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  1. Message me when you find a date. I am south of you guys, not too far though!
  2. Garage sales around here have: old clothes, high chairs, paper back books, Aiwa stereos:(
  3. Absolutely! I didn't mean men in a male sense at all.
  4. This is indeed great news! I remember though when we got Sadam. Thought we could get out of Iraq right after that. I have family over there, and hope that somehow this time, we can wind some of this down.
  5. What exciting news. Let's hope and pray that this can get our men home sooner...
  6. There are a lot of videos on youtube of people filming it shockingly close. I have to wonder how many died while doing that, and we would likely never know?
  7. They were also noted in Seteophile's list or recommended components.
  8. Welcome to the sickness. This is a very expensive forum!!!
  9. I actually found them to keep the sound of the flight out really well. Not quite as good as my in ears, but very well.
  10. I bet he has other things.... Sorry. Thought process as a gyno doctor coming thru!!!
  11. I have one set on an 80's H/K, another on a tubed McIntosh integrated. They both sound great, just different.
  12. I love looking at my blue Mac lights when I watch movies. Many times, they are better than stupid movie I am watching!
  13. I have always been a huge Klipsch fan. Have a ton of the big speakers. Have a pair of in ear X10's. Recently got the over ears. Just flew from Texas to Switzerland. They sounded great. With my ipod, and in flight movies. They isolated sound of plane rather well. Not quite as much as in ear, but really well. I think I will find myself switching between the in ear and over ear. They are different but great in their own ways.
  14. That, is very disturbing, and then very very funny! Had to re read in the proper context! Paul
  15. That was funny. I saw others in the past where a guy was riding a lawnmower home from the bar. The other was a guy on a horse! Paul
  16. What are you using as a crossover on those? Paul
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