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  1. I remember the day I bought the debut Van Halen LP back in 1978, too; I was 11 then. Was completely blown away by the Eruption solo and he took the guitar to a completely different level. Not to mention, made me put more effort into my playing. R.I.P, EVH. Thanks for the many years of great concerts back in the 80's.
  2. Sale pending For sale is a Toshiba Satellite L75D-A7283 which has a 750gb HD, 6GB of memory (max is 16GB), 17.3" screen, and an AMD A4 Quad Core processor, which was good for its time. It's running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit on it and would make a decent little music streamer or general laptop. It includes the charger and the battery holds a decent charge for its age. SOLD
  3. Great looking room! That color reminds me of what I painted the living room of my house I had in Texas. Seems like it was a Sherwin Williams Roycroft Adobe, if I remember right.
  4. I doubt a person would ever hear any difference in the two unless they told themselves they did. Sounds like the "upgrades" you've done are sufficient.
  5. $7500 would definitely keep most riff raff away.
  6. avguytx

    Lest we forget

    I remember exactly where I was at that morning. And I also remember that I flew out of Newark the night before as we were done with our rep firm meetings in Upper Saddle River, NJ. Our original flights were scheduled for the morning of 9/11. I had just started with an A/V Manufacturers rep firm just 2 weeks before. I'll never forget that feeling the next morning when everything happened.
  7. Ok, trying to wrap my head around the above part in red. I definitely don't sleep on a power conditioner or a weight clamp. Did you mean "skimp" per chance? Asking for a friend... lol
  8. I built this amp from kit form and used the upgrade Russian PIO capacitors, front gain control, and used two taps off the output transformers for use of 4-ohm and 8-ohm speakers. This has been a great amp and may have 40 hours on it at that. I also went for the upgrade 6550 output tubes and this amp can run many variations as the bias is easy to adjust with a DMM. I'm just not using it enough and have bought other things I use more so it needs to go to someone that can enjoy it. It's conservatively rated at 35 watts per channel but always tests higher. I believe I have a couple of spare GZ34 rectifier tubes that will be included with it. New and assembled, this amp would be close to $1,500 shipped. I had it paired up with higher efficiency horn speakers which is where tube amps really shine but it also sounded very good on standard speakers. Asking SOLD and pick up in Searcy at the local police station parking lot. Yes, I can ship this amplifier no problem but be warned that it is heavy and would need some good supplies to ship it safely. But that is an option. Please let me know if any questions.
  9. Back to the top I also have a Latino VTA ST-70 with 6550 output tubes I built a few years back for sale. I just don't do much on the tube side anymore so it sits idle.
  10. avguytx


    I agree. Realtors still say "it helps with resale value". I'm not really sure why in the south with it being so hot. I put in a propane tank that just feeds my oven and the fireplace as I didn't want to have to jack with cleaning a fireplace, cutting wood, etc. I think we used it once or twice last winter; and it's remote control to boot ha Our last house didn't have one but it was an open floorplan style with no workable corners to speak of. My upstairs room does have corners on the short wall (15 foot) but I wasn't making it for Klipschorns, etc.
  11. Yep, I used these when I first rebuilt a pair of '78 model Type AA crossovers I used in my Belle clones. The seller in Bulgaria, I think it was, was great to work with and even matched all of them up that I bought. I've since sod the crossovers to another member here but haven't heard from him as to how he likes them. I thought they sounded great...for how well I hear these days. I ended up buying all new parts and built new Type AA's with Audyn Plus caps on the mids & tweetrs and the Audyn Q4 on the woofer side. Those sound quite good and hopefully can stay there if I decide to change out the K-500 horns over to K-510 or Eliptrac horns staying with the A-55G mids. But, yes, I do like these caps.
  12. avguytx


    This is one of those reasons when we built a new house, I didn't want ANY of my stuff in the living room. We worked with different house plans and manipulated a few into the one we liked so it allowed an upstairs "music room" that's 15' x 32'. All I have in the living room is a pair of ads L300C's on a shelf ran off of an older Yamaha A/V receiver in 2-channel mode. (I care nothing about surround stuff anymore after 25 years in the industry) We do have a TV above the fireplace but no one really cares as we aren't big TV watchers or movie watchers. Now, in saying all of that, when buying a pre-built house, that's the crappy part of trying to find something that works for sure. Fireplaces are a "focal point" that apparently everyone is supposed to gather around and chit-chat. Uhh,...no.
  13. Dang...our master bedroom closet is 10 x 14. I can't imagine my Belle clones in there. lol. Although, I do run the Belle's in my upstairs room on the long wall and I sit about 12 feet back from them. On the short wall (15 feet), I run a pair of ads L1230's.
  14. On my CF-3's, I removed the jumpers and use short lengths of 12ga wire from one terminal to the other screwed down so that I could still use banana jacks. I might still have those straps...seems like I just saw them a few days ago. Just saw these while on ebay. Pretty cool. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Audiophile-CRYSTAL-Bi-Wire-Speaker-Jumpers-9AWG-Nakamichi-Banana-Spade/264256572820?var=563828746162&hash=item3d86eb4d94:g:kn4AAOSwJqNbJqqc
  15. @AB3CX MIke If you have pictures on a Windows PC, just right click on the pic file and open with MS Paint and resize. Simple. If on an Android phone, use a free program called Photo & Picture Resizer. If Apple, no clue...I stay away from them.
  16. I've got a spare laptop that's not being used and should be by someone else. ha. Nice little Dell E6400 I rebuilt with a 120gb SSD, max'd out with 4gb memory, and has an Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 @ 2.40Ghz processor and runs Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. It uses a Dell 1397 wireless card and has a 10/100 ethernet port. It includes a charger and is in nice shape for its age. Screen has no scratches, hinges are in working order, etc. It's main thing is the battery is original and won't make it beyond maybe 45 minutes of use. Batteries are available online of course. Asking SOLD shipped anywhere in the CONUS via Fedex or USPS (whichever is more reasonable) and will be packed properly. Payment via Paypal F & F or you add the 3% onto the total.
  17. My daughter goes to U of A in Fayetteville. If you can strike a deal with the person, I bet I could get her and her BF to help out. He has a truck and she has a Cherokee.
  18. $1100. Man, doesn't seem that long ago we were finding then for $600 or so.
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