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  1. Hey Jfg02, 300wpc should be plenty. Klipsch speakers are very efficient and should sound great, with plenty of headroom. [] Keep us posted, Dennie
  2. That looks like a fantastic set. You have a PM. Dennie
  3. For my dad it was Willie Nelson's "Stardust". I play it now and then with a bottle of good red wine. This! [<)] Dennie
  4. Like others are saying, update/upgrade the crossovers and you may not need/want to change anything else. Keep us posted, Dennie
  5. Dennie

    A fond farewell

    I wish you Peace! “May God bless and keep you always, May your wishes all come true, May you always do for others And let others do for you. May you build a ladder to the stars And climb on every rung, May you stay forever young,” ? Bob Dylan Godspeed John, Dennie
  6. Are they in corners? If not, you just may not be hearing the woofers. It's important to "seal" them into corners, so it forms a horn. Do a search on "pipe insulation" and you'll find many threads on sealing the khorns to the wall. BTW, congrations on the Khorns. Not everyone gets to start out at the top of the line. [<)] Dennie
  7. Ahh, what a gift! Congratulations! [<)] Dennie
  8. I think you should be on the phone! [] Remember, the Crossover may need updating, so figure that into the price. Keep us posted, Dennie
  9. Islander is right, the M97xE is a great cartridge and the price is right. [Y] B&H Photo has it for $69 and Amazon has it for $70, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you get free shipping too. [<)] Keep us posted, Dennie
  10. Hey Dave, if the Heresy 1's are original, they would greatly benefit from replacing/refreshing the crossovers. You are not getting the intended sound with old capacitors. I would do that before I bought a sub. You may find out you don't need a sub right now, once you get the speakers back up to spec. Dennie
  11. I completely agree with this. ^^^^^ Also, the BIGGEST factor is the ROOM! Have you done any "treatments" or used Rugs/towels on the floor/walls? You can have the best speakers in the world and if they are in a untreated room, they will usually sound bad. Keep us posted, Dennie
  12. Do you use any kind of room treatments? What is on the walls? Floors? How far back are you sitting and are you sitting against the back wall? Are the speakers toe'd in or facing straight towards the back wall? Are the speakers in corners? This will reinforce the bass a little. The room is usually the problem and you will want some treatments for absorption, diffusion, reflections, etc. For now, throw some rugs or towels in front of the speakers and hang some rugs or something on the walls to tame reflections. Overstuffed furniture can help absorb some of the sound bouncing around around the room. Welcome to the Klipsch forums and Congratulations on the New RF-7II's.... [<)] We'll help get things sorted out, we just need some more info. Dennie
  13. Congratulations Mike! [<)] Keep us posted, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the "525". Dennie
  14. Like Crap! [+o(] ............... Dennie
  15. Hey Tswei, which integrated amp are you using? Can you turn the "trim" down on the LS's? I'm using a HT/AVR and can turn down each speaker indivually, so I have the sub at +10 and the LS's at -10 and uning the sub's volume control ( SVS 20-39 PC Plus ) I can get it dialed in. Let us know the gear you're using and we'll try to help. Dennie
  16. Those are Beautiful Russ, Congratulations! [<)] Dennie
  17. Hey Mike, Beeker said the "520" needs a second amp, not the "525". Dennie
  18. Congratulations Mr. Laidback and welcome to the Klipsch forums, we're glad you are here! [<)] Tell us more about your listening room, listening habits and budget so we can better help you. Dennie
  19. I get very little enjoyment out of looking at a record! They are meant to be played, so play on Marty! BTW, nice score! Keep us posted, Dennie
  20. If you don't move the speakers, try loosly stuffing some socks in the ports and see what happens. I tried that trick in high school but I still couldn't get the girls. Clean socks! [:S] Dennie []
  21. Read and re-read the owners manual. It's a lot to take in, but it's well worth the effort and each time you read it, it makes more sense. Here's a 2.1 channel receiver that gets good reviews, OUTLAW Audio RR2150 ---> CLICK HERE Dennie
  22. Sorry Dave, you did have information on these speakers that I did not see yet. You make a very solid point. Dennie
  23. Ah ha! Now, everything is becoming much clearer! I see what Dave is saying in the "other" thread. Good luck with your sale and thanks for showing your true self! [+o(] Dennie
  24. Yeah, that is kind of weird. I too thought Dave knew something about these particular speakers, that we were missing the whole time. Strange! Dennie
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