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  1. Welcome, I run mine flat, Depending on the recording these RF-7 II dig down low. I don't need a sub woofer.
  2. I was gonna respond with Wow, but after seeing these other post while LMAO "Jacksonbart you should be a comedian" I think I'll just keep my opinions to myself LOL
  3. MyOwn

    No Bullshit

    I'll be dead before I reach mark LOL....The only things and I mean things, that I do not discuss Religion & Politics, just pisses some folks off when discussed.
  4. Grand Funk Inside Looking Out https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NxcOxvEsE_Y
  5. Only if I could be young enough not to care so I could take the money. Than realize when I got older that my music matured and I really had talent as an artist....that label from way back when.....
  6. Started way early, took half from work....Bitburger Beer for me please...oh and some Neil Young....LOL
  7. Nothing better than nature, good people, good adult beverages or whatever floats your boat, good food, fires at night, oh and a boat load of music
  8. running through the backwoods bare!!!!! oh I did crap like that LOL
  9. MyOwn

    Cheers It's Friday

    Gotta Share Billy Burnette https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PdYIhxZbsTk
  10. MyOwn

    Cheers It's Friday

    Doyle Bramhall II, kicks butt, one of his albums Welcome, song Green Light Girl.....look it up if you like....
  11. Just gorgeous day here in CB/Omaha. Took a half day at work, picked up 12pack of Bitburger, turned on Stereo, put music in play anything you can find on music server, and figure I'll be in heaven for 7 to 8 hours. Cheers all of you.........
  12. Missed it by that much!!! :o :o
  13. eric2A3 This is my next Kit from Bruce, Hopefully next month I can pull the trigger. Currnetly have the GG with no Mods except mute circuit, and his SOB. What an awesome combination these provide to the music coming out the RF-7ii. Cant wait to get the "Masterpiece" in place of the GG. Please let us know when you get yours up and running and your thoughts.
  14. Agree to all the above, Im using one that I built and it is just wonderful...This is my next project http://www.transcendentsound.com/Transcendent/Masterpiece.html
  15. I have the exact same DAC but am MAC Mini and Channel D Pure Music, with Pure Music there are settings that simply can mess the sound up considerably, I have had to select reset in Pure Music to get back to normal a few times. I use Attempt Only Power Of Two Upsampling, this works great until a DSD file is played, after the DSD file is complete and another PCM file is selected Pure Music goes back to Native playback and I have to select upsample again. Need to call Channel D on this... Anyway upsampled PCM music sounds awesome here. Maybe the link below can help https://wyred4sound.com/sites/default/files/J%20River%20DSD%20Setup%20Guide_0.pdf
  16. One more for an awesome Friday... Grand Funk is kick butt music https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0x6chChxzV0
  17. Thought some of you might appreciate these guys https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tF_mgIQRWwU
  18. Just my .02 cents, Google mail in a Government or Corporate envinorment just plain SUCKS, We went from Exchange to Google Mail about a year and a half ago, and it is nothing but a nightmare. There is a learning curve to it that folks have a hard time grasping when they were raised on Exchange and Outlook. Exchange and Outlook are so much more robust, there simply isn't any comparison.
  19. I will be at this show, I went to 21st Saloon to purchase advance tickets last week and was told only day of the show at the door, and if you want a seat get there no later than 16:30. Don't know about the rest of you but hearing this guy play makes the hair on my arms stand up and my nipples hard.....LOL :o :o
  20. If you are in Omaha on 6/11 stop by for this show...Price is right, always a great mature crowd and is over by 8:30pm http://www.omahablues.com/event/bobby-messano/
  21. MyOwn


    I wish they would show the before "Selfie" and the After "Selfie" pictures.....LOL Were I work, local law enforcment watch's Social Media for the Gang Banger activity. Often times engaging with them as someone else. Some people are just plain stupid.
  22. One more....Just simply WOW!!!!!!! Turn it up LOL
  23. I'm gonna go see Bobby Messano play at The 21st Saloon, 4727 S. 96th Street, Omaha, NE 68127-2019
  24. CHASLS2, Here is a link, I purchased my RF-7ii b from them http://www.acousticsounddesign.com/core/view_BigProduct.cfm?pid=2004&sc=57
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