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  1. Moving sale. -Heresy III - Cherry

    Sold. Thanks to @dmraupp . Good transaction. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.
  2. Forte III

    Yes, using RC-64II with the Fortes. I had an RP-450C I was using. Went up to the 64. There was a difference between those two. I’m happy, but I’ve never heard the Academy or C7....probably better off not listening to those. Might want some😏...... Thanks
  3. Forte III

    Thanks, I feel the same way. Kudos to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters for making it happen for people that have older Heritage material and wanting finishes that match. Assume you’re a Clemson fan from your profile pic. Looking forward to Sugar Bowl Jan 1st. Hope for a good game like it’s been the last two times we’ve met.
  4. Finally got my RP280f

    Congrats! I had a pair. They sound really good. I noticed a difference after break in of a few hours. They will really get loud with no distortion.
  5. Forte III

    Forte III’s in the old style cherry arrived. Thanks to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters The old color matches the wood furniture and the RC-64. Cabinet quality is perfect, and the sound is incredible.
  6. My Heresy's are 4 numbers apart. Can't really tell a difference. In another thread I saw since it is a smaller heresy, it might be from the same piece of wood being only 4 difference. Even if they were slightly different, they're far enough apart in the room that it wouldn't be noticable to anyone but me.
  7. Klipsch Heresy III for sale $900. I have more pics I’ll post, only letting me do one at a time. Excuse the mess, bought a place in Alabama and I’m gathering stuff to move. Bought September 2016. Been boxed up since I got Fortes. Since everyone wants a sub, I’ll throw in a Klipsch SW-112 sub that’s about 3 years old with the price. I don’t want to pay for shipping, but am willing to drive 200 miles from Evansville Indiana to meet up. Or, I am driving to Gulf Shores, AL on I-65, so I could meet someone on the way. More pics on the way, ask if you want something specific.
  8. Forte II vs RP280FA for movies

    @ftgf I haven’t had exactly what you are asking, but I did go from RF-280’s to Forte III’s. I use a RC-64II for the center because I needed a horizontal speaker for center in my setup. I’m happy using that center. Also, the center works to put your tv on top of. I have a 65” on the RC64 now. It was a jump up going to the Forte’s versus the RF-280’s for movies. The Fortes have more range with the midrange horn. When using the Fortes for movies, I set the AVR to large for Left-right speakers. The reason I did this was the Fortes have a lot of bass in 2channel and I wanted to utilize this in movies since I only have a 12” Klipsch R-112SW sub. It rocks the room set like this. I do have a pair of RP-140SA speakers for Atmos duty. I don’t really get the Atmos effect too much in movies. I moving in a few months, so I’ll mess more with my Atmos setup then. I have a pre and 2 channel amp with home theater bypass for music. When I watch movies, I use an AVR. The left right speakers are powered by the two channel amp and the other speakers are powered by the AVR. If I would be you, I’d keep the Fortes for your left right speakers. They are a step up from the 280’s and work well for movies and music. The Fortes have more range and the bass radiators make a difference in movies too. Just my personal opinion, but others I’ve had over share my opinion. Best of luck on your future setup! It looks pretty awesome now.