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  1. esp'ing good vibrations to you brother!
  2. your lascalas look fantastic, i'd do other horn same tho..
  3. can't post pics tonight and times out on every post...
  4. that was the funniest thing i've seen all day! thanks!
  5. anything but smurf blue should be fine []
  6. Yes, but it took some time. I spoke to Sharyl after 6 weeks or so had elapsed on my order. She indicated that the vendor used does these when they can. They can't simply stop the presses to pound out two small individualized brass placques whenever an order arrives. So the bunch them up and do them when they can. Made sense to me. Mine arrived a few weeks later. Your order is not lost.
  7. I agree that Heresy's would fit the bill. Forte's and Chorus's also. Watch the garage sale and CL etc., won't take long to see a good used pair. I don't know anything about the newer (non Heritage) products. Perhaps someone who does can suggest something.
  8. When I navigate through the forum I'm finding page loads frustratingly slow. Specifically after reading a thread and attempting to navigate back to the sub forum to view other threads it sometimes takes a minute or more. Doesn't seem to matter if I hit the browser's back button or click directly on the sub fourm name. If this has been discussed previously (didn't find thread) I apoligize in advance. I'm using Mozilla Firefox as browser but its slow with IE also.
  9. gnatnoop

    for Fini

    After dinner one night, two elderly couples stop by one of their houses for conversation. The women stop in the kitchen while the men head into the living room. The first old man says, that sure was a good restaurant. The second man says, "Yes it was, but the wife and I found an even better place last week". "Really, what restaurant?", says the first old man. "Well, crap...i can't remember...uh...dang...uh...you know that flower, it's sometime white or pink?" "You mean a carnation", replies the first man. "No, no..it's a common flower i guess mostly red, you give it on special occasions". "You mean a rose?", said the first man. YES, THAT'S IT! says the first man and continues "ROSE, WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THAT RESTAURANT WE WENT TO LAST WEEK?"
  10. It's just a phase your going though, i'm sure. Seriously, yes, my tastes have changed. Now, I'll listen to (and enjoy) pretty much anything if it's recorded well. A lot of my collection is from the ice age and it obviously is not well recorded. I don't listen to those recordings as often..but I will pull them out when I change a piece of equipment...EUREKA, that's it!
  11. My friend is fried most of the time also..[]
  12. My friend is fried most of the time also..
  13. That Sansui is simply beautiful! Rock on! Can't add any color however...was too broke back then, had to read the reviews (weren't the recevier wars fun) and say one day...
  14. in my avatar pic, the short wall is 36" for reference.. i have not detected any ill effects so far..
  15. believe that's right. 4' is what dealer (custom audio in LR) told me was the manufacturer's recommendation or ideal situation..
  16. Congrats!! Not sure that they are as sensitive to placement and room size as I first thought, maybe more than some other speakers but they still elicit a "HOLLY shite" in my smallish room and pulled out from the wall. (that said, there in the corners now and i want a bigger room [H][H][H])
  17. what...you can pick up these feeds up on pluto?
  18. oh yeah, been planting this weekend...
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