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I just wanted to follow up on the recommendations that I have acted on.

Joe recommended Iron and Wine. I picked up 'The Sheperd's Dog' and it is an absolute winner. Kind of a folksy acoustic rock. Great stuff.

Synthfreek recommended a few that are all good. I bought Neutral Milk Hotel. This is one of those 'put yourself out there' albums and is excellent as well. Synthfreek also recommended one of my favorite bands ;Built to Spill.

Hat Trick suggested Rodrogo y Gabriela. This disc is nothing short of awesome. Guitar lovers rejoice!! Latin acoustic guitar taken to a totally new realm. There is nothing else like this out there. Very original and very good. Buy this.

Next, I'm going to try Lightningguy's recommendation and see if I can go 4 for 4. I'll post a few more of my new favorites tonight.

Thanks guys.

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Well guys, I'm now offically old as dirt. I don't know a single band you're talking about. Sponge, If I bring you a tt will ya get me up to speed?

That is exactly the point of the thread. I asked for some recommendations that weren't as mainstream. I love the Stones and Beatles as much as anyone, but there is tons of great new music out there. Just trying to find a little more.

I have alot of good stuff for you. [:D] In the meantime, go pick up 'Attack and Release' by The Black Keys.

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The Black Keys are my favorite. I just got to see them at the Riveria Theater in Chicago and somehow it exceeded my expectations. They were also recently on David Letterman-you can youtube it to see it.

This is rock/blues at it's finest. Go back and check out their older albums, too. They rock. TBK loyalists are actually a little up in arms over the new one. A little too "produced" as compared to the older stuff for some.

Also released on vinyl for those of you in need of some fresh vinyl.

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I almost forgot, another must buy that I may even put ahead of Attack and Release-The Raconteurs-Consolers of the Lonely. This is Jack White of the White Stripes full band side project. Again, rock/blues lovers rejoice. Album (yes I think on vinyl too?) of the year. Get it today. Don't wait. You can thank me later.

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For those of us that like things a bit heavier...

Vox Tempus - In the Eye of Time. Some excellent progressive metal and very well recorded

Sonata Arctica - Unia. This is a true master piece, plus I've seen these guys at 4 times already - really awesome bunch of musicians

Poverty's No Crime - Another excellent progressive metal with some interesting song writting

Ayreon - If you want something that is definitly not afraid to experiment a bit, here you go

Spheric Universe Experience - Both of thier albums, Anima and Mental Torments are something to be heard to be believed,

Thought Chamber - another excellent band - this is what happens when metal and jazz gets mixed togther

Circus Maximus - thier most recent album, Isolate, has been in my rotation nearly non-stop.

Pathosray - These guys just recently put out thier first album, self-titled Pathosray, and again, needs to be heard to be believe! Will be seeing these guys this fall in Atlanta at ProgPowerUSA.

Serenity and thier debut album, Words Untold & Dreams Unlived, is another awesome selection.

Kamelot - thier last three or four albums have really been some epic affairs. I would seriously check out Epica, Black Halo, and Ghost Opera.

Suspyre - I've played a couple of tracks off thier most recent release last year at Indianapolis.

Several more that I think are definitly worth checking out

Sun Caged

Heart of Sun


Interesting, just while posting this, I think I found a couple more bands I'll need to check out myself, such as Beardfish and Degree Absolute.

No doubt, once you get away from the typical formulaic mainstream stuff - there is a lot to be discovered!

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This is great. Am running through the recommendations. Some are right up my tastes, some not so much. But never know when you will hit the one that is the one you have been looking for, and never knew existed.

One that some people may like, although they only have a couple of offerings out, and nothing in the past year: The Railbenders. Showdown, and Southbound.

I suspect most people put them in the alt-country label. But, quality talent, and very good production quality.

If blues (current) is more you inclination, the Mystixs are worth a listen.

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Anyone listening to the Mars Volta? They are hard to describe. Kind of like a modern day version of Zeppelin though they don't really sound that similar. It's artsy with a big fat drum sound, virtuoso players, incredibly high pitched male vocals, horn sections, and very spacey interludes.

I recommend Russian Circles. It's a 3 piece instrumental band from Chicago. They rock out and have very tasteful arrangements. They only have one cd out on a major label and it is not the best sound quality but it is a personal fave.

If you like the Sword you should give The Baroness a listen.

If you are into heavier kinds of music and have somehow missed them, Mastodon is worth a listen.

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Hattrick all those bands Steve likes are like heavy prog-metal. I don't think he'll like The Sword but I could be wrong. Like sludgy, stoner Sab-metal Skonopa?

I've checked out The Sword. They are pretty cool, but you are right - I definitly much more prefer prog/power metal, as all those bands I've listed are within that genre.

To throw a few more out there...

Saint Deamon - Thier debut album is really good.

Firewind - This is some serious, hard hitting, pretty heavy stuff here

Beyond Fear - crank this up loud enough through a good set of horns and an amp with some balls behind it and it'll probably peel the paint right off the walls!

The Lord Wierd Slough Feg - now, if you like The Sword, then you definitly need to check these guys out!

Volbeat - this is what happens when rockabilly and heavy metal gets mixed up!

Winterborn - This here is just some incredible musicianship on display

Winter's Bane - This has got to be some of the most awesome guitar work that I've heard in a long time. Another one that will just blow your hair back through a good set of horns and some serious iron of an amp.

Beyond Twilight - Thier record For the Love Art and the Making is truly a masterpiece. Very complex and just something to truly behold.

I could go on and on! There is so much awesome music out there to be discovered!

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How's about resurrecting a two year old thread.

Clutch is a band I've been listening to since '95. Very good, thick rock and roll with a combination of barked and sung lyrics. A great band that deserves a listen. 'Blast Tyrant' is one of their best efforts. Here's a discography.

Some songs on myspace, check out '50,000 Unstoppable Watts'.

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Since no time frame is given, I'm going back to the sixties....

Southwest F.O.B.

Smell of Incense

SouthwestFOB.jpg Southwest FOB  (1968) picture by Boxx44

Southwest F.O.B. ("Freight on Board") was a 1960s psychedelic rock group from Dallas, Texas, now perhaps best remembered because it featured Dan Seals and John Colley, who later found great success as the duo England Dan and John Ford Coley.

Started by guitar player Larry "Ovid" Stevens when they were in high school in Dallas, the band secured a minor hit in 1968 (reaching number 56) with a cover of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band song "Smell Of Incense," nationally released on the Stax subsidiary label Hip Records. The band's sole LP was also called Smell of Incense; it is currently in print as a remastered, expanded CD. Later success eluded them and the band broke up in 1969.

Dan Seals died on March 25, 2009. From the obit article in the Dallas Morning News on March 27, 2009: "He (Seals)and classmate John Colley, who later changed the spelling of his last name to Coley, formed a group with three other Samuell students called the Playboys Five. That became Theze Few, which morphed into the legendary Dallas high school band Southwest F.O.B.

'We were very popular in the late 1960s,' Coley, 60, said Thursday from his home in Nashville, Ten., where Seals also lived. 'We even opened for Led Zeppelin and Three Dog Night, and remember, we were just high school kids.' "

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