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  1. Incredible amount of effort and machinery just to make one tube. I can understand why they went by the wayside because the manpower to produce a small object. Still, I really like what they do even if I am in the minority.
  2. I was just browsing places that sell tubes and came across a higher priced tube and found a link to their company. These snap shots show how tubes are made and it is quite fascinating. (to me anyway) She even takes them home and listens to them. I wonder what type of stereo gear she listens to? Thought you might like to see this. http://www.euroaudioteam.com/c2/downloads/eat-factory-tour-d0029.pdf
  3. Interesting read, Thanks, I like horns too and would really like to try the Cornwalls sometime.
  4. Well I'll be dipped in honey butter. Maybe I should try that with my 4.2's sometime. Welcome!
  5. +2[Y] Of course I don't know a lot about this stuff anyway.....Yet.
  6. Thanks a bunch, Mark. What you said about using only one good tube is similar to what M.D. said back in 2005. I guess Mark D. is not doing upgrades anymore is he?
  7. My wife found a Peach II Manual which came with it. I wonder if they use the same tubes, I know mine is not a "II" I've been looking at Brent Jesse's website, nice.
  8. Very interesting, thanks for the response. Hopefully Mark is still around and will see this or someone who has a Peach chimes in would also be great. I forgot to mention in my first post I purchased it "used" so I'm not sure what tubes are supposed to be in there.
  9. I bought my Peach Preamp a few years ago and am just now learning about tubes in general. (The model number inside the preamp is #50813 Rev C) Exactly what tubes were designed to be used in this preamp? Installed inside the preamp now are 1- 12X4 and 3- 6dj8 tubes. Is it OK to go with a tube with a different number or letter? Until I figure what's supposed to be in there I will continue to use whats in there or I will just replace with just the same numbers and letters. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, I know someone here knows about this particular preamp, right? Thank you for your time,
  10. Happy Birthday Craig! Have dessert on me....[^]
  11. Toyota (old faithful) Juicy Music (preamp) Luminox (watch, to own one day) DeWalt (toolboxes) Panasonic (LX5 camera) .......................just off the top of my head.
  12. Two hours on a tank of gas? Man, I'm lucky if my Echo goes 20-30 minutes.
  13. I passed on a great deal like this a couple weeks ago. Surely he is honest enough not to make the offer to you too!
  14. Speedball

    P17-B Review

    Nicely written article. Wilson, give the Krell a try it may be just what you are looking for in sound.
  15. A few years ago on the northside of Indy there was a restauant called Dick Clarks American Bandstand Grill.
  16. And I used to think people were greedy hogs when they parked between two posts and used one in each of the passenger and driver side at the same time. COOL picture!
  17. I think "Keepers of the Sound" is a real attention getter and refers to those who think highly of this particular product.
  18. I would consider buying a Klipsch "boom box" for my audio-less work truck. I stopped by Radio Shack and they had a total of "one" boom box for sale. Otherwise a $200.00 Bosch worksite boombox is a little steep. What happened to all the table top radios for sale?
  19. Talk programs (voices) are extremely clear on the local public radio stations. My favorite is anything stringed or any type of drums works for me. I'm not sure how to classify it although I know it's not rock or opera, maybe call it classical. The horns bring me the realism of a person speaking to me because I'm a no [bs] kind of guy. [8]
  20. Happy Birthday, Bob Crites. I appreciate your electronic handi-work.[^]
  21. I really like my old 120w CJ Sonographe compared to a couple other brands........so very "musical". The downside for me, it's just a tad bit weak at 120w. The CJ 2500 would be worth it to me. I don't have any experience with the speakers you mention.
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