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  1. i told my daughter that i wasn't going to get a tat because i wanted to be different. she said you are different and that's putting it mildly. now what's that supposed to mean? [H]
  2. forte's would be a great choice. chorus's also deserve some consideration.
  3. gnatnoop

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    I got a new stick deodorant today. The instructions said remove cap and push up bottom. I can barely walk but whenever i toot the room smells great!
  4. gnatnoop

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    Occupy Golf Movement WE NEED TO BE HEARD! I am a member of golf's lower 99. I am an indifferent golfer, and there's no way I could ever make it to the professional level. I will never put in the practice time to be the best. I will never have the shots, skills, or mental toughness to "make it" in the sport. I just never felt like working all that hard at it. However, I am a part of the golfing community and, as such, feel I should be paid by the top 1% of golfers for what I do. It isn't fair that those players who have worked harder, have studied the game, have better equipment and are more skilled and dedicated should make all that BIG money. Where's my share? I'm a Victim! The top 1% should pay for my club memberships and green fees and lessons, buy me new clubs, balls, clothes and shoes, and pay me some of their winnings. They can afford it. They are "The Rich." The whole system should be changed to accommodate people like me. I think we should get together and occupy a golf course and demand that those who are better at what they do, pay for us who generally suck. Whining should get us something - maybe we'll make the cover of Time Magazine, garnish some public sympathy. Hell, during this election year we may even get a law or two passed by legislators who want our votes. p.s. Don't mention this to tennis players. We thought of it first.
  5. congratulations to you! although i'd bet that you're actually just pausing at a well appointed rest area on the audiophile interstate.
  6. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Flim and the BB's Pat Metheny Group UB40 Acoustic Alchemy (Positive Thinking) Spyro Gyra
  7. i was scrounging around at a used cd/record store today and snagged a Supertramp recording new to me "free as a bird"
  8. no, cd is a line level. you can use other inputs such as aux1, line2, tape, etc.
  9. my 5500 is quiet, and reduced the very little background noise i had with the bbx and vrd's. somethings broke...
  10. cool, i love supertramp, like boxx said, come on over to RTM [Y]
  11. i have one of those subs....it stinks! []
  12. those "verification pens" are easily defeated anyway and not accurate. http://midwestfraud.com/counterfeit_pen.html
  13. gnatnoop

    for Fini

    easy to substitute a Bronze Republican and everyone can tell it!
  14. on my hotmail email account, i have it set to "exclusive". this means that any incoming email from someone not in my address book automatically goes to the spam folder. i use this email account for instances like this where they insist they must get an email address. I don't actually visit this account but about once per quarter. I suck all the "non spam folder" email to a gmail account. easy! oh, and i voted even though i couldn't find brand X!
  15. Jolida makes some nice tube intregrateds, i have a small Jolida 102b that i keep around as a backup to this day. On the solid state side, I've tried an Outlaw Audio 2 channel receiver RR2150, it was very good and at a great price. http://www.stereophile.com/integratedamps/306outlaw I didn't keep the outlaw but wish i had. Good Luck in your search!
  16. no problem, we didn't have $5k when we started out either, most build over time, sometimes a long time. welcome to the forum!
  17. buying brand X is proof you will be punished if you don't do your homework. [H]
  18. How big is my what? Seriously, how many people actually have a vocabulary at home, most of us use the public vocabulary, they're free and now have internet pods in addition to all the books. [] I thought the test was sneakier that it was, i thought it would intentionally misspell some of the words and deduct if you included that in your known universe. I didn't click words i knew but thought were spelled incorrectly. 28,000 words.
  19. gnatnoop

    for Fini

    A tourist from the Midwest walked into a Chinese curio shop in San Francisco . While looking around at the exotic merchandise, he noticed a very lifelike, life-sized, bronze statue of a rat. It had no price tag, but was so incredibly striking the tourist decided he must have it. He took it to the old shop owner and asked, "How much for the bronze rat?" "Ahhh, you have chosen wisely! It is $12 for the rat, and $100 for the story," said the wise old Chinaman. The tourist quickly pulled out twelve dollars. "I'll just take the rat, you can keep the story", he said. As he walked down the street carrying his bronze rat, the tourist noticed that a few real rats had crawled out of the alleys and sewers and had begun following him down the street. This was a bit disconcerting so he began walking faster. A couple blocks later he looked behind him and saw to his horror the herd of rats behind him had grown to hundreds, and they began squealing. Sweating now, the tourist began to trot toward the Bay. After a couple more blocks, he looked around only to discover that the rats now numbered in the THOUSANDS, and were squealing louder and louder -- and were coming toward him faster and faster. Terrified, he ran to the edge of the Bay and threw thebronze rat as far as he could into the Bay. Amazingly, the thousands of rats all jumped into the Bay after the bronze rat, and were all drowned. The man walked back to the curio shop in Chinatown . "Ahhh," said the owner, "You have come back for story, yes? "Are you kidding?," said the man. "I came back to see if you have a Bronze Democrat!"
  20. Rolly, i have no experience with audiolab products. Based on my very cursory review, i see nothing to cause concern. I'm sorry your tube or valve experience was negative. As you can see in my profile, i'm running tube monoblocks with a tube preamp. I have recently added a HSU subwoofer and am learning how to set it's settings. I'm listening to it as i type and it's very very good. Probably the best i've heard, including the Klipsch dealer audition rooms. All systems are going to be a compromise. I don't have the disco club bass that knocks you out of your chair, they don't have the delicacy and intimacy and resolution. Find the characteristics of music that you like the most and go down that path. Good luck.
  21. i've heard mac/klipsch together many times, it sounds wonderful, a match made in the USA.
  22. my best record cleaning tweak was when i gave away my modest 300+ album collection away 25 years ago. haven't had to clean a noisy album since...[H]
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