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  1. If placing bookshelf speakers on stands you will need to use a subwoofer to assure a solid bottom end. Floorstanders if you can swing it.
  2. Owning Many sets of Chorus II's over the past 25 years or so i don't recommend any of the choices if you like to throw some watts to those mains, if using a 50 watt amp you may be OK. 2 good 15" ported subs would be the minimum i would recommend for the task.
  3. That would be a good start along with room size and if its an open space or sealed off room.
  4. jason str


    I went through that as well and had the doc change medications, sometimes the side effects are worse than the ailment.
  5. Priorities, priorities, move some junk out of the room if needed i always say. If you spend lots of time using the system it makes good sense.
  6. Oil is not the best wood protection but sure looks nice if you maintain it.
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    The best diet is no diet, always watch what you eat. I was over 300 lbs at one point now hitting upper 250's it has taken some time but hear fast weight loss is the quickest way to put it back on so maybe I'm doing something right. 🍕🥓
  8. The PB 13 sounded like a child's toy to me compared to either of my horn subs but I'm probably just spoiled. If you go with sealed in a larger room be sure to get multiples.
  9. I have not been following the story if these were new or used or implying Klipsch should warranty anything.
  10. Great idea, everybody wins. Klipsch won't need to worry about the DIY crowd getting their hands on another toy and another satisfied customer taken care of.
  11. Remove one of the sets of speakers and the EQ.
  12. Hopefully friends and family will spring for a pine box.
  13. Many more years to enjoy the lovely formaldehyde stench emitting from them as well, enjoy. You Get that crappy receiver yet to enjoy or are you worried it may sound sweeter than that Mac ?
  14. https://nadelectronics.com/product/c-316bee-v2-stereo-integrated-amplifier/
  15. I gave 2 lousy sounding receivers in my previous post, choose your weapon. The Sherwood was hooked up to Altec Valencia's for some testing. That Sony to Forte.
  16. I prefer liquor & weed but whatever floats your boat. I will pass on the burning hole.
  17. Exactly what i was going for, Sony grain and lifelessness and the NAD leans toward the warm side for an example of different sounding units.
  18. I was thinking of comparing the two actually but whatever works.
  19. If you need something to compare pick up a base Sherwood or Sony for comparison. I have never heard the MA6600 but hope its been serviced by a qualified technician to assure its up to standards.
  20. If you really want a minimum $$ test pick up any new Sony receiver and compare an updated Marantz 22 series,HK 430 or if you need something new try the NAD C316 integrated and throw some power to them.
  21. From a previous post of yours it looks as though you already own one.
  22. A bad amp/preamp combo can be just as brutal on the ears.
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