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  1. Forte III

    C/net review. https://www.cnet.com/news/big-for-a-reason-klipsch-forte-iii-speakers/
  2. Forte II oak clear

    Sorry @dtr20 . I shouldn't have taken over your thread. I got more PO'ed as I was thinking about my finish and I typed without thinking. My apologies 😞
  3. Forte II oak clear

    Evansville. Couple hour drive. I don't think they'd let me in their headquarters. Would you bail me out @Ceptorman? 😁 Yeah, people used to ask me where they were located when they'd hear them for the first time. I'd proudly say Indiana and Arkansas in the good ole USA🇺🇸
  4. Forte II oak clear

    Mine are the same. I wiped them down when I got them. A couple days later they had popped up again. I need to glue them down. Must be a problem with the label. Guess I'm not the only one. They sound so good, just not put together well. Disappointed.
  5. Forte II oak clear

    Wow. I was just looking at the front corner. I looked at the other pictures. . Look at the side pictures. It looks like there are pock marks all along one side. The boxes look fine. That was packed like that too. Where's the QC? Mine was packed with the obvious mark on front and now these? I guess I'm not the only one. These were about 10 behind mine looking at the serial number. And I've heard of another one where the poly was peeling off.
  6. NCAAF

    I agree. The passion is so much better also. Seeing a kid without as much talent as others , playing his heart out in the game is great to me.
  7. Forte II oak clear

    Another picture. Picture doesn't show the depth under the varnish
  8. Forte II oak clear

    Agreed, I've tried to get a reply from them, no reply.
  9. Forte II oak clear

    Yikes, that was packaged like that? Mine the mark was varnished over to be smooth. I'm saying the varnish or poly is very soft. The smallest touch will appear like that. That's another issue with the cherry. If Kerry, the product manager for the Fortes doesn't want to act on it, I'm sure I will get nowhere. I would think he would have to sign off on a return authorization and exchange. After the experience with this, I don't know if I would want another set in cherry finish. After you get no reply to pictures, I assume he isn't going to do anything. Very disappointed in the customer service. Thrilled with the sound, the quality of the cabinets is not up to the standards of other new speakers I've bought that were Klipsch.
  10. Forte II oak clear

    @Ceptorman. I contacted the product manager. This was his last paragraph: "I don’t expect this to change your opinion about the finish, but I wanted you to at least understand where we were coming from. Wood choices and finish options can be a very frustrating task. The color and grain pattern of the wood veneer changes from shipment-to-shipment…And unfortunately, Klipsch can’t control that. The domestic species of the cherry and walnut veneers that we use are actually pretty stable compared to the exotic wood veneers we use in some of the special edition models Klipsch has offered recently. The only thing you can be sure of about that is the next pair of speakers in line will look completely different in color and grain pattern from the first." After describing the finish and his reply, I sent him that picture. He never got back with me. It's disappointing, particularly considering how many new Klipsch products I've bought. From the serial number, mine were number 41 and 42 of the new cherry. I assume they've worked the kinks out of making the cherry finish now. It's the first thing people notice when they see them. Like I've said, I think they sound great. The cabinetry is not what I expect from Klipsch. The softness of the varnish is really strange also.
  11. Forte II oak clear

    @jimjimbo they were drop shipped to me. Boxes were perfect. Never had trouble with Klipsch before. Didn't check. The real disappointment was the product manager for Forte's blew me off. Always been impressed with the quality of Klipsch cabinet work and quality control. Not so much now.
  12. NCAAF

    @JohnJ @jimjimbo so much for the "experts" saying Clemson would be down this year. They look like the real deal again. Be interesting to see the rankings this week. College football is always like this. Need to play a few games to see who's good. That's why I love college football.
  13. Forte II oak clear

    I started up the chain as far as I could go. We exchanged emails. i am more upset about the "softness" of the varnish than anything else. If you look at the picture of the dent on the front, you see a light spot on the right of the mark. That's where I ran my finger over the mark to see if I could feel an indentation. My fingernail caught the varnish and made that mark. I've heard thru the grapevine there was another complaint from someone who said their finish on the cherry was "peeling" The dent looks worse in person when you can see depth of the mark. Once I move, I'll decide if I want to attempt to refinish these. I'm not a particular person, but the softness of this varnish or poly is driving me nuts. Seriously, I'm almost afraid to wipe the dust off these. I would be complaining if I bought furniture or kitchen cabinets with this finish. As I said, I bought a RC-64II at the same time and place my 65" tv on top and nary a mark. The finish has gotten darker already in the time I've had them. Maybe a shade. All my furniture is dark Cherry. My Heresy's matched perfectly. I do love the way these speakers sound.
  14. NCAAF

    Looks like my team has some work to do.... Lost too many players on defense so far this year. Roll Tide!
  15. Forte II oak clear

    Yeah, I'm not happy with the finish on these. Plus the "dent" in a very noticeable place that was varnished over smooth. Plus the varnish is a very soft varnish that scratches if you look at it wrong. I bought a RC-64II at the same time in cherry. I have my tv on it. Have moved the tv several times on top of the center with no marks left behind. Talked to a guy at Klipsch about how I was unhappy about the finish. He didn't seem to care. Very happy with the sound though....