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  1. I believe so but verify with them prior to purchase.
  2. JJ? Edit: I'm not insinuating I'm perfect.. WAY far from it.
  3. There have been over 1000 NFL players arrested since 2000 but that's no biggie, just don't put down in writing what you think and you're good.
  4. Let those amongst you that have not sinned cast the first stone.
  5. Crunchy or smooth. Crunchy or nothing says I.
  6. Have to echo everyone else's sentiments Dave. Digital out to a dedicated DAC is the way to go.
  7. I see i missed another locked thread as well. Dang it.
  8. That would pull a vacuum on my wallet. It would implode.
  9. Get better soon Brian. Been out of town since last Thursday. Wasn't online then but just now caught up with this thread. Too much to respond to so ill just sit on the sidelines for now. Carry on.
  10. Jeanie FTW. Lovie was hot though. Thanks for the pic.
  11. Yes, contact SVS. They have a great reputation for customer service.
  12. Id use mine to empty the water out of commode when I had to pull one. Dont think I'd try that with a blower. Lol.
  13. @SemperFiAg08 has finished a lot of solid walnut. Maybe he'll chime in.
  14. They're hard to kill but it can be done. I had one for years and the metal canister finally rusted out on it. I took the latches off of it and mounted them on a 5 gallon plastic bucket and got who knows how many more years out of it. At the end of its life it would screech as it slowed down when powering off. One day I actually did get the magic smoke and that was it. Must have gotten 20 years out of it and a lot of that was using it as a wet vac.
  15. CECAA850


    That was epic.
  16. CECAA850


    Empty and refill.
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