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  1. Those ALK attenuators are nice, just keep in mind they're for 8 ohm loads only (like most tweeters we use anyway). ☺️
  2. I bought a couple pairs of these off Ebay to try. I really like Crites Ti diaphragms, but these are half the price at under 30 bucks a pair, and almost anything is better than the blah-sounding shiny poly diaphragms that came with my KLF30s. I've let them break in for a couple days, and I'm liking the sound! Keep in mind, I'm forced to use EQ in my poor room so I usually have to boost bass and treble on any speaker hooked up here. I haven't compared them directly to Crites Ti, but I probably will at some point since I found an extra set of Crites Ti in storage (yay!). For these who want to try an alternative, these are fun and fit perfectly. No affiliation. ☺️
  3. Highly underrated speaker. Pop some new Crites Ti diaphragms in there, do a quick recap, and they will fill a bedroom with great sound and surprising bass. ☺️
  4. I had CF4s V1, thought they were good but sold them since I already had Chorus 2s. I recently found and refurbed a pair of KLF 30 (later model with bracing and non vibrating panels), got rid of the stock poly tweeter diaphragms, and am really enjoying them. As much as the CF series is vaulted, I can see why the upper KLFs have some great things to offer. I like the 3-way design, tall sound stage that doesn't require speaker stands (those CF horns need to be raised up in my opinion), bi-ampable from the rear crossovers (choruses don't offer that) , and those higher end KLF woofers pack a lot of punch with good sized vented magnets. Again, nothing against CF4s, but I'm really enjoying the KLF30s and I'm sure the KLF20s are similar sounding. Long live the Legends! ☺️ Enjoy your new speakers.
  5. Killer receiver! Sounded great with my KLF30s and it will play LOUD with bass cranked up. Excellent tuner also. GLWS!
  6. I bought some KLF30s that didn't have the drivers installed. What size/type screws are used for the horns and woofers? Thanks! 🙂
  7. I just ordered a new 4.5" poly dust cap, along with new rubber surrounds from online vendors. It's nice to see that rubber surrounds are more widely available now, instead of just the foam type. I still may end up needing a new woofer, we shall see. Thanks for all the input! 🙂
  8. Great idea, thanks! All the woofers were removed so who knows what's working. I've got extra diaphragms fortunately.
  9. I got em! They're actually in a little better condition than expected. I'm gonna need a source for new woofer surrounds and a new plastic dust cap. Should be a fun project! Thanks for the heads up! 🙂
  10. Sweet! I'm a big fan of the HCA Parsound amps and Yamaha preamps. I use 750A, 1000A, and 2200ii. They're not overly bright, but detailed and open. I think the your setup would work great with the Chorus. Much better than an average AVR!
  11. These are killer speakers! The woofer is a beefed-up vented model. They will go low with the front facing passive, and sound amazing with Crites Ti diaphragms and a recap. They do use Heresy 2 crossovers, as I saw it printed on the circuit board during my recap. Great deal! You won't be disappointed, even if the cabinets aren't as sturdy as the old school Heritage models. GLWS!
  12. Gotta like those KG4s. I already have two pair, always a pleasure to listen to. Good luck with your sale!
  13. absolve2525

    EV Horns

    Those are actually good sounding horns and generally well-regarded. Seems like a decent deal.
  14. I love the Parasound HCA stereo amps from that era!
  15. I recently acquired a second pair of oak KG4, which I figured I'd possibly stack for fun. I replaced the old electrolyic caps and installed Crites Ti diaphragms. I noticed that one pair has ferrofluid in the tweeters, while the other does not. I don't recall my other KG4 pair from long ago, having the fluid. I left it alone for now, since it wasn't dried up and still wet. Do any other KG4 users have the fluid, or can comment on if it makes any audible difference? Thanks!
  16. Thanks for the heads up on the sale. I've been meaning to buy another spool of this cable. It sounds great with Klipsch!
  17. Those vintage Kenwoods look fantastic and sound just as great. GLWS!
  18. absolve2525


    The 2220 is a great sounding receiver! It's sound quality is up the same high standards as the highly regarded 2230. GLWS
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