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  1. I have a pair. I will recommend you do not use the Ti diaphragms unless yours have failed and OEM is unavailable. Use quality film and foil caps (expect $$$). I used Solen metalized caps and find there is a subtle harshness or edginess to higher tones. It took a while to notice, but now I don't like the effect. You might find the metalized caps can be used in place of the woofer EQ cap to save money with little impact to sound quality. That room has my H IVs so the KG2s aren't used much and I have little motivation to change them.
  2. Look at the edge plys on the back for the serial number stamped into the cabinets. Listen to them for a while, before changing anything. I had one late '60s H700 (a '67 and a '68, I think) that needed new capicitors because it sounded a little dull and recessed and another one that did not. If you have no rubbing, buzzing, or ringing from any driver, they are good and need only to play music until they can't.
  3. Memory is a ethereal thing, but I recall that the K-400, on a baffle, had an fc of 273 Hz. I also thought the *length* of the horn controlled its fc and the mouth area determined the response ripples it had (or didn't). I seem the remember the La Scala bass horn had an fc of about 70 Hz and acted more like a woofer in a corner from 70 to 55 Hz or so.
  4. With 2 sources, he's getting an additional 6 dB. So, he was clearing 96 dB on those peaks. That's actually quite loud.
  5. Weird. Built in halves and bolted together. Wente stated horns with large mouths became directional. Is that true?
  6. I LOVE that song! But, Van Hagar is never gonna be as good as the originals.
  7. My Heresy IVs are not bright at all in my room. They even tend to be dark. I contend they do not *need* a subwoofer as only the low E and F of the bass is down from the rest, but not so much that you would think it was a deficiency instead of being recorded that way. You will miss the lowest notes of of a 5-string, but those are rare outside Jazz. I recommend you look at any of the Reference Premier Subs.
  8. Hey Gil! Good to see you posting again. Musta worked out the computer issues. Do you like tablets? Sometimes they are easier, but typing is slower, one or 2 fingers. But I love the pinch/zoom.
  9. I had that amp and, I think, a KT-5300 tuner in college. It was a nice piece of kit.
  10. Use a high quality Film and foil cap. Some of the best are made with copper foil. I am partial to the long out of production Hovland Musicaps.
  11. Connect them to a source like a preamp or disc player. If they still buzz, return them.
  12. "K" means 1972. We would have to see the label on the back or the insides to say more. "WO" means Walnut Oil and "12" means a 12-inch woofer, but almost all Heresy have that. They may well have all AlNiCo drivers. Some people think that makes them sound better. Take 'em home wipe them off with a a barely damp cloth and later rub them down with a little lemon oil and enjoy! You amp should produce between 10 and 75 watts, RMS. They won't need much.
  13. The woofer is not AlNiCo, but is likely original. Unless they sound recessed, polite, or dull and all the drivers work they need no restoration. You might rub a little lemon oil on the veneer.
  14. Nope. Crites is reselling John Allen's A-55G. Mr. Allen spent a small fortune improving, slightly, the 2-piece phase plug PD-5VH. Apparently, Mr. Allen did sell his T-35 to Klipsch as a K-77-F.
  15. Yes, Mr. Allen is a friend to Klipsch and each has helped the other. I met THE John Allen at a pilgrimage. Nice bloke, indeed.
  16. There is no such thing as "underpowering" speakers. Once the sound quality and distortion of the amp is good enough, it is only a matter of, "Is it loud enough?" If you can achieve the loudness of the live music you like (say 105 dB for an orchestra), you're good.
  17. There will probably be a driver or software setting that will make it so. I doubt every/any digital stream running through the computer is supplied to any usb port all the time.
  18. Call Cory at Paducah Home Theater. Something of a drive from CAT country, but doable.
  19. OK, the best I can find about the Pyle LW1540 looks like they would make a horn woofer. That should not be a surprise to you who knew Gil built speakers. Brand Model X Vas Qts Fs Sens Pmax Xmax Production MMS Qes Pyle LW1540 41 306.4 0.6516 29 92 150 7.6 Discontinued .10084 .7 0
  20. Every pro audio shop can get and install one.
  21. At least 40 hours of Dub-step with the bass knob at full boost; doesn't have to be loud. Just shut the door and go have dinner and a movie. Then, I'd look for "Unforgettable" by Natalie Cole and "The Book of Secrets" by Loreena McKennitt and listen for all the cool nuances.
  22. Hi W & T! I could not find any data about the Pyle woofers using the number in the pics. Do you have any other model info?
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