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  1. A lot of nice production done with FLStudio, almost totally in the box.
  2. The big consoles have balanced circuits all the way through. It's also true that getting 90% of the way means MOST people wouldn't hear a difference in the end product. And you still need to have talent (musicians) for the final outcome. Unless you are doing techno... 🙄
  3. Forgot I had this for a while... Canadian built Godin LG P90. I got it used, only kept it a couple of years, but it is/was a beautiful guitar.
  4. I don't have any pic of the 615... 🙄
  5. @the real Duke Spinner Where you livin'? That would help us find what you need.
  6. The top is spruce, the back and sides are indian rosewood. The top was nearly white when I bought it, but has mellowed into a nice color over the past 47 or so years.
  7. The rapid test doesn't get a sample as far up the nose. The Nasopharyngeal test is more accurate as the sample gathering is with the LONG swab way up your nose. And the pcr test looks for the Covid rna material and is more accurate. I had a rapid test done at a quick clinic, and they took two swabs. When the first swab was negative, the second was sent off for the pcr. It also came back negative.
  8. I believe they said the reporting doesn't show as a new case when that happens
  9. The D-28 was indeed a great guitar. The Guild is the Jumbo body shape, with the round lower bout. It probably should have been listed at a JF model, but the label was an F body shape. I had to have the bridge re-glued in the mid '90s, and the guy who did the repair said the intonation was about as perfect as it gets. These pics are about 10 yrs old... I need to get better ones of it.
  10. That reminded me that I also had an Eko 12 string back in high school. It's an Italian brand, they still make guitars, but I haven't seen them in the US much.
  11. Are these R-41PM, the self powered model? If plugging in a turntable that has a preamp built in, make sure the speaker input is set to line and not phono. If set to phono, the input will be overdriven and the eq all wrong. Welcome to the forums!
  12. Glad you're feeling better. We've had family in the Philippines with it, one passed away. How are things with family in Peru?
  13. Naw, really gonna build JWC's minipunch front loaded horn design.
  14. @the real Duke Spinner https://reverb.com/news/bringing-back-guild-a-look-at-the-new-factory-and-the-builders-behind-it All about Guild's move to California
  15. Such a nice welcome back. I have his namesake modified Crown D-45.
  16. The D-28 went to my best friend, who sold it a few years ago to a Martin employee for $5k, and the D-18 went to my BIL. He still has it...
  17. Grrrrr... I typed for 30 minutes during lunch yesterday, listing what I've had over the years and my browser went pooof. I usually type in a local text editor and save it often, but alas, not this time. Starting in the mid '60s, I have had: Martin D-28 ('63) Martin 00-18 OMI Dobro Moseright Resonator Kalamazoo Oriole lap steel Gibson ES-125T Gibson ES-140 (Awesome guitar! 3/4 or so scale, with a deep body. Slightly smaller than a Les Paul but hollow body) Martin D-18 ('51) Guild F-30R ('74) Taylor 615 ('96 I think) Taylor 812C I only have the Guild, Taylor 812C and Kalamazoo left.
  18. I see the ubiquitous, crappy NS-10s and some Westlakes... I wish they would have told the cost of one of the consoles. Would have been interesting. I have a pdf of a great interview with Rupert Neve that I posted a long time ago. Really, really interesting.
  19. Company is in Tennessee, but that's not much different
  20. There weren't a lot of inexpensive acoustic guitars in the mid to late '60s. My mom had a Silvertone (maybe a Harmony) she picked up, that was just about perfect as far as construction and intonation, if not the greatest tone. She never played it, think she got it for me. Two friends of my brother started playing when I was a freshman in hs. They were jrs... I ended up with a Martin 00-18 (used), and it was a nice little guitar. About my jr year I found a Martin D-28 in a pawn shop for $350, I think it was made in '63. I later sold it to my best friend for the same price. He recently sold it to a CF Martin employee for $5k. I had a Regal tenor guitar along the way, and a Moseright resonator. Somewhere in there I got a Gibson J-45, that had that nice tight sound for rhythm work. I picked up a nice Gibson ES-125T, but is was stolen out of my car. While touring with some friends I found a Gibson ES-140 and original case for $100... That's one I wish I still had. Then I found a '51 Martin D-18, now in the hands of my BIL. Around 1974 I bought a new Guild D30 R, a nice small size Jumbo shape body in Spruce and Rosewood. Around the same time as that I picked up a Kalamazoo Oriole lap steel. In the mid '90s I bought a new Taylor 615 maple Jumbo, a delightful sound cannon, and then a used Taylor 812C. More recently I found a nice Godin SC but only kept it a few years. I may have forgotten something along the way (electric bass...), but that's pretty much it. I only have two acoustics and the lap steel now. I don't have pics for most of those past instruments...
  21. https://songbirdsfoundation.org/ oh yeah!
  22. Songbirds has restructured and I believe reopening. The also do shows there as well as the museum/collection.
  23. Stay home, Richard! We've had to get tests a lot over the last two years. You are fortunate that you can do some work from home. I worked from home for a little o er a week, but I'm in IT. Problem for me is a lot of my work is hands on fixing broken computers. There's only so much I could do by remoting into servers and desktops to do setup work and account creation.
  24. Duke and I have been talking about guitars in another thread... I asked Travis if he could declutter the thread and put the posts here so we, and others, could continue... Collecting guitars is like collecting speakers...
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