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  1. The word of the day, "need". Obviously one persons "needs" are different than anothers. In all seriousness though, my Chorus II's are capable of giving great listening enjoyment without any aid. It is those times when I really want to raise the roof I am able to do so without making my Chorus carry the burden. Let the "club" subs feel the strain. It also doesn't neccessarily take high volumes to feel the music either. It just adds another level of enjoyment to my music experience.
  2. [Y] I figure since I have a "club" amp might as well have a pair of "club" subs. I'll be back later I'm headed to the "club".[]
  3. Give me pitch definition over a rumble box anyday!
  4. Looks like a reincarnated GFA 555MKII. Has 50 more watts in 8ohm stereo and 100 more watts in bridged but everything else inlcuding 4 ohm operation is almost identical. Sorry to hear about your 5802.
  5. I made a comment about that in another thread because I feel for people that are having issues with that woofer. Just from three of us here on the forum which is myself, SWL and a mutual friend Mike we had 9 out of 12 woofers that were bad in our KLF 30's. That is just to name a few of us that have had issues. Seems like unless someone buys off of one of us Klipsch members they are buying KLF 30's with bad woofers. I got a replacement from Klipsch and had to send it back because it was bad from the factory. There is a problem somewhere but hopefully it gets worked out.
  6. Takes a stout amplifier to control that 15 inch woofer in the Chorus II but it can be done.
  7. The Quartet is almost 4 decilbles less sensitive @1watt/1meter. The specs say it will play 1 hz lower at 38 whereas the Chorus II is 39hz but since you own both you know that is almost hard to believe because the Chorus II seems to play lower as well. Basically the Chorus II does everything the Quartet does only bigger and better. Now if it is floor space you are looking for then the Quartet is the obvious choice. I will leave with the obvious disclaimer that this is IMHO.
  8. I feel for you. Out of all the speakers I've ever owned I have only had problems with one woofer and it would be the K-31-K. Klipsch told me after I bought my first batch that you couldn't purchase them any longer. This was about a year ago so I hope things have changed and the old K-31-K production line is back up and running. I have just never seen so many failures as this particular woofer.
  9. Well maybe there shouldn't be but to my ears that statement is way off.
  10. The XLS's aren't in the same league as alot of other Crowns either. Personally I like the Crown K series and the QSC PLX/SRA series.
  11. I love mine. It doesn't shut off at low volumes and sounds awesome on KLF-30's. Do the earlier K-2's look different than this....or is their appearance the same? Same.
  12. Does it come with the remote?
  13. Glad to hear how you are enjoying your Chorus II's. I have been enjoying Chorus II's for almost 23 years now and still get excited about listening to them. I have owned several models but these are keepers. Congrats.
  14. Congrats. How would you rate these on the slam factor?
  15. ESET NOD 32 told me the rf7link was a trojan and blocked it.
  16. I went ahead and picked up another Music Streamer ll "Plus" in addition to the Streamer ll. Is the "Plus" better for the additional $200.00? Well, I got tighter bass and slightly more refined mids-highs.....so I'd have to say yes. My experience with these units has not worked well with my tubes. However, in my solid state systems they shine. Beats me. YMMV. Picked up a Streamer II+ myself and what a transformation of the pc music library. There is no way this thing should sound this good. Thanks for the tip Scott.[Y]
  17. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/p/22768/186794.aspx#186794 few owners of both.
  18. Sounds like your on your way. Remember alot of folks like tubes on those horns. Just something else to think about. I find the KLF 30 mid to be very aggresseive on every pair I have ever listened to. You have some nice equipment there so I know its not that. I have heard them with tons of different gear. Alot of folks put a big SS on the woofers and a tube amp on the mids and highs. Best of both worlds.
  19. Well if your going to stand by your car comment I'll stand by mine. As far as you and Frankenklipsch thats your business. Do Klipsch a favor and buy a new pair instead of telling them all that they did wrong with their discontinued line. Thats just a suggestion nothing else. I think you can easlily lead folks a stray in your DIY world that is all about your taste. I won't ask you about Chorus II's cause I would prefer not to hear it. As far as the OP I see his are for sale. That didn't take long.
  20. What you forgot is that I am the one that just sold them to him and there isn't actually an 1/8th of an inch difference from one side to the other. I know the speakers very well and talked to Klipsch about them many times on the phone. The gaskets are orange so they stand out like a sore thumb and you can tell that they are just a little different from each other. If it was covering half of the throat of course there might be an issue. I had no intentions of being rude but to make a comparison as you did was rude. Some like Legends other not so much. There are many speakers in the Klipsch family to choose from all with their own strengths and weaknesses. The way some people chop up the original design I think they should just build their own speakers because sometimes you can no longer call them by the manufacturers name.
  21. He never said he was going to do that. Where are you reading? Is Kerry sending pms or something?
  22. Ok your just being a smart ***. That is a brainless thing to say.
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