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  1. "Ive got this pair of Klipsch Belle up for trade " Careful
  2. Pair of walnut oil Belle speakers. Beautiful wood and very good shape. Sound very good. Downsizing and offering for sale at $1500. In Smithfield area. Will not ship. Pickup only. Pictures
  3. A pair of Klipsch La Scala speakers with plywood finish. Not up-graded. The plywood needs refinishing. $600 for the pair. Link
  4. Call Tony Vintage Klipsch La Scala Speakers - $1000 FIRM Call Tony @ 562.577.2899
  5. Interested in the samsung. I'm having a hard time finding specs online. Can you send me more information?
  6. Agreed, great job kg4guy. I'm sure there will be some long haired kid camping out at the dumpster on Thursday night.
  7. That center looks great (the towers do too). I wish they would have veneered the front of the KLF towers.
  8. Yep. I can't imagine they'll last until Friday.
  9. From what I see, your price isn't too high. The wood grain looks like they could very well be consecutively numbered speakers. GLWS
  10. If they were close to me, I would.
  11. What flavor are your KLF? Thanks to opusk2k9, I bought my mahogany KLF and am thinking of selling my black KLF - but two pair are better than one lol.
  12. +1 I said they look good, she volunteered that "they sound good too." Mine aren't going anywhere. If I didn't hear it for myself, I wouldn't believe these would go so deep and sound so nice. GLWS
  13. Congrats, toolz One day I hope to hear my Belles sing with tubes.
  14. Thanks for the recommendation. I read the 6moons review. The only Almarro I see on ebay is this one, but sometimes I use a different computer and get different search results.
  15. Worth $750 More worther at $500
  16. PM me if you're looking to buy some Belles for $3,000 + shipping....
  17. Welcome to the forum Coppercone. Your speaker looks to be in great shape. Don’t get discouraged in your sale here, most of us already have what we want. What amp are you using? GLWS James
  18. Link? Thanks http://ampsandsound.com/ Thanks
  19. Hey Mike, I can get by with one input, but two would be better in that I might add a tuner. I have moved several pair of speakers through the office, most are too large or don't have the sound I am looking to hear. I will prolly get some RBxx, but right now I have some like new older Bose 301
  20. I've been looking at them too. The shipping helps kill the deal, along with warranty, very few reliable reviews, a desire to support a different economy, etc... They do look great and I might get one, but not yet. I have l have been looking at something like this
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