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    the Lions coach and players have not been fined by the NFL
  2. 1 inch MDF panels all around is more than enough to eliminate any remote possibility of resonance from an AL-5 wood cabinet , this thread is about a bad recording with noise the OP 's issue has nothing to do with the cabinet of the AL-5 ......0
  3. 1 inch MDF with the AL-5 = 0 resonance , klipsch can back it up 100% , no BS - if you have a lousy room or a lousy recording , dont blame the LS-AL-5 -LSI , blame yourself for using a crappy sound track in a lousy room using top of the line klipsch speakers
  4. you're right , I checked online , the K-401 horns are showing : Qty In Stock:Out of stock
  5. surprise for you , the old parts were better quality than the aftermarkets you purchased , oooops
  6. unscrew the bolts from the horn assembly , remove the horn , gently separate the magnet from the diaphragm . clean the VC gap , retest .
  7. OO1


    cant wait for the next football game with the Lions and the Cowboys .
  8. klipsch parts sell the K-401
  9. OO1


    can the Cowboys win a SB against the best team in the NFL ? no
  10. good to know , replace with a 0.50A Polyswitch
  11. klipsch speakers can use any Amplifier Class ,whether Class A , A/B , D , Digital amps , and even Crown's I Class amplifiers , higher damping factor and low distortion are always preferable
  12. Jensen is owned by Radial since 2014 , just sayin
  13. these subs are 20 years old , value is 100$ , mostly for parts , a brand new 400 watts R-12SW costs 200$ https://www.klipsch.com/products/r-12sw
  14. OO1


    Blowback from the Lions -Cowboys NFL scandal , NFL referee Brad Allen's crew to be downgraded ahead of the playoffs , betting money talks and BS walks https://www.foxnews.com/sports/nfl-officiating-crew-controversial-lions-cowboys-game-may-be-downgraded-ahead-playoffs-report
  15. 1973 Vertical Cornwall , the cabinets deserve a full restoration
  16. check the 2nd speaker's crossover , you should be able to read some values on the good Polyswitch , a 0.50A Polyswitch should work
  17. OO1


    the Browns are in the playoffs
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