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  1. these are not suitable for a CW or a CWll the crossover frequency of the CW3 network is too high, it has been designed for a K701 horn(as used in the Heresy)and not the larger and lower frequency K600/K601 horns used the the prior Cornwall designs. These networks are only suitable if someone wanted to build a Cornwall 3. I cannot imagine anyone building up a Cornwall from scratch and using a K701 mid horn as that is a definite downgrade from the K601. These days people are opting for larger and better horns than the K601 not smaller horns. Best regards Moray James. hi morey - why did klipsch switch to the k701 Versus a k601 in the CW3 - does the K701 have any advantages sound wise and has the use of the k701 improve the sound in the CW3 versus the CW2 - or is it the same overall - if I am not wrong the CW3 shares the mids and tweeters of the H3 -
  2. what are you waiting for - plug them in -these must sound fantastic -
  3. one hell of a small movie theatre for single 15 inch speakers - twin 15 inch cabinets would sound more appropriate -
  4. one suggestion is the klipsch k28 - 4 ohms woofer from the H3 - it is a phenomenal woofer versus the k24 and definitely better at delivering bass -
  5. thanks Sancho - while Heresy 1 and 2 use 8ohms woofers - cornwall 1-2-3 as well as lascala-belle-khorn and Heresy 3 carry 4ohms woofers - the difference is a more responsive woofer that delivers more bass - I c
  6. did you know that klipsch has the k401 at a really cheap price - cheaper than used on ebay - my advise is to call them - you never know
  7. hy Morey - I think PWK had the same idea when he designed the Jubilee -
  8. EV had the Patrician iV using the EV 18WK in a corner Horn. http://electrovoice.com/downloadfile.php?f=Patrician%20IV%20DIY%20Manual.pdf The Patrician iV was essentially a licensed 18 inch KLIPSCH khorn , and pretty rare to boot - the 18 inch woofer added bass accuracy in larger rooms - in this case , larger is better while remaining efficient -
  9. Hi Morey - Electrovoice had the S-1803 EDS with an 18 inch woofer , the cabinet is wider and deeper than a Cornwall but just as high -200 watts rating - S-1803 EDS.pdf
  10. EV had the Patrician iV using the EV 18WK in a corner Horn. http://electrovoice.com/downloadfile.php?f=Patrician%20IV%20DIY%20Manual.pdf
  11. I am very interested in these crossovers -if Sancho does not take them , of course --pm sent -
  12. The woofers in all the heritage series apart of the Heresy 1-2 are 4 ohms - the Cornwall -Scala -Belle-Khorn and Heresy 3 are 4ohms - Here below is a thread that dealt with the K33 - and is very detailed as Bob Crites had added some technical info - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/148475-k-33-e-vs-k-33-b-specs-anybody-have-factory-measured-ts-data/
  13. they look just like a pair I own , I am not sure if you noticed but the speakers are very close to the floor and the aluminium trim will oxide as a result of being close to a humid floor - a clear coat will not stop any oxidation as the surface underneath is not coated - -for your info -most of these split Lascala pro speakers were not coated with a truck bedliner paint on the birch plywood veneered wood but rather fiberglassed at the factory for commercial applications - are the pocket handles KLIPSCH originals - small detail - otherwise - cool cabs -
  14. yep - they dont make cabs like this any more - by the way SCALAS look awesone with 2 inch risers
  15. by the way , how did you do with removing the black paint with paint thinner - did this work out fine =
  16. Hy Abe - this would be great and I am most definitely grateful - I would of course be willing to pay for all your expenses - kind Regards
  17. I am interested in your old crossovers if you get a new set - I can use them to restore a CW1 pair - tx
  18. thanks for the info - as the klipsch drivers are 4ohms if I am not mistaken -
  19. -the removal of the MP3 player cable damaged the diaphragms on the horns , -you mention that the power was up , so my guess is that when you removed the cable , the music program stopped as well and the amp was on full power resulting in a surge in power to the horns - that surge in power is sufficient to zap the horns for sure , the crossovers at this point delivered a power transient that was way off the power handling capabilities of the horns frying the voice coil of the horns - -you will have to open the horns and inspect the diaphragm for signs of damage - take a screwdriver - remove the screws - remove the wiring connectors -unscrew the screws holding the horn to the driver -remove the diaphragm - check for a smell of burned plastic - look at the voice coil windings for apparent damage -
  20. The HIP were made in 2 versions = the tweeter had the K77M square magnet - the mids -the K55V or K55M - in the woofer - there is the EVM12L musical instrument or the K42 from Eminence - -the KP 250 was an evolution of the HIP with twin ports at top instead of the lower one on the HIP -I prefer the HIP versus the KP250 - as the EVM12L , the K55V-M and the K77M combination is unbeatable and extremely expensive high quality components - -these are a ported Heresy cabinet versus all the home Heresy cabinets that are all non-ported - you are giving up bass but adding a lot more power handling - -the crossovers look like an AA for the scala with Zener diode tweeter protection for the precious K77M - updating the crossover to the late specs capacitors will give you an even better sound than the old caps ever did - as a matter of fact , the ESR readings of the old caps were way off even when new - -so for a win win situation- just ;like Mr Morey James said it earlier - upgrade the caps and enjoy the truly well built HIP -
  21. I am searching for Cornwall or heresy grilles including any bare frames and some fabric - tx
  22. tx for the info - but are these available in 4 ohms as well or only 8 ohms - BD15: top notch quality, deep bass in right Q box, reference upper bass, high efficiency, fast and devastatingly linear! I preferred it over CW1526©: absolutely Beyma 15LX60V2: deep bass, high efficiency, fast, pretty linear I preferred it over CW1526©: Yes Faital Pro 15PR-400: deep bass with good punch, highly efficient, build quality is superb. looks humble I preferred it over CW1526©: Yes
  23. point well taken , my goal was to build a cornscala with CP-1 front dimensions with the depth of a Cornwall 1 -I have a pair of CP-1 that are using an EV18 inch woofer with no issues for several years - the motorboard was cut for the 18 inch fit -these are not driven hard and are way better at delivering bass than a 15 inch CP-1 K44E - the time alignment of the woofer -mid and tweeter is fantastic to say the least - with no mods to the crossover as well - -bass is tight - mids are very detailed and the tweeters with Crites titanium diaphragms are very smooth - you can feel the punch in your chest and all the sound is there with great presence - -a hybrid of the CP-1 and Cornwall 1 is what I want to build and should be even better balanced - it would result in a slightly bigger bass reflex enclosure and could handle more power as well - TX
  24. By that , do you mean adding ports or venting or passive radiators etc -
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