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  1. If you mean bi-amping (not sure what ni amping is) it’s not worth it.
  2. The forum limits attachments to 2mb unfortunately. There’s apps you can use to reduce image size or you can upload them to a host site and post a link to that.
  3. You already asked this in a different forum section.
  4. You’ll go deaf in short order if you’re putting anywhere near that through them.
  5. You joined in 2008, have 5 posts and resurrected one that’s over 20 years old. That’s gotta be some kind of forum record.
  6. Very nice! I wish I would have went with Heritage speakers a long time ago but they definitely make me appreciate what I have!
  7. From my experience I would go phantom before I would go with one that is mismatched to my main L/R.
  8. I used Heresys as L/R in a home theater for years with a phantom center. Finally found another cheap pair that I stole one from as a center. Infinitely better than a phantom center.
  9. My top two would be the RSW-15 and the KW-120-THX.
  10. None of the older Klipsch subs are sought after. They're not terrible but they're nothing to get excited over either.
  11. It’s pretty easy to decipher using the threads like this: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/206376-want-to-know-when-your-klipsch-speakers-were-made-click-here/
  12. I’d post a wanted to buy in the Garage Sale section farther down the forum topic list.
  13. There’s a convenient sticky posted at the top of this section just for questions like this. 🙂 https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/206376-want-to-know-when-your-klipsch-speakers-were-made-click-here/
  14. It’s alright. Happens a lot in this section. People see the word “technical” And don’t read beyond that. Post some pics of your new speakers!
  15. wuzzzer

    RIP Burt

    The world still needs love.
  16. “Technical questions related to these forums…” aka, trouble logging in, etc. Anyway, glad you figured out the issue.
  17. Check with forum member @Deang or look up JEM Performance Audio, they’re the only authorized Klipsch crossover people.
  18. Here’s the sticky: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/196239-please-read-before-posting-here/
  19. Not everyone is ok with “fine”. 🙂
  20. Welcome to the forum. There’s a sticky at the top of this section “Please read before posting here” that you might want to read. 🙂
  21. Why did you join just to reply to a four year old thread??
  22. I’ll tag admin @Travis In Austin and he should be able to help you out.
  23. I’d remove a driver, the part # will be stamped on it. Check eBay for replacements.
  24. Could be voice coil rub. Does it happen with both woofers?
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