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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/234694162211?hash=item36a4dcb723:g:O7cAAOSwqMpjILE6&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAABEB43oowYWUf9351%2B9Og2Bjhlk9Qj5Eq4%2F%2FjaRfDr%2FLiDP1bsKhrZgHpHiWWp275YN79DUBJ%2BYUsuWihYm8iDSnnRKjXDGXjKS4sD6%2Fb%2FT6nCsg192f%2FUflB6iLUpBI5LjrFBUfLPPI4iqveBxVJw73mTC7ojxziby1FX4an%2B1npp3xx%2F9rFYQy7e7BT6wTxN1QuNeoFd7o5qSTop2Qh4V2Y8pDmGIDAqjYuDTA%2B3rWc7cZfeGPpLQG4qnkFwbp%2BrExPO1pOKBW4g0zB2NY1P4VBX3tmWsDulnJIPHqx%2ByKVs5PkctIQ410t%2Bymb6DVNcZSGi%2B%2F4G8G4KU4DLaR7MQSujiADRa10bG1BSQagZsaXB|tkp%3ABk9SR4y7zKSRYw
  2. you can always buy a set of Heresy of any generation and use them in conjunction with the CW 3 , that would be the ideal setup for better vocals , there is no need to replace the CW 3 , but only to supplement it with better sound
  3. you cant compare a Cornwall with a Heresy , these are 2 different speakers , the Heresy is hands down the best speaker for Vocals , period , because it's a Studio Monitor style speaker for crisp and detailed HF .
  4. Definitely , the 3 way Heresy is a phenomenal speaker.....any generation
  5. buy another used nHK AVR with a trigger port.
  6. we need pictures of the labels at the back of your klipsch speakers
  7. definitely , the Cornwall IV has the same midrange driver as the Heresy IV + the advantage of a much larger midrange horn , here's a video showing the CW IV going head to head with the JBL 4367 Studio monitors worth 3 x the price
  8. the Cornwall III is pretty close to a Heresy III as both speakers share the same HF drivers and horns , but the Heresy IV has a superior and much larger Midrange driver , meaning the Heresy IV will be superior in terms of vocals versus a Cornwall 3 .
  9. the fact that the AL-5 is heavy does not preclude that the testing and measurement methods are not to be compromised , the Author should have used a stand as a strict minimum , or the results are flawed " couldn't lift the La Scala off the floor onto a stand " now that's just too bad , either you do it right or your published results are inaccurate and worthless , because had the Author used a stand , the results would have been very different .
  10. the Stereophile review is full of errors https://www.stereophile.com/content/klipsch-la-scala-al5-loudspeaker-measurements and I quote " I found three fairly strong resonant modes on the sides of the bass bin (fig.2). The highest was at 125Hz. Usually when I measure a loudspeaker's farfield behavior, I raise it as far as possible off the ground. Fig.5 Klipsch La Scala, Note that I didn't connect the woofer for this measurement, as its output was corrupted by the reflections from the floor " , Stereophile were taking critical measurements of the Lascala in a not-so-perfect environment for such measurements, all the tests and measurements are therefore flawed , the Lascala cabinet should have been stabilized firmly to the surface of the floor before any measurements could be done , otherwise the results are simply not accurate or representative of the speaker's true resonance results .
  11. OO1


    Eagles Jalen Hurts signs a 5-year contract worth $255 million 49 ers Brock Purdy signs a 4 year, $3,737,008 extension , now that's a bad contract
  12. your 9 channel amplifier is only 100 wpc , I would seek at minimum a 200 wpc , 9 channel amp , the 2x more powerful amp will add 3dB but most important , it will give you headroom for lower distortion levels
  13. discussions about Aftermarket horns are no longer allowed on the klipsch Forum
  14. the LS II and AL-5 bass bins have 0 resonance , I would defy anyone on the Klipsch Forum to prove the contrary with real data , all this crap about Lascala resonance is pure BS from the Korner Audiokarma gang who's sole purpose is to denigrate klipsch Products .
  15. the Mark Levinson 5805 is a great quality amp for the klipsch CW IV speakers , I think you'll do very well with this combo
  16. you can verify whether the woofer screws in your speakers are screwed tight .....remove the lower woofer access panel , and check the K-33 screws 1 by 1 , woofer screws that are slightly loose can cause a vibration or resonance when playing music , I'm not saying it is the problem , but it's worth checking .
  17. if you ever want more out of your speakers , you can upgrade your Forte III to the Forte IV , by purchasing a kit from klipsch https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/articles/10919293829780-Forte-IV-upgrade-kit-instructions-
  18. Crown-BGW amps suit the MCM-1900 very well
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