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  1. I remember hearing his voice on the radio in Indianapolis. (Chuck Workman)
  2. Sorry for the duplicate post............
  3. Dean, I am still enjoying your handy dandy crossover work on my RF7's! Pat
  4. Congratulations, sounds like a win, win situation!
  5. Are they good for 2 channel? Oh boy are they EVER good for 2 channel. Talk about realism in sound.[Y]
  6. I thought of some of the Klipsch members (Colterphoto) when I ran across this website. Usually I do not visit youtube but this seemed legitimate and some members here used to "run with the bands", so to speak.
  7. I still run mine with the fan removed with no problems at all.[Y]
  8. I had Bob C. do the tweeters on my KG 4.2's and they are great!
  9. Happy belated Birthday Roger. The wife and I do the Redbox as well.[]
  10. Where's Colterphoto?...he is a big camera guy.
  11. I just tried to tug the knobs off to let you know where the flat sides of the stem is but they don't want to budge. Good Luck, maybe someone knows how you could set them to flat without the knobs. Usually, aren't the tone controls considered flat at the exact middle position? Dean or Mark.........Do you guy's have any idea? [] I keep editing this post. How about posting this question in the technical section?
  12. Doesn't look like anyone has responded so I'll say just set the tone controls where the sound is best for you. I have a highly modified Pat-5 and they are great looking units.
  13. This week it has been pork and au'gratin potatoes. Portillos Rules!
  14. Wow, nice speakers. Check out the "for sale" stuff here on the forum. Enjoy.
  15. Hopefully he learned his lesson.
  16. Welcome to the Klipsch Forum. You are headed in the right direction.........they are great! Funny typo on the name..[]
  17. So hook that baby up to some Klipsch and let us know what it sounds like...[]
  18. Hardrock Cafe, downtown Indianapolis.
  19. Dean, I researched integrateds and the Portal was high on my list of favorites. A year or so ago I was using one of their pictures for an avatar. You are so lucky! I would love to know your thoughts about it if you get a chance to try it with the RF-7's ................Pat
  20. How does it sound? $20.00 ? you stole it.[] Google it to find out information about it. Is this it?
  21. That's a very good way to put it for me as well. That's exactly what I was thinking. I also sometimes feel comfortable and can nod off with some good accoustic guitar. [8]
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