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  1. Here is a review of theRX-V2400. Note that this review is over 5 years old. Video connections have migrated to HDMI since this product was introduced... http://www.hometheatermag.com/receivers/104yam/
  2. the remote from my cable company does this. any new universal will also. the volume buttons work the receiver no matter what mode i'm in..
  3. Try this.. http://www.antennaweb.com/
  4. i had a similiar problem, turned out someone had put a rap cd in the player... seriously, i'd make sureall connections are tight, then change sources and see if you get the same problem,
  5. Congrats! My first Klipsch's were H2's in the early 80's, excellent speakers, know you'll enjoy.
  6. sorry to hear of your loss,our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  7. great to hear your doing fine now....i'm very interested in the treatment you have been receiving... "on a scale of 1-10, I'm allergic to wasps at about 4 and this is what put me into the emergency room. I'm about a 6-7 for bees and for vespids (yellow jackets & hornets) I was probably a 9.999. It was a very good thing that if I was to be stung, it was done by the SOB with the lowest reaction score." my wife is about an 18 on your scale. ;-)
  8. really, you guys say fake? but, i saw the two guys pour water....and i heard the rocket sound effects..fake? really?
  9. Traded my wife in on a new model, the Stephanie model. I think i got screwed! This is going to end up costing more than the $4,500. <satire>
  10. 10-4! I've had a buttfull of reading thoughtful factual posts from someone with deep experience with a wide variety of gear. You could always stone him..
  11. it's that 286 processor they have on their server! j/k kind of...
  12. i was going to say my room is a cube...but i see there's already a smart a ss remark posted so i guess i won't...
  13. The only way this could make any difference is if the CD is in such bad shape that the error correction circuitry is having to work a lot and this product allows the laser to better read the data (pits on the substrate). Snake oil.
  14. Yeah, great story! Thanks for writing. LaScalas, Khorns and Palladiums..OH MY!
  15. i'm unable to poke any holes into your theorum..
  16. generally, you will not improve picture clarity (or sound quality) by adding a component into the chain. but, you can add convenience by being able to switch both audio and vidio with your avr. if your interested in the convenience aspect, you can pass the lossless audio codecs with hdmi v1.3. are you getting video through the avr and not audio, if so, this may be your issue. hope this helps..
  17. I'd agree with the above,,,,,, Except, recently, I've noticed that when someone places a starting place that's right about where the product would normally sell for, the item usually expires without a single bid. Most people won't bid on anything without feeling like they can 'Steal' it, Unless they've beel looking for that exact item and cannot find it. I feel like when you place a "realistic" starting place, or "reserve", you take away a potential buyer that MAY be persuaded to get into a bidding war and bid the item higher than the minimum reserve, rather than only limiting your market to that One potential buyer. JMHO jmho, i don't give a second look to "buy it now" prices or opening bids that are a "realistic starting place". these are not auctions, they are simply an advertisement for an item for sale. when i go to ebay, i want to see an auction.
  18. That stylistic dynamic plays itself out in less blatant juxtapositions throughout the rest of the album. "You Don't Understand Me" is a classic power-popper replete with twinkling piano and smooth, layered vocal harmonies, while raw garage-rock ... Full Descriptionstomper "Hold Up" leaps out with almost savage ferocity. The most rewarding moments may be the ones where White and Benson collaborate to create a fresh-sounding sonic paradigm, as on "The Switch and the Spur," a trumpet-punctuated epic that sounds more akin to a testosterone-enhanced Decemberists than anything else. Ultimately, White and Benson honor just enough of their respective pasts to ensure a vital future for the Raconteurs. From the beginning Jack White insisted that the Raconteurs were a proper band and not just a White Stripes side project. The release of CONSOLERS OF THE LONELY, the second album by the band he co-leads alongside singer-songwriter Brendan Benson, bears out all parties' commitment to the project. From the very first cut (the title track), the varied musical personalities at work here are apparent, as the song moves back and forth between a streamlined, Benson-sung section and a slower, crunchier blues-rocking ****** of patented White work. The Raconteurs: Jack White III (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Patrick Keeler (drums, percussion). Rolling Stone (p.55) - 3.5 stars out of 5 -- "CONSOLERS OF THE LONELY comes together like a blissfully stoned conversation between White and Benson about their favorite bands: Led Zeppelin, the Who, Badfinger. Each of them riffs off the other, trading verses and guitar leads on a host of compelling stories..." Rolling Stone (p.96) - Ranked #44 in Rolling Stone's 50 Best Albums Of 2008 -- "[A]n ecstatic, fully integrated live band..." Spin (p.108) - 3 stars out of 5 -- "[T]he matchup of White's emotional and musical volatility and Benson's power-pop jones pays off: 'You Don't Understand Me' plays like a long-lost, bitter Badfinger outtake." Spin (p.47) - Ranked #35 in Spin's "40 Best Albums Of 2008" -- "'Hold Up' and 'Salute Your Solution' are blistering rockers served well by an actual rhythm section..." Entertainment Weekly (p.61) - "The Raconteurs hitch country and long-haired funk to a boisterous blooze-rock wagon with nary a nod to subtlety or art-school cool." -- Grade: B+ Uncut (p.99) - 4 stars out of 5 -- "[T]he way that it spans dynamic radio rock, affecting urban blues, garage stompers and blatant Who worship renders it rich enough to be remembered..." Kerrang (Magazine) (p.49) - "Loaded with 1970's guitar slinging bravado, it's a red-blooded rock and roll album..." Pitchfork (Website) - "[With] big hooks and bigger guitars, stuffed arrangements, and plenty of instrumental shock and awe....[A]nother loose, comfortable affirmation of what they do well." 1. Consoler of the Lonely 2. Salute Your Solution 3. You Don't Understand Me 4. Old Enough 5. Switch and the Spur, The 6. Hold Up 7. Top Yourself 8. Many Shades of Black 9. Five on the Five 10. Attention 11. Pull This Blanket Off 12. Rich Kid Blues 13. These Stones Will Shout
  19. Amazon and CDUniverse.com Having good luck filling in my collection from ebay. I would recommend buying some cd cases in bulk if you buy used, they usually are in bad shape.
  20. wonderful job old. those turned out great.
  21. that certainly is a big boombox i see between her legs....
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