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  1. Here you go. Don't be scared of open box. Bought several "open box" items. They are new. I've inspected them. The tape has never been opened.
  2. $549 at Amazon also. Since this is a fulfilled by Amazon, it might not charge you tax, depending on where you're located. He warranty, I don't know. I never buy them. I figure I'm way ahead since I never buy warranties. Mine came from Huppins ( or I think one call) no taxes.
  3. It's a wrap. The same as the cherry wrap as the rest of the RP series. To me, it looks a lot better than the black. I've wanted this since I got some RP speakers to match. Never understood why these weren't offered before with everything else in the RP series offered in black and cherry. I was wondering if this was a test run to see if there is a market for these. Ive only seen them in the 12" model. The Amazon description said it was first offered 5/31/2017. Maybe if they like the response to these, they will offer in the 10" and 15" models. It was definitely an impulse buy. Wasn't looking, saw them on prime day with 31minutes left. Need to stay off internet sometimes. But, I'm happy with these. Love cranking it up and watching the copper woofer moving. The cherry with black accents and grill really pops. Only complaint is the way the grill attaches. It has to be lined up perfectly then tapped on the studs. I would have thought these would have the same magnetic attachment as the rest of the RPSeries. Really a pain to attach.
  4. Let me know how you like the RP-450C. It's great and my 65" tv fits on it great. That's my excuse
  5. I told a friend I need an intervention. Sounds like you do too
  6. Thats why I need to have a fire sale of all the things I've bought over the years and still have. If you're happy with what you have, try not to wonder what you're missing. The issue is where I am, there is no place near to audition things I wonder about what I'm missing. Most everything I've bought has been better, but it's incrementally better after I bought my first Klipsch. Seems like i get something in my mind, find a good price and buy. I wish I would have bought the best first. In my case it all started with some RB-51 II's. They were so much better than anything I had ever heard. Try to avoid going down the rabbit hole. But it is fun! I had the RP-280's. Sold those for Heresy's. Now I've bought some Forte III's.... this is it......I'm done (I hope)..... what's the over/under on that? Your RC-62II will be fine ( I have one of those too....arrrgggg)
  7. Definitely go for the RP-450C. Don't look back. I've heard some of Klipsch 4" speakers that are in the RP-440C. They sound "tinny" to me. I've had the RP-250 and the 450 has a "fuller" sound with the 4 speaker array. PM @MetropolisLakeOutfitters and ask him for a price and what he thinks. He's a distributor with a great knowledge of Klipsch products. He's a member here. I highly recommend him.
  8. Looks like the wrap that's on my RP-450. Let you know Friday. That's when they are scheduled to be delivered. I like the cherry better. Though I wish it was real wood like the Hersey's. I'm an old guy, I like the cherry better than the black in the premiere line. Did not know they made subs in cherry. They are not in cherry at Klipsch.com. Amazon says it's a new item, first available on May 31, 2017. I mean in cherry.
  9. Wanted to share my misery. i hit buy.
  10. Everything I have is cherry. My furniture, my center, my back speakers, my Forte III 's coming in. I have an old sw-12 in black. I've wanted cherry since I started on Klipsch. Did not know they made Cherry subs. It's not in cherry on Klipsch.com. All Amazon has is the 12 in cherry. Finger is over buy buy button now. Why was I bored and looking on Amazon?..
  11. When did Klipsch start this??? I've been wanting this for years. It's not on Klipsch.com. Today $419 on Amazon prime day.
  12. Had both. I could definitely tell a difference. The 450 is a "fuller" sound. Don't get me wrong, the 250 sounds good, until you hear the 450. i know I read somewhere that a pair of the speakers handles different frequencies than the other two. From AVS Forum: Its a 2.5-way design with a Tractrix tweeter and four 5.25" aluminum woofers. Crossover points are set at 500 Hz and 1500 Hz. Frequency response is spec'd from 58 Hz to 25 kHz (+/-3 dB) with a rated sensitivity of 97 dB/W/m. Each speaker can handle up to 150W of continuous power (600W peak) with 8 ohms nominal impedance. Plus the 450 holds my tv.
  13. I'm the one that just ordered a pair of cherries from @MetropolisLakeOutfitters. Drove 2 hours to his place of business to listen to the Fortes. They sound awesome. He also has a fantastic home theater setup. The finish on the Fortes is just fantastic. Well finished. Gonna say bye to my Heresy's and replace with these Forte's If you are thinking of ordering anything Klipsch, give Cory a call. I've ordered from several distributors, including one in Las Vegas. Metropolis Lake Outfitters and Cory are the only one I will order from now. Also handles audio electronics. Wish I had discovered him when my addiction started.
  14. Wish I wouldn't have bought my Heresy III's in November. If I would have known, I would have held off for these. Anyone interested in some cherry Heresy's ?.. Crap
  15. Deleted, can't post my pic.....jeez