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    In case you didn't notice the message at the top of the main forum index: RE: Forum consolidation (please read) - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/146731-forum-restructuring-or-whoa-where-did-my-posts-go/
  2. In an effort to consolidate and focus forum content, we've moved some things around, combining several previously too-specific forums into other forums where it made sense to do so. No posts were deleted in this process, only moved. So, here's how the new forum structure breaks down and where things were combined/renamed). Klipsch Announcements Klipsch News (formerly "Announcements") Klipsch Pilgrimage / Meetups (formerly "Klipsch Pilgrimage") Klipsch Website & Forums Info (Combination of former forums "Website" and "Forums") Klipsch Audio 2-Channel Home Audio Home Theater (now includes the old "Palladium" and "Powered Subwoofers" forums) Architectural Klipsch Pro Audio (moved away from its own forum section) Technical/Modifications (a combination of the old "Technical Questions", "Updates & Modifications", and "General Electronics" forums) Headphones Personal Music Systems (a combination of the old "Computer Speakers" and "iPod Speakers" forums) General Klipsch Questions & Info (now includes the old "Vintage Vault" and "Accessories" forums) The Klipsch Joint (formerly "Other Areas of Interest") Garage Sale Alerts Lounge (combination of the old "What else is on you mind", "Music/Movies", "Sports", "Computers/Gaming" forums) Right This Minute As you can see, there is much smaller number of forums to weed through. We feel this will help everyone in various ways. Thanks everyone!
  3. No, it's not normal. Could be a database optimization issue. I'll look into it. Thanks for the report.
  4. I'm not sure why it's not working for you. I just did it and it works (see my sig)
  5. Try typing the link text you want, highlighting it, then clicking the Link button and add the URL. That should work.
  6. You'll need to resize and/or optimize the photos before you upload here if they are too big. The forum will not optimize the photos for you*. There is a 2MB limit per photo. Otherwise, you can use one of the tons of free photo hosting sites that are out there. Flickr, Photobucket, etc. * Edited for clarification: The forum will not optimize post attachments for you (it does however create the thumbnail image). However, the gallery does resize and compress uploaded photos. The photo you upload still must be 2MB or smaller in file size.
  7. Your link is HTML, which is not allowed. Using the signature editor, you should be able to insert a link with the "Link" button. I've attached an image that has that button circled.
  8. you'll have to re-attach them to each post. I'm not aware of any other way.
  9. Not that I'm aware of. Sorry!
  10. CHAD, I asked before and was never answered, so I will ask again; Do warning points fall off over time?? It would really suck sitting on the brink and never being able to be good long enough to redeem oneself!!!!!!!!! Roger Please see my response on your other thread: http://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/146598-so-what-are-these-warning-points-about/?p=1663942
  11. Click the Gallery tab at the top, then the "Upload" button near the top right. If you are wanting to upload directly to the Home Theater Showcase gallery, make sure you are viewing it before you click the upload button.
  12. Hey everyone... Just wanted to thank you all for your continued input. I want to also let you know that we are currently not going to aggressively move topics around, for now anyway. We've got too much other stuff to do. What we'd like to do is keep things as they are for now, and compile some usage data over the next few days/weeks or months. Then we may (or may not) consider a forum restructuring of sorts, which would almost certainly consolidate things a little. By that I mean combine certain forums that don't get much traffic, rename certain other forums, and simplify things a bit. Again, we aren't going to do any sort of restructuring beyond what's already been done yet. We may not even do it at all. But, time will tell. Anyway, thanks again. I'm going to go ahead and close this topic, as I think most people that have a strong opinion on it have said what they wanted to say.
  13. If they don't want to be shown in the "Members Currently Online" list, they can select that option.
  14. I did, but my vote isn't the one you probably think.
  15. Oy vey. Some people are really sensitive to this subject, even though I already said to "carry on" (meaning, "as you were").... So I opened this up to a poll (scroll up).
  16. Can you, or anyone, tell me how to do this on an iPhone 4, please? I have to log on, not every time, but up to 6 X a day. I left my iPhone 4 tester at the office (I'm an Android guy currently). But I think if you go into Settings > Safari, there is an option buried somewhere in there. Maybe look for "Privacy?"
  17. You can if you edit your topic post, and then click "Use full editor"
  18. Please see my reply in the other thread (only need to post about it once) Might be nice to tell which other thread you are talking about. Or post it again here where the comment was made or would that be too hard? I'm sure since he made 2 identical posts on the same thing, he would figure it out.
  19. If you are trying to post a picture here in our forums, you can attach images to your post (which uploads them from your computer and adds them to the post)
  20. Do you remember what the URL was that your old bookmark was using? I've done my best to make old links point to the new forums, but it's not easy to know of all old links...
  21. To get a URL for a pic, you need to put it online somewhere. There are sites like Flickr.com, photobucket, and others that let you do this for free.
  22. I'm very jealous of this room.
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