue close to my age where the band members.

My son did have a great time, and shows are something we've done since he was probably 14. they have run the gammet from Ted Nugent to Tool with side steps to Rob Zombie, Metallica and Opeth.........and the list goes on

One thing that happened which did make me fill pretty good as a dad was at Ozzfest, one of the kids at the show told my son his dad would have never done something like Ozzfest with him, and I think I'm fortunate that at this point my son still wants me to hit the shows now that he is 19!

Jason is in a local band so next week(2nd wk of vaca), he plays shows on Wed and Sat so I get to see him play twice in Little Rock....


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Jason plays bass in a band called Sacred Reign........on Wed the 11'th they will be at Juanita's, tough night for a crowd but not a bad night for some Tex-Mex before the show. That is if my wife can get off work in time to make dinner................

On Sat the 14th they play at Vino's.........pretty good pizza and calzones.......plus they make their own brew!

I really do like to see him play, but food and beer is an added bonus at those venues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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