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  1. If a group of folks heard the two models side-by-side in the same room at the same time - Do you think folks would hear any differences and would those difference be judged as large or small?
  2. Congratulations on your Klipschorns ! Folks like to modify their systems, but not all modifications are upgrades. 1. Leave the woofers alone. They are not the weak link on a Klipschorn. 2. If you stay with passive crossovers, there are two strategies. One is to refresh the capacitors (many choices and at many different price points, including some ridiculous ones). While the other strategy is to redesign the crossover. I am quite skeptical of this later approach. In your listening to them, is there a particular problem that you are trying to address? Sometimes it may not be the Klipschorn, but something else. Good luck, -Tom
  3. Maybe I am a bit of a heretic. There is something about the "Klipschorn sound" that endures whether it is a Type A (I have heard these very frequently), or the Type AA (which I owned for a number of years), and the sample of various Type AK's (although I have not specifically heard the AK6). The strengths were all the same (great dynamics, great precussives and transients, and a strong & comfortable sounding bass). The weaknesses were all the same (idiosyncrasies in the mid range that were most noticeable with brass and woodwinds and some but not all vocals). Don't get me wrong. The strengths far outweigh the weaknesses. I love the way they sound. I think the voicing on all them seem to have the same focus. I have not heard these various models in the same room at the same time, but I expect that (beyond room placement and room contributions) you might have real difficulty hearing any serious differences between the two models you have mentioned. So now it is a question of price and cosmetic condition. Good Luck, -Tom
  4. Please back up a bit. What specifically is the application (2-way or 3-way)? Where are you guessing the crossover points might be. They claim the horn can be used down to 300Hz, but the DH1A is designed for a lower cutoff of 500Hz. Will that be a consideration in your design. Two things that jump out at me are 1) This horn has a 1.4 inch throat and the DH1A is for a 2 inch throat (adapters, especially going large to small, are not a good idea). 2) The vendor does not list any polar (dispersion graphs) measures on their spec sheet. How they might perform based on a visual inspection is problematic. Given that these horns are not inexpensive, I see some red flags. -Tom
  5. You might also try this question over at the DIYaudio forum. There is an active group over there interested in multiple entry horns. Many (but not all of them) of the guys are quite knowledgeable.
  6. You will regret selling them, but I think you know that already. Get this post into the GARAGE SALE forum, or else folks will be at liberty to critique your price and the components. Your price seems reasonable and I am certain they will sell quickly Good luck, -Tom
  7. Whoops, I may have exaggerated slightly. The cost of the Xilica XP4080 ( which seems to be popular on this forum) is about $1069 (4 in 8 out - they used to make smaller ones but I did not see any in my quick search ) https://reverb.com/item/25028216-xilica-xp-4080-processor The mini DSP is about $100 (2 in 4 out) https://www.minidsp.com/products/minidsp-in-a-box/minidsp-2x4 Good Luck, -Tom
  8. I am biased because I am cheap son of a gun. One difference is that the Xilica is close to a $1000 more. Does it preform a $1000 better? There are others that can answer that.
  9. Congratulations on your "new" speakers. I am sure they will bring you years of enjoyment. Personally, I would not bother with the supposed upgrades at this point. Spend some time getting them set up (tight in the corners). Yours may not need this, but look up the threads on "pipe foam" and "false corners". These issues may or may not apply to you. IMHO, for the next few months, simply enjoy them. They are pretty good in their stock form. After a few months you might want to refresh the capacitors, but please don't go crazy on upgrades or fancy capacitors. You may find any improvements to be rather subtle (in spite of the testimonials that others may provide). There are other more meaningful upgrades, but it would require using DSP, and some folks get nervous about that. Enjoy them, -Tom
  10. Well, perhaps you would like to share your insights since the supply of Jubilees is drying up and the folks who are truly interested may get stuck. I was only trying to be helpful since there is so much clutter out there regarding price and availability. -Tom
  11. I think there is some confusion being generated. First, the prices that some have been seeing may include fairly expensive DSP crossovers and veneer (which may or may not have been done at the factory vs at the vendor's own shop). There are other options on the DSP cost and adding veneer (no mater how nice you think it looks) is probably not going to give it instant WAF (grill cloth is still needed etc) Second, there is more than one vendor out there. Although it has been several years (and things may have changed), I purchased my gear (K-402 horns with drivers) from American Cinema Equipment. At the time, I was steered to them (by someone who "knows"). The service was excellent. Again, this was a number of years ago. I may inadvertently be adding more confusion to this conversation since my experience and knowledge are somewhat limited. I definitely agree that the current configuration of the Jubilee represents a considerable value. At $7000-8000, the performance per dollar is a fantastic deal. Making the cabinet wider and possibly deeper means it no longer has the footprint of a Klipschorn. I think this is a real mistake IMHO. Leaving the tweeter horn naked, further limits the number of potential buyers. As far as the possibility that the price will be mid 30k range, this is incomprehensible to my small brain. Perhaps there is a market out there, but that is a major chunk of change. Let me be clear that I am biased and don't think the current configuration needs to be changed. I like the way they sound. I think I will go give a listen right now .... -Tom
  12. I have used both the 2445 and the 2446. I like them both. I think stock OEM ones are fine You can upgrade to a Truexent diaphragm for about $900 (if the Beryllium diaphragm is important to you) or for about $ 90 you can get an aquaplas coated diaphragm (not as much HF extension, but a nice smooth response)
  13. Kevin, why not shoot me a PM. Let me know where you are located and maybe we can figure something out. -Tom
  14. If this addressed to me, I am not interested in trades. I have all that I need. If you are presenting an offer, then PM is the appropriate format. --Tom
  15. I am not sure that is accurate. If they were returned to the dealer, then the factory would not necessarily be involved. There could be several reasons for a return.
  16. If you are interested in a complete system (K-402s with JBL driver and a Jubilee-style bass bin), then PM me by all means. I will even toss in the cosmetics. If you are asking me to dismember them and sell off pieces, I won't go down that path. These are a nice system and need to be enjoyed that way. -Tom
  17. It is hard to read the label , Is it OO or OC ? Personally , I have not seen the "C" used before. Rather, I have seen O, or R, or L. Is this common knowledge?
  18. I don't think you want pure boiled linseed oil. Search the threads for the proper ratios (BLO, turpentine and something else). Take the advice about the rags seriously.
  19. PrestonTom


    That really is a great deal. I have always had a love for Conrnwalls. GLWS
  20. Don't worry about the receiver. The speakers are fairly friendly unless the source/amp/ etc have any hiss or hum. It is the downside of using efficient speakers
  21. Not necessarily stuck. The original question is now murky. Are you suggesting keeping the AA crossover and K-401 horn and just swapping the K-55 driver? If that is what is being asked, then I would leave well-enough alone. IMO, the K-55 driver is a decent driver and is not the weak link of the La Scala. If you are thinking of upgrading both the Mid driver (K-55) AND mid horn (K-401), then there are some interesting possibilities. However, you should consider the following 1) Are you wiling to make this a two-way system, 2) are you willing to go to active crossovers (DSP, bi-amping etc), 3) Are you interested in a system that has controlled dispersion?. There is much to think about. Good Luck, -Tom
  22. The K-510 driver has a 2 inch throat and is a controlled dispersion (CD) horn. Two issues, the K-55 drivers are for much smaller throats (adapters are not a good idea) and the K-510 horn will need some high boost (all CD horns require this). This might be more than you are bargaining for. I am sure you will find folks who have done this anyway and tell you that it sounds great.
  23. Yes, the Jubilee sounds better ! The bass is stronger and has lower distortion (to me this is a big deal). On top of that, the modified tractrix horn, either the K-402 (the big guy) or the K-510 (the little guy) will sounds quite a bit better than the K-401 / K-77 combo. The K-402 is preferred, so consider the K-510 as a back up plan. Remember that Coytee and I enjoy spending other people's money, destroying their living rooms, and wrecking their marriages. We both love Jubilees and we cannot control our behavior.
  24. Actually, the footprint on the current Jubilee is about the same as the Klipschorn. The cabinet is taller however due to the K-402 horn (39x26 ?). If the overall height is a bothersome, then you could substitute the K-402 horn with the smaller K-510 horn (15x9). While it may not sound as good as the usual version, it will sound better than the Klipschorn. Yes, I have owned all three configurations . Good luck, -Tom
  25. at that price, you can can get Jubilees. IN my view, an easy decision
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