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  1. Excellent question. Configurations available for network types (A, AA, B, B2, E, E2, etc, etc)? Complete rebuild or repair/update services? Any options, such as a -3db reduction on the midrange for a specific network? Components installed? Shipping costs? Turnaround times? Contact information? Pricing?
  2. Nope, those are appropriate market prices for the Mcintosh pieces in that condition.
  3. One pair of K43 in original boxes has sold.
  4. Yes, cast frame. One pair has never been installed and is in original boxes. Both pairs are in beautiful condition, fully tested. I had designs on a couple of projects, which turned into other projects...........
  5. Nothing to complain about there for sure.
  6. The A55G sounds much better than a K55, IMO. If you purchase some, be sure that they are packaged properly.
  7. If it is cosmetically and functionally nice as you say, $475.
  8. SOLD. Appropriate for Khorns, La Scala and Belle. These are fantastic, but I have many other networks and these are not being used. Parts alone are more than the asking price, and the flat stack caps are no longer available. Please comment only if you have something positive to say. PM Serious inquiries only. $599 shipped and insured via USPS Priority Mail.
  9. The Fisher labeled tubes were made by Westinghouse as well. (code 337)
  10. Sorry, but I have to disagree, they are easy to find. Yes, prices are up, but what else is new.
  11. So what are you building for people on your Facebook page?
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