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  1. I never felt any desire to go above around 80 watts on my amps with my MCM-1900's and at that point they were to loud for more then short time frames. The Super MWM's less then that.
  2. The added bonus to 1981 is that you should have soldered lug K-55-V drivers which are the best of all the K-55's Klipsch used.
  3. It would be nice if there was a time limit on edits here and people had to live with what they posted. Make a second post perhaps to clarify or correct but the original post would stay after perhaps a 10 minute window of opportunity to correct for bad grammar and spelling.
  4. But stainless steel staples only, right?
  5. So I see you went back and removed your reference to the Parts Express water proofing compound. Why did you do this? I came here to mention that it looked somewhat interesting and POOF it was gone.
  6. I think I will trust the company that makes many of the woofers for Klipsch. Other things might work but why risk it?
  7. Courtesy of Bill Hendrix, he reminded me that Eminence recommends Scotchgard for this purpose.
  8. HA HA you are right! Respond first and check date later I guess.
  9. I have a Xilica 3060 on my main system and Win 10 works just fine with it as does my Furman power conditioner. You do not need a stand alone power conditioner just for the Xilica. I feed my two amps and the Xilica from the Furman and my setup is dead quiet. I am at the end of a rural electrical co-op's service and everything that effects the power I see and so far no problems. Westcoast gave you good advice on hooking it up. Ask around for someone who is close to you with a Xilica who may be willing to come over and walk you through it. It has been a few years since I set mine up but help from another forum member solved my woes.
  10. Dave A


    Do those Celestions have Roy's phase plugs in them?
  11. I see you went back and edited your reply. Did you happen to have that price list or quote you reference? I might be interested in getting a set next time around and you could save me some time here by not waiting on email support.
  12. Do you have an official quote you can show on this? I would like to see proof of your claim. Now IF you are right that is a good deal.
  13. As long as you have good grilles and keep the drunken hands OFF your amp you should be OK. Now if the DJ gets drunk and lets the crowd talk him into louder and louder he will get what he deserves.
  14. Like the title says does anyone have experience doing this in a way that will not change the parameters of the speaker?
  15. Ha ha, tongue in cheek comment, right?
  16. Always take a bunch of stickers to replenish those removed like on that pump. The paper ones are best and hard to get completely removed as you can see here.
  17. Precisely right and completely unnecessary on top of that.
  18. Dave A


    Well I don't know the niche size but I do know prices have gone through the roof on Klipsch this past couple of years which tells me that there is more demand then there are parts to feed demand.
  19. Dave A


    Well yes but the inspiration for the fix was that yummy MWM bin.
  20. Dave A


    I bought a pristine set of piezo MCM-1900 tweets a few years back just because they were there with other gear I was getting. They went to a guy from Dallas who was putting together a set and that was all he lacked. I get things like that because I want those Klipsch sets restored and put to good use by somebody.
  21. I can't say that the people that visit me don't know things, they do. Newbies are not the people who come to see and hear at my place. I never pester the people who made claims about things that would improve my setup asking where is your proof in hand on this trip. I don't KNOW why they don't bring their gizmo's and have my suspicions as to why. I enjoy having people stop in and encourage visits and if they want to bring their toys badly enough to show up with them I would make the time to fiddle with them. I don't turn away new things to hear I just don't expect anything of real merit to justify expense any more.
  22. I guess I am in the position where what I have is good enough that I no longer seek improvement at my expense. I have had people here who tell me various things would sound better then what I have and I always invite them to bring those things on their next visit. For some reason they never do.
  23. Yes that guy was so bad even Audiogon finally ran him off. MachinaDynamica.com for those of you wondering about telepathic tweaks.
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