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  1. Take it from someone who has wasted more money than I care to know on overpriced cables over the years, I would highly suggest not spending $500+ on anything other than something that will actually improve your sound, such as a second subwoofer. I can guarantee that if you listened to a song, left the room, came back and I told you that I switched your cables out for expensive “high-end” ones, your mind would hear a difference even though they were the exact same cables.
  2. Post a WTB ad in the Garage Sale section. 👍
  3. JohnA and mark1101 are both long-time forum members and I wouldn’t hesitate buying anything from them.
  4. I think any of those will work very well. Technically Atmos is a full range channel but I doubt much below 80Hz is mixed into them since it would be sent to an LFE channel. Looks like all three pairs that you referenced have -3dB down points in the 75Hz range or so which would be perfect. I listen to a lot of Atmos music on Amazon Music and the Atmos speakers are sent more info than I thought they would. Of course, there’s more info in an action movie for instance, but it definitely is a unique experience for music.
  5. I would send an email to Klipsch support and ask if they could do that in a future firmware update.
  6. Even if they did they haven’t been on the forum in over sixteen years.
  7. I say that whomever you spoke to needs more training. You can use a y splitter with any receiver that has a single sub output. In fact, virtually all receivers that have dual sub outputs just have an internal splitter anyway.
  8. I find it interesting how many people call a Belle a Bella. 🤷
  9. Before responding to an old post hoping for an answer from a specific member, click on their username to see when they were last on the forum. In this case the member you’re hoping for a response from hasn’t been here since April 2019.
  10. Not familiar with that model. I’m guessing it doesn’t say anything about it in the manual?
  11. Most high quality vintage gear matches really well with Klipsch.
  12. Yeah any kind of curtains/drapes/etc.
  13. Yeah any kind of curtains/drapes/etc.
  14. It won’t for the reasons I stated above.
  15. I picked up a pair of near mint forte II about 15 years ago for $275 I believe. Had them for quite a long time.
  16. So if your sub is working with movies and not music, there’s a 99.9999999% sure chance that you either have your main speakers set to Large or Full Range. If that isn’t the case, then you’re listening in Direct or Pure Direct mode. The reason why the sub doesn’t work in those modes when listening to music is you’re sending a 2 channel signal with no discrete LFE signal for the receiver to process.
  17. Welcome to the forum. You might want to take note of the stickied post in all caps directly above this one: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/196239-please-read-before-posting-here/
  18. That’s what the Cornwall is for.
  19. What are you using for a receiver?
  20. Take pics, post in the Garage Sale section of the forum with asking prices. 👍
  21. SVS' customer service is awesome. You can call them up, explain your setup and they'll guide you exactly how to get the sub properly set up and how to use the DSP and any other functions it has.
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