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  1. dont update anything unless you're having real issues , if you're having problems contact klipsch
  2. I was thinking of the R115-SW , 20 years old is impressive , stop using the unit rather risking more damage , it's time to service the amplifier
  3. they dont have to be at the 4 furthest corners , you can bring em in closer into the shop , but placed higher up , say 8 feet with the 4 stacks facing each other at an angle for the sound to bounce lower rather than into the rafters
  4. He purchased a set of Alnico K-77 last Friday
  5. the serial number is usually stamped on the outside of the rear top panel of the speaker at the center , the stamping process stopped in the early to mid 80's ,
  6. your subwoofer amplifier may be overheating or you sustained a transient /surge , let the unit cool , take out the power cord ,
  7. easy enough , 1st step , measure the dust cap , these are sold in various sizes ....Amazon , Ebay , Parts express https://www.amazon.com/s?k=dust+caps+for+speakers&i=electronics&crid=SU2GAZMD31B3&sprefix=dust+caps+for+spea%2Celectronics%2C131&ref=nb_sb_ss_fb_1_18
  8. you have too many subs and not enough speakers , 4 stacks of 3 speakers at the 4 corners ,can work ,,,,,,,, 1 KP 1000 or KP 4000 + KP -3002 +KP 250 or KP 2002
  9. great shape .......hope they sell quick
  10. OO1

    Klipsch sub

    the subwoofers were replaced with Peavey units , audition before buying
  11. our residential area is on poles
  12. there are no visible electricity wires or poles or I'm blind
  13. I would think a single RP -1200 -SW would be a good fit , but so would the R-120SW 249$
  14. now , we know that new power supplies can last at least 2 years
  15. it's also a more powerful / powered sub with 2x12 inch drivers , a recent photo showed the LX sub with a BGW VX 880 lurking at the back .Power Output 900 W/ch @ 8Ω, 1500 W/ch @ 4Ω
  16. your pet seems to favor the Forte , here he is lying flat asleep next to the speaker playing music
  17. the PZM is powered by either 12-48 V phantom power or 1,5V battery power
  18. how much do you want to spend , new or used ...
  19. same set of speakers on Audiogon , https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisb7722-klipsch-rf-7-ii-limited-edition-walnut-full-range
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