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  1. Got to have Vegas in at least one room!
  2. Jason, What are the dimensions? Also is this complete just plug in amp and play? Thanks, Randy
  3. Would you happen to have any 12ax7 Mullard long plates? I am looking for a nice pair for my Jolida JD100 cd player. Thanks.
  4. Hey Scott, Good to see you as well. I survived 2020 and looks like you did as well. 👍
  5. Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms Dave Matthews Band - Crash Robert Plant - Now and Zen
  6. Thank you Trey. That explains why for 30 years I have always loved these with big ole amps. With all the other models I've owned the K-48 is a freaking beast! I've found that 1200 wpc works very nice. I have to thank Craig for that one.
  7. Its been the crown K2 for ever it seems but after seeing Craig with all those zr1600's bridged mono I just had to give it a try. New favorite pro amps are now Carver pro zr1600's bridged mono. When a professional drummer likes something he is probably on to something. He sure was with these things. Don't know what took me so long. Wow! Dynamics and slam in spades yet smooth as butter. Thanks Craig! Also been a Chorus II owner for 30 years and just added a pair of 86 Industrial Lascalas with the K-77, K-55-M and the K-34 woofers. Holy cow! Lascalas and subs are really mind blowing. I have heard Lascalas plenty of times and never heard them sound like this. They like the K2 or the zr1600's. My Chorus II's actually seem hotter in the mids compared to these things can you say smooth. I guess I'm just diggin it! Isn't audio just a blast!
  8. I don't believe we are looking at version ones here.
  9. Hi, Sorry for your loss of loved one. I have sent you a text in regards to your items for sale. Thanks, Randy
  10. It appears from your equipment and your signature quote you want to crack the sternum. Take a look into pro audio. Obvioulsy for critical listening you can turn the subs off. I do suggest 2 or more if you want the hair to blow back!
  11. Cool photo Coytee. I actually thought you had three 402's across the front. You know your just showing off.[]
  12. Thanks Mike. I know you have personal experience with Chorus 2's which is what I use. I am such a headbanger though our music tastes proabably differ somewhat.
  13. Thanks Islander. I am thinking the LS2's might actually be more up my alley. But then to purchase new one might consider Jubes.[^o)]
  14. Thanks Bruce. I proabably listen a little louder than you do lol.
  15. I personally think the photos are hilarious. Thanks for posting.
  16. Thanks tk49 and QH. Nice videos QH. So you think the balance could be off with the stock xovers due to the serial numbers?
  17. Thanks Russ and Kevin. I appreciate your comments and opinions.
  18. How important are consecutive serial numbers? What are your opinions of 1989's? What are your opinions on stock AL xovers? What are your opinions of black LaScalas? Probably 8 out of 10 in appearance an idea on value? Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  19. I am from the Warsaw area about 35 miles east of Fort Wayne. I have taken 30 across Ohio many times. It would be great to hear sometime. Thanks for the offer. Randy
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