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  1. Not "stuck" per say, but we've still got a few DVD's that we occasionally rotate through. As was said, some titles (like good documentaries and such) simply aren't available outside of DVD or even VHS for that matter. We have a healthy collection of Blu-Ray, and from what I gather recently we're supposedly Luddites in the face of the streaming/cloud era. DVD was/is plenty for a TV sized less than 50". If you don't believe me, just find an 'ol SUPERBIT formatted copy and A/B that directly against Blu-Ray. The real upgrade for BR for me was the loss-less audio....which the execs quickly F**k'd up by sending everything off to DTS for re-mastering. The real audio treasures of today are the discs encoded in Dolby True / ATMOS.
  2. Nice try, but it still looks like suspiciously like 1440x900 on my end. Even the 8K stuff. We're holding out for the Panasonic OLEDs. Hands down. Pretty ballsy when the Japanese can confidently tell the manufacturer of the panel (LG) that they can drive it better than they can. Didn't figure it'd be more than 5 years past our original mark though.....stupid curved screens and all. Been waiting 20 years for this.
  3. I've got both my 103's (bedroom and living room) set to query automatically for the latest firmware updates, but I'll try it out manually and see if they discover anything. Dunno, I don't see how it's possible, but maybe it's my internet connection? One thing is for sure is that it's definitely the loading of the ads causing the problems. I can play a string of videos without commercials all day long, but as soon as the player has to load an advertisement, the unit(s) tend to flake out. Last resort I suppose would be a Fire Stick/Roku or the like, but it's just one more dongle hanging off my gear.
  4. The acoustic length is 53.75 cm
  5. Wouldn't you know it. The day after I post this and You Tube updates their player software again....I gather to delineate between their new YouTube "Red" pay-per-view service. Although it crashes less now...we still get the occasional lock up, but at least we can usually exit out of the app without having to reboot the entire player. For now. I really feel for the people that actually pay for the Red only to be suffering the same woes. Ridiculous. I can't wait for artificial intelligence to be employed at writing it's own optimized code. Maybe at that point, we'll actually realize just how fast the computers of today really are, instead of the confounded mess most computer-idiots currently program them to be. </rant>
  6. More gain available at an analog power amp stage is fine so long as the resultant noise floor remains below your audible threshold. It is all too easy to strap into too much power however, and have the system hissing at you all the time....even on the quiet stuff. In the analog world, that's the trade-off for headroom in the majority of cases.
  7. How many times per day do you have to reboot your player because the YouTube app (Opera) locks up? I consistently average about five videos before the advertisements end up crashing everything...rendering a $400 blu-ray player useless until I forcefully reboot. I draw the line at three times if I'm really in the mood to watch something. Lately, I've gotten to the point where if it crashes even once, well then F**k it, I simply turn it off and do something else. Not exactly good money considering. Anyone else with similar issues?
  8. The old man wrote about this. It's not a race to strap into as much power as possible. In HT, almost all the power gets routed to the sub. That's smart money. That's also where the majority of time researching proper equipment selection and setup (types, room interaction, crossover/filter theory) should be spent. Not all of it of course, but in large part. It really pays to try to understand how the equipment can be made to fight itself or work together in concert. Advanced DSP and digital signal routing are also a wild card here. These features can easily make or break a system...often times with a simple push of a button. Not all AVRs are created equal, and not all power amps are silver bullets simply because they are discrete. As was said before, with HT it's about obtaining synergy.
  9. Tripp Lite IS1800HG isolation transformer
  10. Good choice sticking with the acrylic. I'd have avoided the Gorilla Glue recommendation (a polyurethane) which exhibits relatively poor adhesion to metals/very smooth surfaces.
  11. 220hz... just a touch over where I have the high pass set. It also explains why I've never blown a tweeter either. Suffice to say, brief exploration into the single digit territory usually warrants a change of underwear.
  12. 0.75V on the La Scala L&R channels 4V across the subwoofer No surprise there really. In the past I could never tap out my previous AVR's either, much less the incredibly stout Pioneer. Even our pair of, relatively more thirsty, CAT40's required less than 2V to drive an entire block party.
  13. Trick question. The real one should be..."Did anyone legitimately know about bitcoin 7 years ago??" I wouldn't get my panties in a wad over missing this boat. An account can live or die by FOREX....of any type.
  14. Not with per say, but as, yes I have in the past. Easy to do and quite convincing so long as, like Carl mentioned, everything is on center. See the video below of my old arrangement. You can hear the dialogue clearly, even through headphones, as if there is a center channel and that it's all projecting from the TV screen (very pronounced as I rotate the camera away from the TV). The trick is to get your screen positioned where the sound is, ie parked evenly between the pair. It works exceptionally well for the interim, but a legitimate center speaker will yield clearer sound. Particularly when a movie sound track gets very busy.
  15. Where streaming is concerned, I doubt that, based on the nature of its consumers which can be thought of analogous to radio listeners. Where in fact people that tune into FM have no involvement beyond the purchase, or benign use, of a radio receiver. Aside from a tuner, they pay nothing to listen, an the musicians receive nothing. The majority of that material was/is promotional. The whole thing is in reality a gravy train for advertising revenue. People that stream at least have to, at a minimum, burden the cost of the network/technology they're tapping into....yet still have to endure ads. Direct to market is where the real money is at for artist. Ronald Jenkees, Derek Smith (Pretty Lights), and Tipper among several others for example whose careers exploded due to likes of Sound Cloud and Band Camp which cut out almost everything in middle. Once again, so long as the technology is in place.
  16. Connecting dots that aren't there, really. MCACC software allows the owner to actually see what their system is doing, before and after. Has auto settings sure, but can also accommodate adjustment once the data has been analyzed. All, without requiring the use of a stand-alone computer. Make of it what you will. Some people can run with it. For others, the features gather dust. Anytime DSP is involved, the potential exists for the sound to fall to either extreme, good or bad. It's all in the hands of the operator.
  17. 410A here. Between $4-$8 / lb wholesale.
  18. We haven't had A/C since the end of last month. 10 year old evaporator coils rotted out to the point of expelling nearly all the refrigerant for a 3 ton system. Amazing really. Top of the coil pack looks mint (no dust even) whereas the bottom inch looks like it was sitting in battery acid. A brief warm spell into the 90's last month and we noticed the compressor kicking offline due to a pressure fault. Oh well. Techs finally have the replacement part and will be in next week to perform the repair. Thankfully we can "handle" 82 in the house, but I don't like tempting fate with our pantry.
  19. Interested party here. PM sent.
  20. Start with the mechanical fixes (tune-up) first: 1. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/143229-my-newold-pair-of-la-scala/&do=findComment&comment=1634397 then 2. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/143229-my-newold-pair-of-la-scala/&do=findComment&comment=1634400 which dovetails into my write-up here: 3. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/130970-is-it-the-al-3-or-the-squakers/& (suggest reading all my posts and watching the videos near the end)
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