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  1. Klipsch Heresy III for sale $900. I have more pics I’ll post, only letting me do one at a time. Excuse the mess, bought a place in Alabama and I’m gathering stuff to move. Bought September 2016. Been boxed up since I got Fortes. Since everyone wants a sub, I’ll throw in a Klipsch SW-112 sub that’s about 3 years old with the price. I don’t want to pay for shipping, but am willing to drive 200 miles from Evansville Indiana to meet up. Or, I am driving to Gulf Shores, AL on I-65, so I could meet someone on the way. More pics on the way, ask if you want something specific.
  2. Forte II vs RP280FA for movies

    @ftgf I haven’t had exactly what you are asking, but I did go from RF-280’s to Forte III’s. I use a RC-64II for the center because I needed a horizontal speaker for center in my setup. I’m happy using that center. Also, the center works to put your tv on top of. I have a 65” on the RC64 now. It was a jump up going to the Forte’s versus the RF-280’s for movies. The Fortes have more range with the midrange horn. When using the Fortes for movies, I set the AVR to large for Left-right speakers. The reason I did this was the Fortes have a lot of bass in 2channel and I wanted to utilize this in movies since I only have a 12” Klipsch R-112SW sub. It rocks the room set like this. I do have a pair of RP-140SA speakers for Atmos duty. I don’t really get the Atmos effect too much in movies. I moving in a few months, so I’ll mess more with my Atmos setup then. I have a pre and 2 channel amp with home theater bypass for music. When I watch movies, I use an AVR. The left right speakers are powered by the two channel amp and the other speakers are powered by the AVR. If I would be you, I’d keep the Fortes for your left right speakers. They are a step up from the 280’s and work well for movies and music. The Fortes have more range and the bass radiators make a difference in movies too. Just my personal opinion, but others I’ve had over share my opinion. Best of luck on your future setup! It looks pretty awesome now.
  3. @Mike V, this is the reply I got from Klipsch regarding the change of the cherry finish: “The other Cherry models in the Heritage series use our standard cherry finish, which is Cherry wood veneer with a “reddish” stain applied before the clear lacquer topcoat. We have offered this finish for quite a few years, and it is nice finish. But we were seeing cases (and also getting feedback) where the grain in the finished wood panels had almost disappeared. We discovered that in cases where the Cherry wood had a light grain pattern the “reddish” stain was washing out the grain pattern of the wood. It would start to look like a solid red piece of wood. We were also faced with the fact that our standard Cherry finish wasn’t nearly as popular as our Walnut and Black Ash finishes. So we believe that a change was necessary. We felt that moving toward a more natural tone Cherry finish brought the grain pattern back to life. In addition, it was thought that the Forte launch was a good time to offer a lighter tone wood choice again to add some variety beyond our standard Walnut, Cherry & Black Ash choices. As you’re probably aware, we also added the “Distressed Oak” wood veneer option for this purpose, as well. This is, of course, to take advantage of the distressed furniture trend that is so popular right now. I don’t expect this to change your opinion about the finish, but I wanted you to at least understand where we were coming from. Wood choices and finish options can be a very frustrating task. The color and grain pattern of the wood veneer changes from shipment-to-shipment…And unfortunately, Klipsch can’t control that. The domestic species of the cherry and walnut veneers that we use are actually pretty stable compared to the exotic wood veneers we use in some of the special edition models Klipsch has offered recently. The only thing you can be sure of about that is the next pair of speakers in line will look completely different in color and grain pattern from the first.” Unfortunately, the new finish does not match the cherry finish on my other speakers. Not even close in my opinion. I’m going to try and sell these speakers and get a finish I want. If I was you, I’d send a PM to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters and talk to him. He’s very knowledgeable and will answer all your questions. I’ve bought several items from him and he is highly recommended by me and others on here. The Forte III’s sound incredible. Buy them. If you want the old cherry finish, Cory will make it happen.
  4. Initial Impression of Oppo 203

    I bought a Sony UHD 800 due to always having Sony branded bluray players with no issues. Had it a couple weeks, returned due to locking up, not reading disks. Took the plunge and bought an Oppo 203. Couldn’t be happier. Once I got all the settings right, and my 2015 Sony UHD TV said it had a HDR10 signal, I was really happy with the picture. I don’t know what Oppo does with the video processing, but it was a noticeable difference from the Sony UHD player. It doesn’t have the apps like the Sony player does, but it has an HDMI in that I plugged my Roku Premier in. Then I put a music CD in there. Used RCA cables from the Oppo to the preamp. It sounds amazing. I don’t know how an expensive CD player would sound better. The video and audio processing in this can’t be beat. I wonder how much better the 205 is, but for another $800 , I think I’ll be happy with the 203. First Oppo, I’m impressed. Didnt want to spend 549 for this, but I’m glad I did. The Oppo is supposed to upgrade to Dolby Vision, but my tv is not capable of handling a Dolby Vision Signal.
  5. 55 lbs TV on RC-64 II/III?

    Yes, I have 65” on RC-64II
  6. Custom cherry Forte III

    @willland what would you suggest for removing the “soft”poly on my speakers, and going with something that will make my speakers darker to match my other Klipsch cherry speakers. The soft polyurethane they put on my Fortes are driving me nuts and Klipsch won’t do anything about it. I figure if I’m going to take the polyurethane off, might as well make them match.
  7. I have a 2015 Sony TV. I don’t have the wireless speakers. But, I had to run an optical connection to my receiver from the TV to get the sound out to my speakers. The reason is that the apps are coming from the TV, not any thing that I have my HDMI’s hooked up for. Essentially the sound is coming from the apps in my TV, not from in your case, anything you have hooked up via your HDMI’s. You have to work the sound backwards from the way you hook up all your other connections. I wound up giving up on the Sony apps due to syncing issues and went with a Roku player. The Sony runs off google, if you have newer one, hopefully they have this solved. The sound syncing with the picture was fine until one of the updates to the operating system. I dont know know how the wireless hubs work, hopefully this will help. I assume the hookups are similar to hooking up to a receiver. Maybe someone with the wireless will chime in.
  8. Custom cherry Forte III

    Crap, that looks great! Exactly what I wanted
  9. Better HDMI Cable?

    There is a new certified HDMI cable that handles 18Gbps, whatever that is.... Most older cables do 10.2Gbps. When I got my Oppo, they advise using the certified cable. The certified cable is advised to pass UHD 4K signals. The package has a premium tag on it. You can get them from Monoprice, $4.49 for 6" length. Not much more than regular cables, so I bought them. I did not know about this. I always heard they were all the same.
  10. What AVR to get for 4k?

    This is what I'm doing with my Oppo. I run one cable to the TV and one to the AVR. The Oppo has a dedicated HDMI out for audio only. I have a Denon AVR 4200 that is supposed to have UHD passthru. I wasn't getting the message on my tv that is was passing thru, so I wired it like this. Now I can see the UHD picture.