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  1. Yer killing me Tyler! NO WAY would I keep Fortes over the Chorus and I would make space somehow.
  2. Well the story continues as I slog through this. Some day maybe I will refrain from posting until I have my final answer but what is tried during the journey is of interest to me too since the process of elimination is what most of us will end up doing and what was tried, what works and what does not work are all things relevant to those who tinker. Built the set of KPT-456 HF crossovers and the sound was very muffled and not as good as the KP-450 HF were. Way back in a memory hole I remembered having to put an L-Pad on a hot driver to tone it down and since I was out of any other ideas I tried this last night. I also used a set of metal OEM support brackets for the 510 + DE75 driver. 1st conclusion is that the mouth of the 510 must be even with the front of the bass bin and that raising it above the top of the bass bin both contribute to better sound. Up until now since i was just experimenting and did not have those OEM brackets to use I had just laid the horn and driver on the top with a block of wood under the driver to level it vertically. The far greater thing is the addition of the L-Pad and now the old brittle 510's I dislike sound good as well as the new EBay clone and 18 x 10 EBay horn. The stock 510's sound good enough that I will no longer be junking what I have left. I don't know why I had over looked the gritty sound as evidence of the horn being to hot for the bass bin but I have only dealt with that problem once and had kind of forgotten it. So the next step now that I have found a cure good enough that I am no longer seeking better is to get some horn support brackets made at the laser shop that will have a spot on there for an L-Pad. Tip of the hat to you Roy as I run across seemingly subtle differences you incorporate into what you do that make a big impact on the end result.
  3. These are GONE
  4. Last set of LS I know of close to Nashville sold for $2,000 and they were nice but not upgraded in any way. Hardly anything Klipsch is for sale at all. Prices actually achieved around here have gone up at least 50% in the last year and a half. If you can find any. I have a set I will list soon with work done on them and they will be $2,000 and maybe more if stock LS's are bringing that much. Another set locally has been listed for $2,900 for a couple of months now and the dude is not backing off.
  5. Dave A

    K-45's for FREE

    I can sure save them for that even if I don't get any back. I will bring them in Sept and add to the list any others I accumulate by then.
  6. THAT got your attention didn't it! Well now here is the sordid truth behind this remarkable offer. I have five that need reconing. The local Nashville guy who used to do these has become so unreliable that reconing is no longer an option around here. Pick up only or I could bring to SWAG. Soon if no reply I will add the magnets to my growing wall collection of magnets. I figure if the strange people who wear magnets are on to something if I sit next to a bunch of these babies I ought to be cured or fixed or something.
  7. Well as you all know, or at least those who follow my past get rid of things should know, when I say bye bye it is gone. About half the time I get panicked emails asking me if I really did what I said I was going to do and the answer is YES I DID. At that point in time anyone is welcome to go to the ridge top and dig them out but yes that is where those treasures you procrastinated on will be soon. It will join the old KP-201, the heresy's and speakerlab carcasses.
  8. He's a busy guy and I don't want to bother him with questions until I have spent some time trying to find an answer first. As it turns out the answer was simple to see when I placed some side by side with an old 1132 I had.
  9. Dave A

    Dad's Engines

    The really amazing thing about many of these working models is they were built in many cases with no CAD design or CNC machining. Old school machinists doing what they love. Near here is Maury County park and there is a group called Mid South Steamers. Miles of track laid and you can go see working real coal fired steam engines small enough for owners to sit on and ride. These are things of beauty and monuments to the talent that built them.
  10. Dave A

    Covid19 redux

    Tune in for the latest "official" study and set of fear mongering stats from CNNLOL. What is true today is not tomorrow and no one on major panicville news networks is leveling with you. At least with all the peaceful protests going on and approved of by media we now have our proof of manipulative hypocrisy on display since they are allowed but barbers and churches and small mom and pop stores were not in many places. I still like Michigan confining people to homes but you could still venture out for approved essentials like dope, liquor and lottery tickets. I did see what's her face marching the other day and did notice the social distancing and her mortal fear of contracting this deadly disease. I do however look forward to no police departments in various places as how they will enforce the wuhan red death flu lock down should be fascinating.
  11. That's right and my question was how to tell unmarked drivers from each other.
  12. Well the answer is the 1132 has a big rubber gasket cover thingy around the magnet and the 1133 does not.
  13. "Still of the Night" by White Snake. "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" on the S-MWM's and it's a tossup between the two.
  14. It is added to the final fee. What I am waiting to see is how much of this collected tax money gets to the states it was ostensibly charged for. I know I am not paying twice if the question comes up. Go see EBay and here is what they took on your behalf. Learning to do a search for the exact EBay listing can many times find it locally listed where there are no sales tax fees nor EBay fees. All things considered though EBay has great exposure and is far cheaper than opening up your own store. I just hate seeing the tax thing more than any other fee junk.
  15. Thanks Carl and will do.
  16. Looking for 1132 drivers.
  17. I have two cabinets in great shape with no drivers. You can have them pick up only. Time limited offer and the speaker graveyard on the hill will soon get these if no interest. YES I will save these for SWAG if anyone wants them there since I am bringing a trailer anyway but you must respond quickly. IF you want to pay me for time and hassle to round up boxes and what not I will ship but these are heavy and will cost you $$$$ to do so.
  18. Buy it James, you know you want it.
  19. Sure and you know it's cabilrated
  20. Rain can be bad news. Back in 2010 Nashville had over 30" and today as I drive around it still boggles my mind that at one time EVERY road going into Nashville was under water.
  21. Dave A

    Yo, saw dudes

    As you know just because you have a welder does not mean it will weld without a welder running the welder. If you are not in a hurry and can send pieces I might be able to make you a new one. I say this without having any idea what your part looks like.
  22. I tune mine with mostly Cello music ;D
  23. Dave A

    Yo, saw dudes

    The carbide tipped blade teeth are the secret to cutting metal. I have cut a lot of 1/2" aluminum plate with a skill saw and carbide blade and the hot little chips can be exciting but the cut happens fast and as accurate as you are. You are cutting thin material subject to snaging and bending so feed carefully and slowly. Arbor hole size should not be a problem just match what you have and the blade you need will be out there. More teeth with smaller gullets is better and will cost more. Fewer teeth is cheaper and will up the chance of snagging your material. A dab of transmission fluid on your cut area will help things feed better also.
  24. As the title says what exactly is the difference. Is it the diaphragm only or are there other differences?
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