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  1. I have thought about bringing various drivers and horns I don't think I will have a use for and maybe a rack of gear, amps, DSP EQ's etc in it.
  2. I have to admit I would not change out the woofer either. Do a recap and maybe replace the tweeter and that is all I ever do with these.
  3. Too much smoke is right and that's why I was asking about his set up. Best I have ever seen is a drop fire box and no burning anything directly under what is being smoked.
  4. Well describe your smoker and what you are burning and where is the fire?
  5. Wow Claude you hear that? Committed AND finished!!! I am taking a trailer and you can stop in here and ride with me the rest of the way if you wish.
  6. This was kind of my point when I mentioned the crossovers were different and the wattage ratings are too. Roy has mentioned that all pro speakers have greater headroom than homeowner types.
  7. Wonder why Klipsch has the two Chorus and the 301 rated different?
  8. Here is something to consider. The KP-301 is basically the same driver set but rated for 200 watts vs 100 for the Chorus and the only difference I can see is the crossover. Perhaps changing the crossover would be best and I can tell you those 301's are more speaker.
  9. YES to hard pass. You don't want to pay for someones Frankenstein when the electrodes may be ready to fall off.
  10. I like how his sales are private so you can't contact past customers. I see private sales it is no sale to me.
  11. I will be bringing my Super MWM's Xilica xp3060 with 2 crown xli800's one DBX drive rack and one DBX graphic EQ in a rack. UMike and Laptop with REW and TrueRTA leaded Three way speaker I am building possibly a Super heresy
  12. OK I will look into it but it will be a bit before I do. I am swamped right now.
  13. For the bass bin or the whole setup with I assume your K-402's on top? If just an LF crossover I would like to see a picture of it and a list of components. Are you using the Klipsch PEQ's for the bins? I have to admit I got one running tonight with the PEQ's in the Xilica for the S-MWM and probably not optimal but hate (no I don't I loved it) to say the S-MWM is clearly better. That may change as I get time to dial the 415's in and get a horn on top to go with them.
  14. Let me ask you this. Would YOU be willing to pay another $50 to get an anodized set of tweeters if it ends up costing me that much to do adding in shipping two ways and the anodizing cost for small lots?
  15. OK did you jump the two woofer sets together off one amp or use two amps? Let me rephrase that. Did you use one channel per pair of woofers or tie them together and use one channel per bass bin?
  16. Not so. There is a particular font or logo that may be copywritten but I can write University of Michigan 12 Ohio State 43 any time I want.
  17. You would have to have a complete new motorboard for that. For the first time retrofit kits wont be available for earlier CW's because they won't fit.
  18. Well I don't know about that since there was also a Cornwall III in there too and it was not as good. That new CW4 is just a complete departure from what the CW's have been. If we had the same technology applied to the Chorus I wonder how good they would be.
  19. I try to get all of them within reasonable distance and cost around me I can find. It is a joy to take them and make them sing and pass them on. Music is a solace to life and of all the speakers I have bought and sold more Chorus speakers end up in the of terminally ill men than any other type I have sold. It fulfills their desire for something nice in their lives without taking up to much space and they choose these over Cornwalls Fortes and Heresy's. When I get a set fixed up they stay here for a bit before I list them for sale.
  20. Absolutely no boomy box stuff from either version of the Chorus. I have ended up liking the Chorus I more since I never have a good corner for things and so gravitate towards speakers that need no corners.
  21. Chris this is what I built those S-MWM's for. You are in for a real treat this spring and bring your best recordings and sit next to the 32' pipes with me. I love to see the look on peoples faces when they hear them. Had a guy over this week whose children had bought he and his wife a trip to England. Every afternoon some of the big old churches would have a short organ recital and he said it was like being there live again.
  22. Chorus is my favorite vintage Klipsch speaker unless I could get my hands on a set pf KP-301's. They respond really well to recapping, which is essential and you can stick those replacement caps right there on the existing crossover with no problem. Claude talks about the other half of the equation. I have always thought of them as the best vintage and better than Cornwalls.
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