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  1. Selling my matched ALK ESN 500hz and ESN5800hz crossovers. With these you have perhaps the finest crossovers made. Run as 2way or 3way. Al has a switch you can add to make the switch on the fly. Currently $1340 for the pair plus shipping. Asking $1000. Approx 11mo old. Headed toward some Jubs so they get to find a new home. These are separately boxed. Not keen on separating but may consider. Justin 323-868-9722
  2. Dave. No worries. I was just saying I chimed in with my 2 cents. Prob no need to recount it. Regarding cab size. 5.8-6.2 cu ft. Most stay true to the 2dt cubed. When I have shrunk the cab a bit I have found the 15C woofer to be more responsive/tighter bass. Re bass. The LS bass is fast, tight and large but lacks the visceral response the CW has, at least to me. The CW in practical terms goes ~15hz deeper. As the LS begins to die at 60hz and the CW at 45hz. As Dave is a wiz in CAD I'd also suggest building an Edgar horn/ get a fastrac horn and put in all into 1 cab the size of a Cornwall. You'll have a speaker significantly smaller than a LS with deeper bass.
  3. I already tossed my 2cenrs in via phone call but hopefully others will chime in. The crossover I suggested was the ALK cornscalawal and the tweeter is the eminence asd1001 thread on with a few sugestions on abs tweeter horn lens.
  4. Not hard. No compound cuts. But recognize the level of workmanship that goes into them.
  5. Don't. Know. Still a klipsch product. I got mine as a bit of a fluke. Klipsch sell just the bass bins. Add your fav horn and you're good.
  6. Jubs are supposed to be a realitivily easy to build. I licked oknto my pair.
  7. I traded for mine. I was looking for used and got offered a great deal. That said, I didn't want the look of a Sci project. I wanted something complete. The tophat is an eliptrac400/faital Hf200 and ALK ES500 made for the Jubs. I'm hoping for something remarkable.
  8. It's a bump for sale. But also the newest project. Jubs with new top hat.
  9. Yes. I have some Jub bass bin clones. Building a top hat and including the new ESN500 network ALK made for it. Should be awesome. If you look on my instagram there are pics.
  10. potobucket became unable with the ads and now wants crazy money to access pics. Im done using them.
  11. sure have... deleting the pics to make room...
  12. need help posting some pics... photo buck wants money now
  13. BTW. I can send you some pics of my JUB porject.... The bin are fully rebuilt. New wire loom. Im in the process of building the tophat to hold the Eliptrac 400/Faital HF200 ES500 (Jub Speciifc) combo... Cant wait to try it out.
  14. Schu... I cant see to get my pics to post here correctly. Can I email them to you? PM your email if you can help. The Caps are the large Wimma MKPcaps I liek to use... Very neutral cap IMHO.
  15. Dynaco MKIV 40watt mono-block tube amps. All new parts, pretty amazing. Iron is from Transcendar. These were begun as kits from Dynakitparts, New SS chassis and power coated cages. All hardware was replaced with black oxide for the transformers and nickel for the chassis. Power supply cap is upgraded. All transformers are new and wound to same specs as Dynaco Originals. Modern manufacturing techniques resulting in outputs that are more resistant to core saturation and have wider bandwidth. The frontend it handled by DIYtube posiden PCB with AC bal removed for simplicity. All resistors are high tolerance and coupling caps are Wimma. Sockets are Micanol nos providing exceptional grip. Amp is 2years old and is flawless. Amps were professional wired using Teflon wire and fully bench tested. Specs: Noise is 800uV 1.2V to full power. Bandwidth @ 1watt is 12hz to 38Khz. Sustained RMS is 37watts These amps are incredibly quick, wide bandwidth and bass signature that sounds larger than you’d expect for 37watts. Tubes: are JJ 12AX7, Tungsram E80CC, Japanese GZ34 (Mullard tooling), JJ 6CA7 tubes. All tubes are new, less than 100hrs on them. Justin 323-868-9722 I did these and they are incredible examples.... Love the classic looks and great sound. Happy to email pics to interested parties.
  16. Better USB is subjective. The Belden 6ft from amazon is a great cable and less then $20 delivered.
  17. For me amarra hifi is a no brainer. Audionirvana and amara 4 are both great products. Amarra 4 does away with iTunes all together... lets you stream from tidal and play hi res files. Amarra 4 has room correction too. The prettiest of the bunch is Room but is serious money. Itunes and hifi+ is really hard to beat... hifi plus will only play files iTunes recognizes... so if you download FLAC... just convert them to AIFF and import to iTunes.
  18. yes... run sonic studios HiFi + ~ $50.... Itunes is the issue. It limits the bandwidth. You need software to bypass the codec and allow hi res music.
  19. Yes to both questions. The Elpitrac 400 will require cutting. Dave makes a template you use. You then slide the Eliptrac 400 in and pair with B&C DE85.... fit perfectly. The Sound is pretty amazing.
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