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  1. New wheels on the whip!
  2. Not only are horns sensitive to placement, but also to the equipment you put in front of them. Yes they can sound good with most gear, but really shine with a good source and low powered tubes. This is when you will experience the magic you have heard about.
  3. Good luck and I hope you never have to deal with Bea.
  4. Any time you combine home theater with stereo you will have to make compromises. You will have to decide what those will be.
  5. @Flevoman Boy, you done did it now……😲
  6. @MK 600 This will be a seamless transaction for you. Mike is a stand up guy. I am currently using his old lascalas that I bought from him. You won’t be disappointed.
  7. Congrats. I bought the CWIV w/o hearing them. But I owned cornwalls before so I knew the general idea of what I was getting. But I wasn’t prepared for how much better they are than what came before them. You are in for a treat.
  8. We'll try not to hold that against you....
  9. I have yet to hear any speaker make Asia's first album sound worth a damn. And that's a great album. I tolerate it infrequently only because the music is so good.
  10. I know Polk Audio made some good speakers back in the 80s, which are the only ones I have experience with. I looked up the R700s and they appear to be decent for the $$. I don't currently own CW IVs, but I did own a pair for about a year. They are just awesome speakers and I'd be willing to bet, a very substantial upgrade to what you have now. And you certainly have a good room to accommodate them. If you have to travel a little to hear a pair, I think you should. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  11. If you shop smart you can find a used pair of Forte IVs in your price range. I would think they will be a better replacement for the Tritons.
  12. I wouldn't place them against the wall because of the passive radiator. But they will work well 4-6" off the wall. It still sounds like a lot of space for Fortes to fill. But that's subjective, depending on how loud you listen and your expectations. I had Forte IIIs in a 416 sq. ft. room and although they sounded good, just could not pressurize it the way I like.
  13. I think you have made a good choice to go with a Heritage speaker. If I'm reading this right, the length of your room is ~40'? If so, that's a pretty big room for the Fortes. What is the width? I know you said the CW was too wide, but it can be as close to the wall as the Forte and still sound pretty good. It will certainly fill that big space much better. But I'll go you one better. If a CW will fit, so will a lascala. I'm a little curious what you were powering the Infinity speakers with? Those aren't very friendly to low powered amps. Whatever you decide, going from 88db sensitivity speakers to 99db is going to be quite a treat.
  14. Oops, you are right. I was thinking 10 VOLTS! My faux pas...
  15. Not sure I understand what you are saying. If the Leak amp had a 10mV input sensitivity, you would need a preamp with a s&*t ton of gain. So you are saying the Croft had LOTS of gain?
  16. I almost bought one of those. But it’s not an active preamp, it has no gain. I’ve heard really good things about it. I spoke with Ed on the phone, really nice guy.
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