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  1. I'm not sure how it's harder to find things on this forum than it was... In fact, you have more options to find things. (Activity streams, improved faceted search, etc) All the same subforums are still here, and listed like they were before August... The biggest changes (besides the color scheme) are the lack of "recent posts" at the top. I've tried to alleviate that somewhat using the tools available in the new software, so that should help some. I think if you were to give it some time you'd acclimate yourself to the changes like most here have.
  2. Yeah it's a browser-specific "feature". These forums now make use of the notifications settings that some browsers have. I've not been able to reproduce this particular issue (where the browser keeps bugging the user about it) yet.
  3. I finally got around to fixing those links on the Dope from Home page (linked above). It should be noted that the URL of each PDF has changed, so if you linked to these docs from anywhere else, those old links won't work. It's always best to just link to the DFH page itself.
  4. If you submit the post, you get a fresh editor box the next time you want to write something. You can quote & multiquote to your heart's content.
  5. This is correct. Also, if you want to delete the quoted box(s), you can place your cursor at the beginning of the line immediately following the quote, and hit backspace.
  6. You resurrected a thread that has been dead for over 4 years to say this?
  7. Click your name in the upper-right, then click "Profile". On your profile page, click your avatar to edit it.
  8. I think by default, the cookie that is set that holds your login status is set to expire 7 days after your last activity on the site.
  9. They are here, but I just realized the pdf links don't work. Not to worry, I'll make them work again soon! http://www.klipsch.com/education/dope-from-hope
  10. Yeah I've been toying with those colors... still tweaking it! Thanks for the feedback!
  11. It's a work in progress Moved to a new DB server - Activity streams (and just about everything else) are much faster now!
  12. The tapatalk plugin is temporarily disabled while we troubleshoot these problems we've been having since the upgrade. I never said it wasn't supported, I did say I don't encourage it though, unless you visit more than 2 "tapatalk-enabled" forums on a regular basis. The reason is - Tapatalk actually changes the way some posts display.
  13. In most browsers you can zoom in/out with a ctrl+ or ctrl-... But for colors, it's a little more difficult on the client side.
  14. Hey @mikebse2a3 @Deang - let me know if this is still happening. I did an update to the latest beta of the software. To be sure, clear your cookies for this site. If it's still happening, let me know here what browser and version you are using, and what platform (OS + Desktop/mobile) so I can help the developers troubleshoot. Thanks!
  15. It has been back for a while now... you should be able to see it in the list of themes. Let me know if not.
  16. I'm aware of it... see the announcements
  17. It is possible to tag other members in your posts. To do so, just type @ and then start typing a member's display name immediately after. Then a list of possible matches will display. Just click on the member you want to tag! Such as: @Chad This is a great way to get another member's attention (they'll be notified depending on their notification preferences once you submit the post).
  18. Yes, it looks like when you click on the Activity tab or "All Activity" under that tab, you are taken to this page and you will get that form. I guess the thought is you will always have a chance to customize that stream. You can also save your custom stream which will save them in the navigation menu for you. Those custom stream won't display this form. At least, it shouldn't. But it will always display on the All Activity stream. EDIT: After further research, it appears that the fact that block keeps showing is indeed a bug, and will be fixed later this week.
  19. Someone hid the topic, but no reason was given which makes me think that was done by accident. (topics can only be hidden by the thread starter or moderators and me). It's unhidden now.
  20. Please see latest announcement post: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/announcement/8-siteserver-issues/
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