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  1. I installed the Quicksilver monos last night, and what an improvement. Night and day doesn't accurately describe the difference. I am not hearing ANYTHING that I don't like about these speakers. Even though I believe the Quickies are better sounding on their own, being able to use the 8 ohm tap (The VTL has only ONE tap, 6 ohm) was beneficial too. No more sharpness in the midrange, only glorious music. Thanks for all the responses, but I am a happy camper now. Shakey
  2. My experience with other loudspeakers confirms break in (IMHO). But this is my first foray into horn speakers, hence the OP. I am currently using a VTL amplifier, push-pull 75 watts/channel in triode but I'm not sure it's the best fit for the Cornwalls or the Conrscalas. I just took delivery of a pair of Quicksilver Mid Monos today and will give them a spin tonight. Shakey
  3. I did something similar once. Back in the mid 90s I had a pair of Def Tech BP2000s. I ordered a pair of Von Schweikert VR4 Silver loudspeakers and waited six weeks for delivery. No sooner than the dealer had gotten out of my driveway did I think I made a mistake. I was on the verge of calling him the next day and asking him to bring the DT speakers back. In the end, the VR4s were head and shoulders above the BP2000s. But it took almost a month to figure that out. You can call it me getting used to the speakers, or the speakers breaking in. Either way, I was happy when it was all said and done. That was almost 20 years and over 30 pairs of speakers ago.....................
  4. Believe me when I say that have more than a little experience at doing this. I'm not one to drop a pair of speakers into a room and declare it done. I don't give up until I have exhausted all options. OTOH, you see way too many people in this forum and many other forums, that just flank the ole big screen TV with a pair of speakers and call it a day.Sad...... Shakey
  5. I intend to get them to work by any means necessary........[]
  6. I will take some pics tonight. That could be the issue, but I don't think so. The best way to describe it is I am getting more of the leading edge of the note, than the note itself. It just reminds me of a speaker that needs to break in. Shakey
  7. They are certainly more refined and detailed than the Cornwalls. And they don't sound "bad", show much potential. Bass is fine, especially after installing the risers. But they are a little sharp and relentless. If the midrange settles down a little, I think they will be perfectly fine. Shakey
  8. Yes, Bob built these and did a fantastic job. Every new speaker I have ever owned has needed break in, some more, some less. But it seems people poo poo that regarding this speaker. Just curious to hear from other owners. Shakey
  9. I guess my first question is, do a brand new pair require some hours on them? I certainly hope that is the case.......... Shakey
  10. I have been around the block and back with speakers in the last 15 years. My latest were: Reference 3a Grand Veena Green Mountain Audio Continuum 3 HD Piega P-10 Wilson Sophia Montana EPS2 I have Cornwalls now and think they are pretty good. My Bob Crites built Cornscalas arrive tomorrow, I am excited about that. Shakey
  11. Unless you have a speaker that is a very difficult load, a "good" tube amp will almost universally sound better than a "good" SS amp if musical involvement is your goal. There are good and bad examples of both technologies and I have heard some great sounding SS amps (Plinius and SmC modified McCormack come to mind), but in the end, tubes rule the day for me. Sure, they can be a hassle, but this is not generally the case. I have owned a VTL for almost three years now and have done nothing but check the bias occassionally, no adjusment necessary. And when it comes to Klipsch Heritage speakers and their efficiency, I see no reason to ever go down the SS path. Shakey
  12. Just look for a used Rega P3. It's a pretty good table. There is one on Agon right now with an Elys cartridge for 550.00. Shakey
  13. Large speakers like Khorns, Bells and some subs, ect., I don't see why an amp would be bad sitting on top of it. In theory vibration and solder joint damage don't make a true difference in the majority of cases. I have my sub amp on top of the sub. It's not about solder joint damage. It's about vibrations, even small ones, negatively affecting the sound. Unless you are an "objectivist" who doesn't believe in that sort of thing. If so, carry on........ Shakey
  14. Very nice... details? Someone once told me it was bad go put amps in vibration areas... is that not the case? No, that is definitely still the case. I wouldn't put any electronics on top of a full range speaker. Shakey
  15. Ok, it's a done deal. Cornscalas have been ordered from Bob. Excited once again......... Shakey
  16. The room is dedicated for two channel audio, no WAF applies here. The deal on the Cornscalas fell through. The seller flaked out and I am pretty bummed about it. I am considering having Bob build me a new pair now. Shakey
  17. I love it. It made my Nott Spacedeck sound broken...........
  18. Thanks for the kind words. I like them very much, but really looking forward to the Cornscalas. Shakey
  19. If all goes right, these will be replaced by Cornscalas by this time next week.
  20. CT, that is a beautiful room and setup you have there. I will post up some pics of my room shortly. Shakey
  21. I have a few MP3s that sound surprisingly good. It would be hard to tell them from the real thing. Played back on the right equipment, some of 'em ain't bad. Shakey
  22. Not much love for the Cornscala in this forum, as you can see. I will be picking up a pair of the "C" version in a couple of weeks. I will post my results, but doubt anyone will care. Shakey
  23. Thanks for the reply. I feel pretty good about staining, but I wanted to do the front baffle in a mat black. I am going to get an estimate from a local custom wood worker today on what he would charge to do the whole thing for me. If it's not terribly expensive I may hire this one out. I don't want to half *** it. Shakey
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