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  1. Thus the reason why I drove about 200 miles round trip to get it.
  2. Post pics if you get them!
  3. I was fortunate, at least I think so. My new bike originally sold for $1,600 about 15 years ago. I paid $250 for it.
  4. This has everything you'll need:
  5. Phantom=no center. I wouldn't bother with the KV-3. The only desirable KV center was the KV-4.
  6. RC-7 center RS-7 surrounds
  7. Assuming you mean KLF-20s? They'll be a massive upgrade over your 28Fs. Ideally you'll want the matching KLF C-7 center. You can always run a phantom center. Works perfect for me.
  8. This thread is from 2008 and the original poster hasn't been on the forum in over 10 years.
  9. There's a trail that's about 100 miles long where I live. Hope to get some miles in to enjoy the fall colors.
  10. Me too. For right now it just hangs in my theater room.
  11. My best friend got me into GT bikes so that's what I've always owned. Always thought Trek made some good ones as well.
  12. I believe this model is set up to do that pretty easily. I don't ride often enough to warrant it, though. Maybe once the bike needs new brakes.
  13. I still have a GT that I bought around 25 years ago. Front suspension, nothing fancy. This i-drive is by far the nicest bike I've ever owned.
  14. Just picked up this NOS GT i-drive 3.0. Just needs air in the tires. Might have to break out the Klipsch jersey for its maiden voyage.
  15. I love my 1981s. Soldered K-55V midrange. They're not a small speaker but man do they sound way bigger than they should.
  16. You'll need to post a picture.
  17. Are you wanting to run them at the same time? If so, don't. Many good reasons to not run two pairs of speakers being sent the same signal, especially two different types of speakers. If that was your plan I'd suggest selling your current fortes and going with Cornwalls.
  18. Thanks. Trying to find ones that are already built.
  19. They're not bookshelf speakers. They need to be on the floor.
  20. Very sorry for your loss. Take at least front and back pictures, especially of the labels in back. Value will depend on model, age, condition and where you're located.
  21. wuzzzer

    K-33 woofer

    Please repost in the regular Garage Sale section. Alerts is for notifying people about interesting or good deals you aren't affiliated with.
  22. From the description of that wireless system: "You can get Reference Wireless by connecting the Axiim LINK Wireless Home Theater transmitter through a 2019 LG OLED or NanoCell TV, an XBox One, or your PC /and or Mac."
  23. I've seen them sell between $800 and $1200.
  24. That might be just a little much. 🤪
  25. Would prefer two. With or without an amp.
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