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  1. The new PD5 IS the K-55-X, they are the same driver. Though the current driver has soldered terminals, it has a single phase plug and is identical to the original driver with the spring loaded terminals. Many are now assuming that since the new driver has the soldered lugs, that it is the same design as the driver that saw very limited use in the early 80s - it is not. The dual phase plug version of the K-55-V was quickly replaced by the EV K-55-M, which is basically the same driver from a performance perspective. I don't know how long Klipsch used the dual phase plug Atlas PD5-VH/K-55-V, but it wasn't long - maybe even only a year.The K-400 (as well as the 600 & 700) collapse the verticals and provide enough "squeeze" to get the response up to 5.8kHz. There is a sharp drop in response that begins a little after 4kHz, before quickly recovering and then rapidly climbing back up to nearly 6kHz. When Klipsch released the dual phase plug version, PK didn't think the improvement in performance would be noticed by most. I can hear it, but it's subtle. People saying that better performance can be had by dropping the crossover point are over simplifying things a bit, and are forgetting that though PK had numerous opportunities to do this, he didn't. There is also a vast difference between a first order midrange filter that uses an autoformer and what Klipsch is currently doing -- a lower crossover point using steep filters with NO autoformer for the purpose of getting better phase behavior and producing better polar response. Changing a capacitor value and adding a coil doesn't do either of those things, in fact, the phase response gets worse, and the sonic signature is now dominated by the tweeter instead of the midrange, at least, that's what I hear. I stand corrected as that was my assumption that the soldered pins terminals were the dual phase plug - out of 10 k55V I own -the best K55V is from the sixties , the serial number is under 3000 - push pin -
  2. there are 3 metal horns for the k700 - 1) The early k700 with very- very thick castings like these -4 screwholes http://www.ebay.com/itm/FIRST-GENERATION-Klipsch-K-700-horns-3-TIMES-THICKER-HEAVIER-no-RING-distortion-/291296247331?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43d29bfe23 2) the second series k700 with thinner castings - 4 screwholes as well - http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-KLIPSCH-K-700-METAL-MIDRANGE-HORNS-PAIR-HERESY-SPEAKERS-K55-ATLAS-K55V-/191506647575?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c96af8a17 3) the 3rd series k700 with thinner castings - 8 screwholes vs 4 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pair-of-VINTAGE-Klipsch-K-700-Thick-Metal-Midrange-Horns-for-Heresy-Cornwall-/181613432063?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item2a49010cff&nma=true&si=nR0StYDbxF5fyJfgVZE%252FesFGUzo%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  3. Yes he seems unstable. Imagine being neighbors with a guy like that? you would have to move
  4. Excellent work - and all the floors and walls are so straight -if you campare this to prefab trailers - there is no comparison-
  5. - same for all of us here - good luck
  6. just a guess - the fact that they would go to a good home is what seemed to be more important to the family , money was not the main issue -
  7. I think they are already sold
  8. OO1

    Alabama police brutality

    That's because everyone knows they can be ticketed/arrested for doing something they didn't even realize was illegal when they did it. Seriously we have way too many laws that can get you into trouble and most people don't even know what they are. I'm told often "ignorance is no excuse for the law." My reply is "please, start from the beginning and recite the code for me." It buggers me that you can be arrested for doing something illegal when you didn't know it was illegal. Then the prosecutor has to spend time looking up what law you broke, because HE doesn't even know. Yeah... I remember the last time I was stopped by a dad-burn police officer. It was in 1989. After leaving from a hospital visit I decided that I would take a route to my Dad's home passing thru the neighborhood that I was born and by the closed school where I had attended the 1st thru 3rd grades. The old school was about to be demolished after decades of standing unused and it was such a magnificent stone structure that I wanted to see it one last time. As I was driving along in a my wife's car, which I was unfamiliar with, and was approaching a traffic light I glanced down to adjust the air conditioning. As I looked up I saw the traffic light was red just as I went under it. Dang, that sounds like a siren behind me. Sure enough, as I looked in the rearview mirror I could see the blue lights a-flashin'. I was pretty pizzed as I pulled over to the curb. I decided that I would confront this sorry officer for daring to stop me. I mean after all, it was me. As I watched him approach my window I could see that he was a huge black guy. I rolled down the window and lit into him. Smiling I said, 'Hello Officer'. He asked for my license and registration. After checking my license he returned to my window and asked what I was doing in the area. WTF? I mean, I know that I didn't live in the area and even though the area was a high crime area that appeared to be the remains of a blackened earth plague type horror movie set, it was none of his business what I was doing there. I mean, I know that he wasn't concerned for my safety since he was a sorry-a$$ police officer. I related the above to him and he handed me back my papers an suggested that I drive carefully and watch those traffic signals. The guy was phucking with me. He was pulling off this sarcastic normal nice guy type act. But I knew better ! I mean, he had on that blue uniform ! He had to be the psychotic result of a incestuous February-December relationship. And since he was black he must be a racist too ! So you're right Dave, he showed up and I was pizzed. Keith the officer treated you with respect and gave you the benefit of the doubt , you were in a high crime area , and God Knows was they had happening in the zone , he took your papers to identify you to see if you had any priors for a stop sign , that is standard procedure in all the US of A - with no priors coming back from the dispatcher's registration and driver license check , the officer has the discretion to not enforce the red light ticket or give one - -, he let you go on a simple warning , what a nice police officer - very civil indeed , and does it matter whether he was white or black , after all we are all God's Children and color is only skin deep - -I like the polite southern people , every time I am in Alabama , I thank the Lord for seeing that even a poor man is worthy of my greetings as he does the same to me - come down to NY and see how the good manners are gone , you may then see the light -
  9. OO1

    picnic anyone

    snow all over , I cant use my swiming pool ,
  10. too small speakers - too much power - too little overall quality - time to buy a serious speaker and have fun -
  11. the C3 is made with MDF and razor thin veneers to cut costs - otherwise the CW3 is superior having seen all the series advances -the drivers are titanium and the woofer has been raised to give out a more defined bass -contrary to previous trends of a 600mhz horn , that new design included the k701 - 700 mhz horn of the Heresy 3 - it does clean up the sound better than a larger horn as the titanium drivers are suited for the smaller k701 horn , balance and overall sound quality were achieved - the crossover electronics can be replaced if you are tailoring the speaker to specific custom applications as it is not a part that can be improved so much -again , there are no shortcomings - a larger frontal midrange horn is the cornscala fad for a speaker using the lower woofer placement - it is going back to the older specs -you would be better off making a new cabinet rather than destroying the original -IMHO - the improvements that you can do yourself to little or no cost to the C3 are very important - more padding and insulation on the cabinet are needed everywhere as there were issues with resonance due to the woofer 's high placement and the concentration of sound to the last 23 inches - that would enrich the bass , and more so the midrange from bouncing all over -padding foam found in computer server boxes is the best and is identical to the material some sell as acoustic foam with very high prices -single sheets are needed for the sides , the top and rear panels - I recently modified a set of CW3 with foam and the job was done with very little glue as I wanted to go back had it not worked better -but the improvement just was so good that it is now permanent - the removal of the woofer and midrange are needed to be able to have access - sound insulation is expensive and the factory has obviously decided against these costs - had Klipsch used 1 inch MDF instead -that would not have caused any resonance issues in the C3 but increased the weight overall -
  12. strictly greed - the country does not want to help fund a universal health system as it entails that a public healthcare system could take some resources away that the private system takes for granted - -so as only a tax or an earning deduction or a corporate tax could fund this system , the government has not decided to allow public funding for healthcare - why , very simple , they are , themselves , covered by insurance , paid in full for life -why should they care - -now take away these benefits and they might just care -after all , they are sufficiently well paid that they could pay their own way - universal public health care is funded by the taxpayer -it is not free -it comes out from the taxes paid to the Government - in the modern world , as taxes are going up everywhere , countries with universal healthcare , are pulling slowly out of public healthcare as they want to tax just about everything else instead - -in the USA a Doctor earns 20-30 times more than a doctor in the UK -10 times more than in Canada -could you convince the Doctors to accept lower pay to work in a universal public system - in countries like Canada , universal healthcare is decreasing at an alarming rate as more doctors come on board with private care -as the public system is slower to treat the common emergencies due to a lack of new funds - a secondary private system is growing -fully financed - - in the USA , when a poor person needs care , the private system has no way of billing the individual as the government will not accept the charges -the government would have to start by negociating a billing structure with major hospitals - and build entirely new hospitals for the public healthcare funded by the taxpayer - -healthcare is a debate that always gets sidelined and forgotten during and after every election -it is sad to say that in the USA we do not care enough to actively ask for the Government to implement a public health care system - while we talk of everything else - abortion-civil rights , marriage rights ,, gun rights , etc ,
  13. including the scratches on the records -I guess -
  14. the speakers are very up to date but 4500$ can buy you a really nice set of Khorns which are most definitely better sounding than a Belle IMHO
  15. in the interim , the poor have no relief , inequalities are the norm - we , have come full circle back to the emergence of the nation , and the creation of a new class of people -
  16. the khorns you see in piano black is an absolute super well made job - it is not cheap - this kind of work is about a 1500$ for sure , as it is very labour intensive - you have to prep to absolute perfection - then paint and sand several times in between each step until you reach this result - the economical way to do this is to paint the top only in piano black , but the rest of the cab in mat black all around and do the front of the cab in a dark veneer with a glossy acrylic clear coat - about 750$ -
  17. But if an authorized dealer still had inventory and sold them within the last five years, they should still have the 5 year warranty that is right on -
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