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  1. I am finishing Night School as we speak, then I will join you in having read them all as well.
  2. Hey Everyone I know first hand that Bill is a stand-up guy to deal with. No worries about the unit not being exactly as described. I purchased a pair of RB-5's from him in early December. Excellent transaction and excellent guy.
  3. Second that. I met up with Bill in early December. I had purchased a pair of his RB-5's for my Florida stay. Top notch guy and excellent speakers!
  4. Thanks for the link. I've never seen the Larue in stores around here.
  5. Can't wait to crack it open!
  6. Willand I am heading south to Florida for the winter on Dec. 1. I could pay you now and pick them up on the way to Bradenton?
  7. +1 on Buddy Holly. 22 years old. Hard to imagine what we missed out on. Not on the same level as some here, but Clarence Clemons. His sound was so unique. I was fortunate to attend his last show with the E Street Band in Buffalo Nov. 2009.
  8. If you saw him in 1978, supporting the Darkness on the Edge of Town album, you were very fortunate indeed. Those shows are legendary.
  9. Watched all 8 episodes this past weekend. A satisfying wrapup to an interesting series.
  10. I did buy the reissued CD box set. The remix is terrific, especially on the River, Greetings from Asbury Park and the Wild, Innocent and E Street Shuffle.
  11. They call them audibles and they occur several times during a show. Overall in the last 37 years, I have seen close to 100 shows. Nowhere near the total of some folks, but you have to give Springsteen credit, he brings it every damn night.
  12. I recommend the Outlaw. A bit over your budget. I've had mine for almost four years. It makes my Cornwall 2's sing very nicely.
  13. I am 56 with 33+ a little years of state service. I work for a large northeastern state and am the State Director of Program Integrity. Simply put, I am in charge of all the Welfare Fraud control programs for the state. As you may imagine, this is a never-ending job trying to stay ahead of the cheaters and fraudsters. My youngest is entering his Junior year in college and my joke is when he graduates in 2016, I graduate into retirement. I simply can't wait for that day to come.
  14. I understand he was a pioneer and all... but he just never did it for me
  15. Mark Knopfler Sarah McLachlan Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
  16. 1. Rush 2. The Grateful Dead 3. Lynyrd Skynyrd
  17. It's more of a soap opera these days because NBC made a conscious decision to program to the female audience, who especially for the winter games, is the primary audience. So you get all the touchy-feely type stories rather than just the sporting action.
  18. Crazy Janey Mary Barefoot girl sitting on the hood of a dodge...
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