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  1. You'd probably be better off asking this question on a forum that deals with car audio.
  2. Yeah I would never take advantage of someone if a death had occurred. This was a case of the kid had wore out his welcome and just assumed his dad would hang on to his stuff forever. They were in pretty poor shape, one woofer was torn, the cabinets had been stored upside-down on the concrete floor in the guy's garage for who knows how long, grilles were in poor shape. I cleaned them up the best I could, replaced the grille cloth, listened to them for a year or so then sold them to a friend for $75.
  3. This didn’t involve a death but I once bought a pair of walnut Chorus for $50 because the guy’s kid had loaded up his garage with a whole bunch of stuff and the guy was sick of having them in the way.
  4. I don't mean sentimental value or attachment to them. I'm talking cash value. I asked my wife the other day if something were to happen to me, what would she do with my speakers, TV, etc? She said she'd list it all on facebook for free. I know she was just kidding but it made me think does she really know at least the approximate value of what I have? I see it fairly frequently that people join here and ask about speakers they've inherited.
  5. This, as well as unscrew and tighten every screw on the crossover input/output terminal.
  6. Oops! Quite a bit lighter in color than the current cherry veneer from Klipsch.
  7. Looks like a nice unit. I love the copper in back.
  8. I really wanted to get them for my wife for her office but she uses The One there already and is perfectly happy with it. Klipsch really did a great job designing that set!
  9. I would suggest looking at a Sony STR-ZA3100ES or STR-ZA5000ES and see if they have the features you’re looking for. As far as 4k, yes, depending on what you’re connecting to it you’d want to make sure the receiver can handle things like Dolby Vision, HDR, Atmos, etc if your source provides that format.
  10. What’s that black capacitor or whatever that is connected to the back side of the terminal block? I’ve never seen that on any of the E networks I’ve had. Is that because it has the K-52H versus the K-55V?
  11. What subwoofer are you trying to connect? What do you have the gain/volume set to on the subwoofer? Were you using the subwoofer prior to connecting it to these speakers?
  12. As far as I know they’re both the same, the difference being the upfiring Atmos speakers in the one set.
  13. All I can say is you’re a lot more patient than I am!
  14. Don’t they have a subwoofer pre-out?
  15. Was there a card or something in the box that mentioned doing that?
  16. They’ll be a definite upgrade in sound.
  17. I’ve seen them offered for sale between $1,000 and $1,800 in the last year or so.
  18. For a bedroom setup I’d go with powered speakers like The Fives if you’re sticking with two channel. They’re going to be very similar to the RP-500s.
  19. They are different. The Atmos pack has upfiring Atmos speakers in all but the center speaker. Which one is best would depend on if you want Atmos speakers and have a receiver that can power them.
  20. 5 original Heresys here. Best sound I’ve ever had for music and movies.
  21. Welcome! There’s a sticky at the top of this page. 🙂
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