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  1. Yes they can. Ive personally swapped them into LS and LSIs without issue.
  2. Im in California but happy to ship anywhere. Can be boxed for fedex, but I always recommend road fright. Less likely to get damaged and way more reliable ins. PM if youre interested and we can figure something out.
  3. Selling off summer restoration projects. Started life as Klipsch Heresy speakers in of some love. Cabinets were trashed and had H1.5 parts. Cabs were striped out. 1/4" Ply added to outside. Front Baffle removed, reglued and reinstalled. Rear baffle has 1/4 MDF laminated to it and edges cut down with datto blade for an exact fit. Whole cabinet refinished in Med Walnut with slight red tint... matches everything. Clear is Satin Lacquer. Front, read and Risers are in Black Lacquer. New Binding posts and wiring. Crossover has been changed to a ALK Cornscalawal. H1.5 horn swaped to H1. K55V sourced with good diaphragms. Fastlane Audio Eliptrac Tweeter used, Eminence ASD1001B installed. Crites 12" woofers replaced the stock K22s. The whole speaker sound amazing. It digs deep and is more relaxed and coherent than a Heresy. Comes with Orig grills which are in great shape and Original Badges. I have $1120 invested, Asking $1100. Shipping is not an issue. Justin 323-868-9722
  4. Audiokarama Super Simple preLinear, Regulated power supply. This pre is super quite and board flat from almost DC to 100KHz. 4 inputs, 2 outputs with gain of 12 so its compatible with tube amps or SS power amps. Full size chassis, Alps pots. Exceptional build quality. (Yes built and tested by me :-) ).Built but never really used... cleaning time. Justin 323-868-9722
  5. The Iron is one of the most important aspects. MQ iron is well regarded... short list kind of stuff. GLWS.
  6. The rega is a great amp. I’d suggest some other ideas. I’m a tube guy. The easy tube choice is a Rogue chronos new. Can’t go wrong. A bit high but you can get used or shop for a deal. It’s a wonderful choice. If going more old school. A dynakitparts stereo35 as a power amp is a perfect selection. 17watts per Chanel. Tube power amp. It was considered the poor mans mcintosh. You can buy the kit and build it. There is a ton of support or have it built. The Stereo 35 is my fav amp from outside companies. I’d then get an Oppo Sonica dac. It has a line in. It had a remote control option if you need. It will stream music from tidal or Spotify without the computer. And if you then want a phono. Go get the shit phono stage for a $100. The Oppo has a line stage input. Last option is the schiit stack. Get the schiit pre that fits your needs. Then get the schiit vador. More than enough power. Still with separates. Totally amazing. All three choices are US made and worthy of pride.
  7. John similar idea to what your shared... I thought they sounded better than stock. Dave made the mount for them and did the wiring. I used as a backup for a while and enjoyed. I can try to post a close up tonight.
  8. Selling off my unused Sub amps. 1000watt monoblcok sub amps with built in crossovers. Im selling off 2 units. Smoke free house. Lightly used. $200 each $30-40 shipping per. Justin 323-868-9722 justinweber@hotmail.com Dayton Audio's SA1000 mono subwoofer amplifier provides nearly a kilowatt of clean, solid power to your home theater or music playback system. The amp's convenient freestanding or rack-mountable configurations make it an ideal partner for high-performance subwoofer speaker systems. Patented tracking down-converter power supply for high efficiency Class-AB output stage for clean, controlled amplification Low frequency parametric EQ allows you to boost or cut to custom-tailor the sound Sophisticated soft clip circuitry improves headroom and protects woofers Manual, auto, or triggered on/off for integration into any automated system Switchable subsonic and bass boost filters High pass output for looping signal back into distributed audio systems Specifications: • Rated power output (0.92% THD): 497 watts into 8 ohms, 950 watts into 4 ohms • Signal to noise ratio: 98 dB A-weighted • Efficiency: 86% • Input impedance: 12K ohms • Subsonic filter: -3 dB @ 18 Hz, Q=0.8 • Bass boost: +3 dB @ 25 Hz, Q=1.4 • High pass output: -3 dB @ 80 Hz, 12 dB/octave • Low pass adjustment: 30-200 Hz • Phase adjustment: 0°–180° • Parametric EQ frequency: 18–80 Hz • Bandwidth: 0.1–1.0 Q • Level: -14.5 dB to +6 dB • Dimensions: 17-1/2" W x 4" H x 13" D (tabletop configuration) •
  9. MA2275 :-). My not a fan of CJ but love Mcintosh gear. Better built in my opinion.
  10. Done by Dave H. a few years ago. Trying the multicap idea out. Sound fantastic. $100 pair. $20 shipping Justin 323-868-9722 justinsweber@hotmail.com
  11. Selling unused parts. Have 2 K401 horns. Used in Khorn/LaScala 400hz horn. $150 for pair. $30 shipping. justinsweber@hotmail.com 323-868-9722
  12. Where do you live? Close to LA? If so I can look at it. Criag of NOS valves could too if he is closer. Either way, we can pop the top and figure out whats going on.
  13. I can’t comment on Bobs woofer, except to say it’s very very well regarded. I’d say that looking at the Eminence 15c for simulations may help. In my experience the cabinet is too large. Shrinking the cab from ~6.5fu to 5.8cu should yield a faster, less flabby bass. I have never changed the ports dramatically. If I recall it’s 50sq in? moving the woofer up in cabinet may change things a bit (less baffle reinforcement?) but then again it might improve mid bass for you.
  14. K69 were made by P.audio. If now made by B&C that’s great. B&C makes nice stuff.
  15. Thats great info. Does Klipsch still par the K402 with the K69? Is the K69 still a P.Audio? I heard there were some changes to the driver at one point?
  16. I’ve only heard a 402 as active. I do know they are some anomalies hat are addressed in EQing. The pro guys could answer... I wouldn’t know. I’m a passive guy. I like not having active and the polars on the eliptrac don’t require eq. Does JWC or DrWho have their old measurements? Subjectively, was the K402 a bigger sound, Yes! was the eliptrac a perfectly balanced sound, yes I thought so. More so then when used in my own cornscalas based projects. The Eliptrac was monsteriously large in my room. I’m sure in larger rooms the k402 would have been a better choice. Perhaps a Jub bass bin and K510 vs Jub bass bin and eliptrac would be a better compairiaon?
  17. I’ve heard both. I have my own thoughts but let’s get some measurements. ;-). The 402 may sound bigger but the 402 needs Eq.
  18. I didn’t initially. Didn’t think an issue. I described them as such in the narrative. Took them on as a rehab project. Although the IP for the Jub bass bin is not protected, I am not and was not trying to infringe. I do think these modifications are pretty amazing and helped to complete my speaker. ALK now offers are redone/ revisited Jub ESN. The HF extension is pretty remarkable with it. Maybe someone with real Jubs will pair them up and we can hear it matted to the big 402 horn. I’d love to see the polars for both overplayed. That would be fun. I suspect the eliptrac wins on Hf ext with the passive nexteork.
  19. Price drop $3300. Firm at that number. But think it’s an insane deal.
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